Connie Snyder Bio: Everything to Know About Steve Ballmer’s Wife

Connie Snyder is a humanitarian, philanthropist, and businesswoman, best known as the wife of Steve Ballmer, the former CEO of Microsoft, and the owner of the American professional basketball team, Los Angeles Clippers. She is also a reputable individual who has worked with several renowned tech companies.

Connie and Steve have been married for over three decades, and they seem to be waxing strong while working together to make life better for themselves, their children, and the less privileged. Although Connie tries as much as she can to keep her family life away from the public and media, she is also someone who leaves a memorable mark on everyone or everything she has an interest in.

Summary Of Connie Snyder’s Biography

  • Full Name: Connie Snyder
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: September 1, 1962
  • Connie Snyder’s Age: 59 years old
  • Ethnicity: White Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign:  Virgo
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Connie Snyder’s Husband: Steve Ballmer
  • Connie Snyder’s Children: 3
  • Connie Snyder’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 6 inches
  • Connie Snyder’s Height in Centimetres: 168cm
  • Connie Snyder’s Weight: 60kg
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Famous for: Being the wife of Steve Ballmer

Connie Snyder Was Born In Washington But Raised In Oregon

Connie Snyder was born on September 1, 1962, which means she has a Virgo zodiac sign. Her ethnicity is white caucasian, and she is an American by nationality. We don’t have details that show if she is the only child of her parents – as she is yet to reveal who her siblings are.

However, we know that her parents were available and showed her much love in her childhood. Her father was an engineer, while her mother was a teacher. We also don’t have plenty of details about her childhood. But it has by revealed that she was born in Bellevue, Washington, but was raised in Oregon.

She Has A Degree In Journalism

Connie Snyder

Connie Snyder is an educated woman, though there are no reports about the elementary and high school she may have attended. However, considering that she spent a good part of her early life in Oregon, it is also possible she attended elementary and high school there. But we know that she attended the University of Oregon, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Journalism.

Connie Snyder Met Her Husband At Microsoft Corporation

For perspective on her career, Connie Snyder currently works at Microsoft Corporation, which, unsurprisingly, is where her husband, Steve Ballmer, once held sway as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He was one of the earliest brains behind the success of the software giant. Thus, working at Microsoft put money in her bank account and provided the opportunity for Connie Snyder to meet the love of her life.

Connie Snyder

We don’t have information about the exact year they started dating and whether or not it was love at first sight, but we know that they dated for a couple of years before they tied the knot. Finally, they were convinced that they wanted to spend forever with each other, and sometime in 1990, they exchanged marriage vows.

Connie Snyder Is A Mother Of Three Children

The union between Connie and Steve have lasted for more than three decades. From the looks of things, they meant every bit of the vows they exchanged with each other in 1990. They have both contributed to helping each other build their career and wealth and can be regarded as a power couple.

They are blessed with three sons – Aaron Ballmer, Pete Ballmer, and Sam Ballmer – whose dates of birth are not known at the moment. The boys attended Lakeside School, one of the organizations Connie sits as part of its board.

Steve Ballmer’s Wife Has Worked With Some Of Big Tech Companies You May Know

Connie Snyder is no small woman in her field of expertise and interest. She is believed to currently work for Microsoft, one of the world’s biggest and richest tech companies. Her knowledge and experience are also sought for by other tech companies where she is said to work.

There are reports that she also owns several properties in real estate, most of which were given to her as gifts by her husband. Her particular niche, careerwise, is not clear, but there are reports that she specializes in publicity and public relations. This may be the service she offers the tech companies she works for.

She Is Also On The Board Of Some Renowned Companies

Despite completing her tertiary education many years back, Connie Snyder’s alma mater – the University of Oregon – has not let her go completely as she is currently a trustee at the institution. This is a testament that she lives a life of impact, irrespective of the place she finds herself.

She is also a board member of some reputable companies and organizations in America. Some of them include National Public Road, Lakeside Schools, Overlake Hospital, Los Angeles Clippers Foundation, and KCTS Television.

She Is A Humanitarian And Philanthropist

Connie Snyder is the co-founder of Balmer Party, an organization that aims at providing help for less privileged American families and foster children. She has participated in several non-governmental fundraising and has been active in campaigning for children’s welfare.

She has a keen interest in helping children of any age and supporting people in dire need. Her love for showing love to others led her to start the Partners of Our Children organization in 2006 – donating a whopping sum of $10 million.

So far, you already know that Steve Ballmer’s wife is not your regular type of lady. She is a goal-getter who knows what to do with her career and money. Through all of her business and career involvements, she has built a decent net worth for herself.

Connie Snyder’s Height and Weight

Aside from keeping a family and building wealth, Connie Snyder is also good at staying healthy and keeping fit. She stands at the height of 5 feet 6 inches and maintains a bodyweight of 60kg.

Connie enjoys reading books; she also loves pizza and has revealed that her favorite actor is Tom Cruise, while her favorite vacation spot is Paris.

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