42 Dugg Age, Height, and Net Worth

42 Dugg (born November 25, 1994) is a 29 years old African-American rap artist with a height of 5 feet 1 inch and a net worth of $2 million.

The musician has always loved experimenting with songs from an early stage, however, it was when he went to prison and came back that he decided to turn his passion into a lifetime career. Meeting rapper Lil Baby was his biggest fortune as the two wasted no time in collaborating and making great songs together which catapulted him to the fame and fortune he is enjoying today.

Summary of 42 Dugg’s Biography

  • Full Name: 42 Dugg
  • Nickname: Dion Marquise Hayes
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 25th November 1994
  • 42 Dugg’s Age: 29 Years Old
  • Ethnicity: African-American
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • 42 Dugg’s Children: One
  • 42 Dugg’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 1 inch
  • 42 Dugg’s Height in Centimetres: 156 cm
  • 42 Dugg’s Weight: 58 kg
  • Body Measurements in Inches: 38–28–35
  • Body Measurements in Centimetres: 96-71-88
  • 42 Dugg’s Net Worth: $2 million
  • Famous For: Being a rapper
  • 42 Dugg’s Instagram: @42 dugggg
  • Twitter: @42_Dugg
  • Facebook: 42 Dugg

How Old is 42 Dugg the Rapper?

42 Dugg is 29; this age is calculated from his date of birth on the 25th of November 1994. The youngster was born in the United States, precisely in Detroit, Michigan (east side). An American national, the Detroit native is unarguably African-American by ethnicity.

Dion Marquise Hayes, as his birth name says, has never mentioned his family members in public but it was revealed that he grew up under the watch of his mum and grandma; his father is not known and the same goes for his siblings if any. The rapper grew up in a Christian household.

There are claims that Dion became homeless at the age of 15. However, he still went on to complete his academic journey at Legacy Christian Academy, graduating in 2017. Reports said he is also a degree holder from one of the universities in his locality, but his course of study has never been revealed.

Talking about his stage name, 42 Dugg, the number 42 makes reference to what is known as the “Hustle Boys.” In explanation, it denotes “a numerical associate to any local organization.” Now, “The 42 Gangster Crips of Los Angeles” is a name referring to the “Hustle Boys of a Detroit” subdivision in Michigan State.

The rapper has constantly had clashes with the authorities, and there was a time he was sent to jail for six years.

42 Dugg Has Archived A Lot in Five Years

Right from his formative years, Dion has always loved singing and was part of his church choir. Thus, he began experimenting with music at the high school level. However, it was not until he got freed from prison that he made the decision to make a career out of music. This resolution saw him join the American rap scene, and in January 2018, as a 20-year-old, he dropped his debut single, “Mama I’m Sorry”. The rap artist later revealed that he dedicated the track to his mum in apology for the troubles he put her through.

The same year, 42 Dugg began collaborations with other artists in the industry, and this was evident in his second single, STFU featuring rappers such as OMB Peezy, Bagboy Medl, EWM Kdoe, Cashkidd, and EWM Buck. The track wasted no time in going viral on several streaming platforms, receiving over 7 million views.

Two months down the line, he dropped the number “Free Mines,” which garnered millions of online streams. Perhaps his hottest track so far is “The Streets.” where he featured the likes of Babyface Ray. The song was barely three months old when it received over three million streams and counting. On Spotify, The Street is among his best three. He can also boast of extended plays and mixtapes. August 2018 saw the rapper drop two-volume of what he refers to as “11241 Wayburn”, the first part being a mixtape while the second part was an Extended Play.

March 2019 saw 42 Dugg drop another hit single, “You Da One,” alongside rapper Yo Gotti. The song became a massive hit in no time. Attaining more than four million streams just on YouTube. The 11th of March 2019 was when he inked a recording deal with both Yo Gotti’s CMG imprint and 4PF records belonging to Lil Baby. His project, Young and Turnt, also hit the music stand in March 2019.

He Owes His Sucess Today To a Timely Encounter With Rapper, Lil Baby 

Dion was fresh out of prison in 2017 when he first crossed paths with popular American rap artist Lil Baby. The duo met in a Craps game, and that marked a new beginning in his career life.

The next year in 2018, the up-and-coming music superstar took a flight to Atlanta to meet up with Lil Baby and his team, and they eventually offered him a recording contract; the deal from Gotti followed after a few months.

Lil Baby didn’t not only offer Dion a deal, but he also featured the youngster in some of his tracks, including his February 2020 single entitled “Grace”. The song attained #48 on the Billboard Hot 100, giving 42 Dugg additional exposure. the duo also collaborated in We Paid.

42 Dugg has Recorded Admirable Success on Social Media

The American rapper did well in taking his trade to multiple social media platforms, where he is making commendable success.

On Instagram, the rap artist can be located @42dugggg, where he has amassed 2.1 million followers with just 26 posts. Dion established a YouTube channel known as 42 Dugg Music which can boast 573k subscribers.

Similarly, he has a Twitter handle which he launched in August 2018 with more than 357.7 followers, and he has tweeted 6425 times. His Facebook page currently has over 902k fans.

How Tall is 42 Dugg?

42 Dugg is obviously not endowed in the height department, as the American rapper stands at just 5 feet 1 inch. His height is equivalent to 156 or 1.56 meters.

Compared to the average height of male rappers in the US at 5 feet 10.2 inches, Dion comes way shorter, and it is quite difficult to find rap artists that are shorter than him. Even Lil Uzi Vert, who is considered short at 5 feet 4 inches, is three inches taller than Dion, and the likes of 6ix9ine stand 6 inches taller at 5 feet 7 inches.

Dion’s Other Body Statistics

To go with his height, Dion weighs 42 kg or 128 pounds. The rapper’s general body stats for chest, waist, and hip reads 38–28–35. As a typical African-American, 42 Dugg has black eyes and dark brown hair.

Reports said he keeps fit by visiting the gym two or three times weekly.

What is 42 Dugg’s Net Worth?

The American rap artist is currently worth $2 million. Following his release from prison in 2017, the youngster’s financial state was extremely bad as he was just living on the poverty line.

However, things started improving after he launched his music career. The big bucks began rolling in following his big break with the singles “STFU” and “The Street.” By the end of 2020, Dion’s bottom line had already hit above $500,000, and in 2022, the upcoming music superstar can boast $2 million.

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