Top 10 List of Afrikaans Love Songs and Music Videos

Afrikaans love songs are known to be extremely touching and melodious, all at once. Time and again, songs like Pleister Van My Hart, Stap Saam Met My Deur Die Land van Son, Ek Sal Jou Nooit Vergeet Nie, Lief Vir Jou, among others, have captured the hearts of millions across South Africa, causing new interest in Afrikaans love songs and their music videos.

While language has never been a barrier when it comes to music, Afrikaans love songs have a way of sending the message of love in a unique manner that resonates with anyone who loves music. In fact, the buzz around Afrikaans love songs is so much that we have to share some of this art with you. On that note, below is a well-thought-out compilation of the top Afrikaans love songs, just for your reading and listening pleasure.

List of Afrikaans Love Songs and Music Videos

From Virginia Lee to Jim, Reeves, Dozi, and Shimon Ash, Afrikaans boast a variety of artists in the classic love song genre. In no particular order, these are some of the best Afrikaans love songs that have stood the test of time and still resonate with music lovers around the world.

1. Ek Sal Jou Nooit Vergeet Nie

  • Artist: Virginia Lee
  • Date of Release: 1960

Any credible list of Afrikaans love songs would be grossly incomplete without mentioning one of Virginia Lee’s. She was notably one of South Africa’s finest in the music industry during her prime. This song was projected to be one of Virginia’s biggest Afrikaans hit songs. In the number, she sings about an everlasting love that would always be true. Although she sang mostly in English, the South African singer decided to give this particular rendition in her native language, Afrikaans.

Before her death in 1990, Lee had recorded songs like, ‘Goodbye my Love’, ‘I’ll Never Forget You‘ and ‘You’re My Sweetheart’. Her songs were mostly light-hearted romance songs with the exception of ‘Goodbye My Love’, which coincidentally turned out to be her biggest hit song.

In recognition of her contribution to good music, Lee was famously crowned South Africa’s Queen of Song, a justified title as she was the country’s best-selling female recording artist from the late fifties down till the early seventies. Virginia Lee was also the first South African female singer to sell over a million copies of a song, earning her a gold disc. Virginia Lee remains one of the greats as far as romantic music is concerned. Even after decades of her death, her music still maintains a good level of relevance in the music industry.

2. Ver in Die Ou Kalahari

  • Artist: Dozi
  • Date of Release: May 2003
  • Album: Siyaya Ons Gaan

This classic song is one that has been remade over and over again by many Afrikaans artists, and although Dozi wasn’t the first to make this song, his version was one of the best-selling ones. The song, which was released in the summer of 2003, featured the South African, singing about finding love in the Kalahari.

There aren’t any exact records about how well the single did, but judging from the fact that Charles Jacobie, Alan Ladd, and JJ Stephens have made covers of this song at different times, it’s safe to say that Dozi outdid himself on this one.

Dozi was born as Henk Opperman in on March 23, 1964, in Hluhluwe, South Africa. He had a pretty rural upbringing and was raised on a farm with both parents. The nickname ‘Dozi’ was given to him while he was a student at the Technical College because of his penchant for sleeping almost every time. The good-natured singer simply adopted the name as his stage name but he apparently didn’t allow his sleeping habits to affect his career pursuits. The 59-year-old singer is one of the most accomplished musicians of his time.

3. Sarie Marais

  • Artist: Shimon Ash
  • Date of Release: 1961
  • Album: Songs of South Africa: Sung in Afrikaans
  • Producer: Folkway Records

This song, much like many old love songs, has a sweet and touching story attached to it. The Afrikaans folk song was compiled from a soldier’s perspective, singing to become reunited with his love, Sarah Maria, if he eventually survived the Boer War. While this is a common storyline in most love songs, the Afrikaans touch makes it special. The song has remained a staple amongst the Afrikaans people, with different versions being released now and then.

The early sixties number is only one of several Afrikaans classics in Shimon’s compilation album, ‘Songs of South Africa: Sung in Afrikaans’. Like all Shimon’s songs, the track has an upbeat vibe and is accompanied by guitar strings (played by Shomon himself) and banjo notes, played by Peter Weldon.

Shimon Ash was born in a little sleepy farming town in South Africa, to a family of singers. When he was older, he traveled a lot as a musician, to places like Israel, Europe, and Canada, where he developed his talents further. Ash remains one of the most recognized Afrikaans singers of all time.

4. Verre Land

  • Artist: Jim Reeves
  • Date of Release: 1963
  • Producer: RCA Records

If you thought Afrikaans songs are only done by Afrikaans, you are in for a surprise. This is the seventh track on Jim Reeves’ famous Afrikaans album titled, ‘Jy is My Liefling’. Hearing American country star, Jim Reeves sing an Afrikaans song remains one of the greatest wonders of music. The album went on to top the South African country music charts through 1963 and 1964. He was quite popular among the Afrikaans, and he toured South Africa extensively during the height of his fame.

For this particular song, ‘Verre Land’ translates to ‘Far Away Land’, Jim Reeves spoke about love for his country, and this is a theme that resonates greatly with the Afrikaans people. Indeed it was one of the most liked songs from the album, making it an instant classic. This doesn’t come as a surprise, considering that the artist is a music great who is not even of Afrikaans ancestry. Reeves also recorded other musical offerings in the Afrikaans language.

5. Stap Saam Met My Deur Die Land van Son

  • Artist: Min Shaw
  • Date of Release: 1967
  • Producer: EMI Brigadiers

This song happens to fall under a cocktail of genres, including pop, folk, world, and country. It was released in 1967 as a way of introducing Min Shaw to the Afrikaans people. Prior to this release, the singer had primarily made English gospel songs. The song was released in both LP and Vinyl formats and was available in select stores throughout the country. There isn’t much information concerning how well the song did in the country, however.

In this song, Min Shaw talks about following a lover into an imaginary land of sunshine. Born in 1936 as Wilhelmina Jacobq Viviers, Min Shaw decided to take up singing around 1961. The Johannesburg-born singer was one of the major South African pop icons as she not only sang but acted, as well as hosted a couple of television shows.

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The 87-year-old singer was recognized for her contribution to music on 26 January 2020, when she was inaugurated as a living legend at the South African Legends Museum. She was also one of only 20 legends for whom a statue was made. Indeed, she has left a legacy that will live long after she is gone.

6. Daar Doer in Die Bosveld

  • Artist: Jim Reeves
  • Date of Release: November 13, 1962
  • Album: Jy is my Liefling
  • Producer: RCA Records

As earlier mentioned, Reeves didn’t just record one Afrikaans song, there are several others in his name. This track, written with the help of Ernst Van Rooyen and Anton De Waal, was also a hit on Jim Reeves’s Afrikaans album. Here, he sings about an uncanny desire to live in the bushveld. The importance of the 1963 track was immediately felt in the aftermath as a slew of covers immediately flooded the market.

Artists like Freddy Caspy in 1983, Bobby Angel in 2002, Jurie Ferreira in 1996, Charles Jacobie in 2019, and Fanie de Jager in 2003 all made their various renditions of ‘Daar Doer In Die Bosveld’ with varying degrees of commercial success.

Jim Reeves, as said earlier, was a world-famous American singer. The Texas-born muso is still remembered for his distinctive voice which became synonymous with a sound called, ‘The Nashville Sound’. His unfortunate death in a plane crash in 1964 put an end to a golden career that had spawned multiple hit songs and albums. The Afrikaans album was one of the last projects the country crooner released before his death and it recorded tremendous success, much like his other works.

7. Hartseer en Verdriet

  • Artist: Hannes Schoeman
  • Album: Dis Boeremusiek
  • Date of Release: 1990
  • Producer: HR Musiek

This particular song is an Afrikaans piece from the 20-track album ‘Dis Boeremusiek’. Boeremusiek is an Afrikaans genre that closely resembles Polka music. It is also a type of folk music and has been remade into several versions since the 1980s when it first got popular.

The song’s artist, Hannes Schoeman, is one of the earliest performers of Boeremusiek, having been a recognized recording artist in the genre since 1989. His albums are mainly recorded in Afrikaans and include ‘Kielie Konsertina’, ‘Ek Sal By Jou Staan’, and ‘Loof Hom!‘. Hannes is more focused on making good music than relishing the perks of being in the spotlight.

8. Dankie

  • Artist: Lance James
  • Date of Release: 1969
  • Producer: Sony/ATV Music
  • Album: Ahoy Madagascar Ahoy!

This particular number falls under the category of Afrikaans gospel music. It was a popular song that topped several music charts, both Christian and secular. Other songs from the ‘Ahoy, Madagascar, Ahoy’ album include ‘The Old Rugged Cross’, ‘God Made Love’, and ‘It Is No Secret’, all popular songs on the radio at the time.

This song was recorded by South African country singer and radio broadcaster, Lance James. The singer remains most famous for his two albums, ‘Thank You, Vicki’ and ‘Ahoy, Madagascar Ahoy!’ In 2009, he was honored for his contribution to South African and Afrikaans music by Huisgenoot’s Skouspel. Lance James died on March 2, 2020, in Johannesburg but the legacy his music left still lives on.

9. Pleister Van My Hart

  • Artist: Lianie May
  • Date of Release: 27 November 2011
  • Album: Lank Lewe Die Liefde
  • Producer: Mozi Records

Lianie May released this song in late 2011 as the lead single from her album, ‘Lank Lewe Die Liefde’. In this song, the 47-year-old singer talks about her love and fears. The song title, which can be interpreted to mean ‘Plaster for my Heart’ shows Lianie begging an unnamed lover to mend and protect her broken heart. The song is available on several online platforms, including YouTube, Spotify, and Winx.

Most of Lianie’s music is in Afrikaans, which is her mother tongue, which isn’t any surprise as she was born in Sasolburg, South Africa, and attended an Afrikaans school named Afrikaanse Hoerskool Sasolburg. Her career began in 2007 and she has released one other album titled, ‘Vergeet My Nie’, which was dropped in 2015. The singer is currently signed to Mozi Records alongside other big talents. Lianie joined the label after Johan Vorster and Sean Else scouted her and convinced her to join the stable.

10. Lief vir Jou

  • Artist: Juanita du Plessis
  • Date of Release: 2015
  • Producer: Guffy Productions
  • Album: Toe Staan Die Wêreld Stil

This song was one of the popular tracks off Juanita’s multi-platinum album, ‘Toe Staan Die Wêreld Stil’. The song was released several years ago and has accumulated nearly 1 million views since its release. It was written by Juanita herself alongside Kurt Darren, Godfrey Pilane, and Their Kgosinkwe.

Lief vir Jou is a heartfelt love song from a woman addressed to her lover. It went on to become one of the most widely-played radio songs of 2015 and still resonates among fans of Afrikaans songs to date.

South African country singer Juanita du Plessis (née Naudé) was born on 26 April in Windhoek, Namibia in 1972. She became known for her song Ska-Rumba which she released under her record label, Juanita Records.

Recap of Top 10 Afrikaans Love Songs and Music Videos

  1. Ek Sal Jou Nooit Vergeet Nie
  2. Ver in Die Ou Kalahari
  3. Sarie Marais
  4. Verre Land
  5. Stap Saam Met My Deur Die Land van Son
  6. Daar Doer in Die Bosveld
  7. Hartseer en Verdriet
  8. Dankie
  9. Pleister Van My Hart
  10. Lief vir Jou
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