10 Things Ladies Do That Secretly Turn Men On

Ladies, you might need to re-shape your thoughts after reading this article if you are one of those that assume that your man is only turned on by slim, tall model figures in high heels, skimpy and sexy clothes who have applied various layers of makeup. Following a series of feedback from men, you may be relieved to know that this is not always the case. Below, we want to share the top 10 things ladies do that secretly turn men on. You would surely be surprised at numbers 9 and 10.

1. Wearing Color Red

So many people wrongly think that “pink is sexy”, however, there has been a scientific study that proves that women who wear red colour turn men on a lot more than any other colour. This is so because red also makes women seem warmer and more competent. Psychologists at the Central China Normal University, in Wuhan, China, conducted this study by showing 280 heterosexual students of the university 32 pictures of the opposite sex and they were asked to evaluate and rate them in order in which they found them attractive and of course you can guess what colour emerged on top.

A similar study that produced similar result was also conducted by University of Rochester psychologists. There is every possibility that this behaviour could be largely due to cultural adaptation because of close association of red color with Valentine, petals, red light districts, romantic dinner etc, but  be it what it may, it is also probably due to biological reasons such as the red of blushing, which is always sexy. But the fact remains that the “lady in red” usually stands out from the crowd and is often appealing to men.

lady in red

2. Handy Women

Most men would want to play the hero most especially when asked to fix minor stuff at home but it is cool to see a lady climb up a stool to change a light bulb in her home and be able to fix some other things around all by herself! A lot of guys would rather go with a woman that is able to fix a dismantled centre table than the one who would call a handyman to do that.

handy woman

3. Ladies Who Can Play Video Games

Girls, please get this right – Video games are not meant for guys alone. It is a great way to have fun together. Generally, men find women who can handle game controller quite attractive. There is something that keeps telling him “she is smart” when you are playing a video game with him and it doesn’t matter if you lose the first few games because it is especially sexy if you show great interest and eventually get to beat him.

playing video game

4. Women Who Can Cook

It is often said that the easiest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Nothing is as impressive as a woman who enters the kitchen confidently to come out with a tasty three-course meal, all prepared from scratch. This definitely appeals to the interest of many men.


5. Women With Curves

This speaks to all you women out there who are actively dieting for the purpose of losing that last stubborn 5 or 10 kilograms, please stop! Just In case you are still being deceived by what you see in magazines and movies, a study has been conducted which revealed that most men as a matter of fact really don’t like stick figures rather, they tend to prefer women who have curves irrespective of size.

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In a nutshell, men prefer women with bigger hips and thighs! Though all men have their individual preferences, most are turned on by women who have a little bit more flesh and have a bit more shape than most people imagine.curves

6. Beauty With Little Or No Make-Up

A little secret that most women are unaware of is the fact that most men are much more attracted to women who wear little or no makeup, so if you are one of those who spends endless hours plastering, painting and brushing, you might want to have a rethink.

Men want to see the true beauty behind the mask because that is the beauty they would be seeing most times for the rest of their lives. If you have ever heard the phrase “less is more”, you would understand that sometimes, only lip gloss and a very thin layer of powder is already enough to get men rolling.


7. Cool Manner Of Laughter

There are several ways a woman’s laughter can be a turn on for guys one of which is when she laughs at a man’s jokes when he is trying to be funny. This makes the man realize that they both share the same sense of humour. It is important though that your laughter is controllable without wild gestures as this sends out the wrong message.

Beautiful young lady smiling

8. Gentle Touch

A gentle innocuous touch from a lady is something that a man can spend his entire night dwelling on. The touch doesn’t have to be intimate because men generally love when a woman touches them in the public in the middle of a conversation. Another great way to perform this act is to give him a gentle touch with a slight rub rather than calling to get his attention in the public. This is usually enough to drive men crazy.

gentele touch 1

9. Wearing Your Man’s Cloth

A woman who passes the night and puts on one of the man’s shirts while walking around the house is very likely to be found more attractive to the man because men see it as the woman being free and not being too cautious which could be much sexier than the sexiest lingerie. And the killer feat that crowns it all is when the woman leaves behind on the shirt, her nice fragrance; most men would not bother to wash the shirt too quickly.

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10. Fear

A recent study conducted at the Capilano suspension bridge Vancouver, British Columbia has revealed that fear can be a turn on for men. A group of women were asked to cross a dangling bridge 230 feet above a river canyon and it was observed that the group which was anxious while crossing the scary bridge had more women that were regarded as sexually attractive when compared to another group of women that crossed a nearby bridge that wasn’t as scary and as such, were not conspicuously anxious while crossing the bridge.

There have also been other similar studies showing that anxious women are more likely to be sexually drawn to men. In essence, there is something about the state of fear or anxiety in women that appears to make them more likely to be sexually attractive to men.


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