The Queen Teasers April 2022: What to See in the Coming Episodes

The Queen is a South African crime/drama TV show that shows the fickle nature of the power of any kind in a society like urban South Africa. It also shows the length that most members of the so-called elite are willing to go to hang on to the quite tenuous strings of power and all that it entails. Being one of the most well-written shows of the last two decades in South Africa, The Queen never fails to leave its fans and viewers with much food for thought. Here are The Queen teasers for April 2022.

A Recap of What Happened on The Queen in March 2022

While it is almost inevitable that despite some of the best efforts of the show’s creators to make it easy for viewers to catch the show at their convenience, some have unavoidably missed out on the show. It, therefore, becomes increasingly crucial for fans to keep up with the latest episodes of the show.

March began with Harriet reaching out to Noma for some assistance. Olerato makes arrangements to secretly see Khumo, and Schumacher executes a romantic gesture for Georgina. A few episodes later, Schumacher and Georgina’s cat is let out of the bag. Khumo encounters the unexpected.

Olerato finally stands up to Brutus, and Thando attempts to find someone to vent on. Harriet gets alarming news about her health, while Vuyiswa makes efforts to reach out to and comfort Hector. Harriet is resigned to the possibility that she might be in her last days. Meanwhile, Hector is faced with the challenge of staying faithful to his wife as he can’t seem to get the image of Harriet out of his head.

Towards the end of March, viewers are treated to the episode where Hector cuts ties with Thando and Vuyiswa is on the brink of acquiring the evidence she needs to put Hector behind bars. Finally, Hector has a lot to ponder on when he faces the possibility of having to forever do without someone he loves dearly. Brutus and Bhambatha come to a heated disagreement when his favorite son is revealed.

The Queen Teasers For April 2022

Fans and lovers of the show are always on the brink of their seats and constantly filled with the desire to find out what happens in the next episodes of their favorite TV show. They won’t have to wait long to find out what happens in April. However, let’s catch a sneak peek of the events that will ultimately unfold in the coming episodes of the gripping TV series.

Friday 1, April 2022 – Episode 180: Making Amends

Brutus notices that not all his sons are present to celebrate his return from Johannesburg. Harriet attempts to fix things with Thando. Hector is surprised by an unexpected work thing.

Monday 4, April 2022 – Episode 181: H & H Forever

Hector arranges a surprise for Harriet. The sons of Brutus convince him to contend for the Khoza legacy.

Tuesday 5, April 2022 – Episode 182: Sprinting Down the Aisle

Brutus is disturbed by the prospect of moving in with his nemesis. Thando doesn’t find her father’s plot to sprint down the aisle impressive at all.

Wednesday 6, April 2022 – Episode 183: Equity

Vuyiswa is surprised by the demands made by Patronella. Brutus finds it challenging to relax at his new residence. With Thando’s refusal to give her blessing, Hector and Harriet are forced to think twice about their engagement.

Thursday 7, April 2022 – Episode 184: The Best-Laid Plans

Brutus comes across a piece of information that paralyzes him with feelings of betrayal. Vuyiswa can’t bring herself to give Patronella what she demanded from her.

Friday 8, April 2022 – Episode 185: New Beginnings and Forevers

Patronella’s movements are cut off without warning. Harriet and Brutus finally have a conversation that should have been had in a very long while.

Monday 11, April 2022 – Episode 186: The Queen Has Chosen a King

Brutus and MaJali come face to face with what every parent dreads the most, while Hector and Harriet make merry with their friends and relatives. Nkosiyabo is welcomed to Johannesburg in a fitting way.

Tuesday 12, April 2022 – Episode 187: King and Queen

Hector comes to a decision that could alter the progression of his life. Patronella and Vuyiswa’s friendship may be heading for the rocks due to unresolved disagreements. Harriet may be in for a surprise reunion with someone from her past.

Wednesday 13, April 2022 – Episode 188: Sealing the Deal

Brutus offers Santiago a rather sweet deal, thereby encroaching on Harriet’s territory. Vuyiswa comes to a final decision to bring this disagreement to an end for good.

Thursday 14, April 2022 – Episode 189: Under New Management

Patronella and Schumacher can’t seem to agree on the proper way to run the restaurant. Brutus sends the boys to Durban to take delivery of the incoming shipment.

Friday 15, April 2022 – Episode 190: Backdoor Deals

Brutus oversteps his bounds into Harriet’s territory. Patronella and Schumacher still can’t agree on the best way to oversee the affairs of the restaurant. Thando and Bhambatha meet up but with undesirable results.

Monday 18, April 2022 – Episode 191: Long Live the King

Patronella and Schumacher’s situation became worse. Brutus finds it difficult to convince the Big 5.

Tuesday 19, April 2022 – Episode 192: Elevated

Brutus promotes himself and locks down his position. Patronella decides and sticks to it as Schumacher threatens to open a case.

Wednesday 20, April 2022 – Episode 193: The Zulu/Toto War

Vuyiswa is compelled to end the Zulu/Toto war before it gets out of hand. Majali and Skhumbuzo like each other. What’s up with that? Bhambatha believes Thando is high class and moves on.

Thursday 21, April 2022 – Episode 194: Family Ties

To Thando’s shock, she feels the absence of Bhambatha in her life. Goodness believes Brutus is up to no good and urges Harriet to touch base with her customers.

Friday 22, April 2022 – Episode 195: What is it Worth

Patronella threatens to make life difficult for Vuyiswa after she fires her. The friendship appears to be dissipating. Will it make it? Thando becomes agitated when she finds out that the business has been run into the ground.

Monday 25, April 2022 – Episode 196: Ultimatums

Brutus and Bambatha face off, and Majali plays peacemaker. Thando makes attempts to disabuse Skhumbuzo of the notion of finding a new supplier. Patronella discovers an unexpected plot by Vuyiswa for Kwa Patty.

Tuesday 26, April 2022 – Episode 197: I Want My Money

An unexpected alliance is formed to rescue Kwa Patty from a likely disaster. Brutus causes disagreements among the brothers. Thando is pulling out all the stops to prove that Brutus is the new supplier.

Wednesday 27, April 2022 – Episode 198: A Tree and Its Apples

Patronella and Schumacher embark on a risky venture. Thando and Bhambatha’s relationship hit a green patch.

Thursday 28, April 2022 – Episode 199: Who are you to steal from me?

Thando is sorely vexed when she becomes acutely aware of Brutus stealing. Patronella and Schumacher settle their differences. Brutus puts an end to his sons’ entitled mentality by teaching them a lesson.

Friday 29, April 2022 – Episode 200: Dreams Realized

Thando seals her commitment to her new man in an unexpected manner. Patronella can feel her dream being realized. Hector and Harriet come back to an unexpected piece of information.

List of The Queen Actors And The Characters They Play

  • Connie Ferguson as Harriet Mathapelo Khoza
  • Themba Ndaba as Brutus Khoza
  • Lorraine Moropa as Olerato Mathapelo
  • Zandile Msutwana as Vuyiswa ‘Sis Vee’ Maake-Sebata
  • Zenande Mfenyana as Goodness Mabuza-Khoza
  • Brenda Ngxoli as NomaPrincess ‘Noma’ Matshikiza
  • Thembsie Matu as Patronella ‘Sis Pat’ Zulu
  • Vulyowethu Ngcukana as Lumco ‘Schumacher’ Toto
  • Sipho Manzini as Jabulani ‘Mjekejeke’ Zulu
  • Sibusisiwe Jili as Detective Georgina ‘Gigi’ Zulu
  • Rapulana Seiphemo as Colonel Hector Sebata
  • Jessica Nkosi as Thando Sebata
  • Tsholofelo Dithejane as Antoinette
  • Paballo Khoza as Khaya Khoza

There Are No New Departures Or Additions

The Queen has created a stable environment for cast members to strut their stuff and barring any sudden mishap or flash of inspiration from the show’s creator. There will likely not be any monumental change to the show’s cast.

The Queen Made Its Debut In 2016

The Queen became a mainstay on South African airwaves after its premiere in August 2016. The show is produced by Ferguson Film Productions, with lead actress Connie Ferguson serving as executive producer. Fans and viewers can follow the show on Mzansi Magic and Canal Plus from 9 pm every Monday to Friday.

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