Standard Bank UCount Rewards: Here’s How To Redeem Your Points

Standard Bank UCount Rewards got many South Africans to fall in love with the financial institution. It was simply exciting to go shopping with one’s Bank personal Credit, Cheque or Debit card and get rewards points.

While the bank made it possible for customers to get up to 20 percent back in rewards points on all qualifying grocery purchases, they also offered an opportunity to get back up to R2 in rewards points per liter of fuel purchased from Caltex. That’s not all, customers can equally get up to 1.25 percent rewards points on all other purchases.

Cool huh? That’s what everyone thought until many started having issues with redeeming their Standard Bank UCount rewards points. Most plainly don’t know how to redeem the points they’ve earned.

How to Register with Standard Bank UCount Rewards

Registration is required before you can start earning rewards, and the process has been simplified. To get started, visit their registration portal where you will be required to provide and verify your customer ID number before continuing.

How To Redeem and Where To Spend Your UCount Rewards Points

First, you should know that there are various options the bank provided for redeeming the rewards. You can use the rewards points online through the UCount Rewards Online Mall.

For the local and international travel packages, your rewards points can be redeemed at the UCount Rewards Travel Mall.

Apart from those, you can equally redeem your points at any of the bank’s Rewards Retailers. And, rewards points for fuel can be redeemed from Caltex with your activated UCount Rewards card.

Also, you must know that rewards points are allocated to accounts on the last day of every month. You can check your balance and statement by logging on to the bank’s UCount Rewards Programme. Once you’ve activated your card online, you’re set to redeem your rewards points. The equivalent of each 10 rewards points is R1.

7 Ways To Redeem Standard Bank UCount Rewards Points

With the foregoing, the following are the ways to redeem your rewards points:

1. You can convert them to SAA Voyager Miles

SAA Voyager Miles is the digital currency of the South African Airways Voyager. You can spend SAA Voyager Miles on global flights and non-airline Awards.

For global flights, SAA Voyager Members can spend their Miles on about 35 airline partnership. This includes the Star Alliance global network. Miles can also be spent on car rental, spa vouchers and retail awards.

To convert your Standard Bank UCount rewards points, all you have to do is call the UCount Rewards Contact Centre – 0860 UCOUNT (82 68 68). The conversion rate is 1 rewards point to 1 SAA Voyager mile.

2. Deposit on Standard Bank PureSave account

The Standard Bank PureSave account was designed to encourage saving. You’re allowed to save what you can and to gain access to your money whenever you want it.

If you have a PureSave account, you can redeem your Standard Bank UCount rewards points by making a deposit into it.

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You can redeem a minimum of 20 000 rewards points (R2 000) into your PureSave account on the UCount Online Mall.

This is also true for the AutoShare Invest account and Tax-Free Investment Account. You can redeem a minimum of 2 500 rewards points (R250) into both accounts.

3. Pay for Bidvest Premier Airport Lounge

Bidvest Lounges are often described as “the oasis of comfort, relaxation and pleasure” at South African Airports. You can pay and gain entrance to any Bidvest Premier Airport Lounge in South Africa by swiping your activated rewards card.

4. Shopping at the UCount Rewards Online Mall 

Another way to redeem your rewards point is by shopping online at the UCount Rewards Online Mall. All you have to do is to visit the online mall, browse through available products and services that can be purchased with the rewards points and make a choice.

You can also pay the delivery fee with the rewards points. Any Standard bank customer can buy from the online mall but discounts are only available for UCount Rewards members.

5. Booking a getaway on the UCount Rewards Travel Mall

Rewards points can also be redeemed when you book a getaway on the UCount Rewards Travel Mall.

Many find this option more interesting as they get an automatic travel insurance just by using your rewards points.

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6. Pay for fuel at Caltex

Here, all you have to do is to pay for fuel with rewards points at any of the participating Caltex forecourt.

But then, what happens when you don’t have enough rewards points to pay for the fuel in full? Don’t assume the points are useless. You can use your Standard Bank Business Credit, Cheque or Debit Card to pay the difference.

Meanwhile, you should know that fuel paid for with your personal garage card, or fleet cards are excluded from collecting Fuel Rewards.

7.  Pay for Purchases at Partner Retailers

This is a favorite way of redeeming reward points for many. They can redeem the points by just paying for some or all of their purchases at any of the Participating Rewards Retailers.

Swiping the UCount Rewards card and entering the PIN at any of the following outlets – Clicks, Coricraft, Incredible Connection, Makro, Tiger Wheel & Tyre is all that’s needed. However, they collect rates for the Rewards Retailers differ.

Complete List of Standard Bank UCount Partners and Participating Stores

These are Standard Bank UCount rewards partners and participating stores:

  • Dis-Chem Pharmacies
  • Netstar
  • The Cross Trainer
  • Incredible Connection
  • Clicks
  • Hirsch’s
  • ShowMax
  • The Body Shop
  • Fresh Stop
  • Zando
  • Tyger Wheel and Tyre
  • KFC
  • Makro
  • Musica
  • Net Florist
  • SweepSouth
  • Olympic Cycles
  • Samsung
  • Wine of the Month Club
  • X-Kids
  • X-Trend

Standard Bank UCount Contact Details

If at any point you need assistance or have any queries, you can reach standard bank UCount on their contact number:

PHONE0860 UCOUNT (82 68 68),

Email: [email protected]

Or simply visit any nearest Standard Bank branch.

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