Meet Enhle Mbali Kids and DJ Black Coffee’s Children From Other Women

South African celebrity DJ Black Coffee had two sons with his ex-wife Enhle Mbali named Asante and Anesu Maphumulo. The Grammy award-winning DJ also had two sons with his first wife, Brangelina, named Esona and Lilitha Maphumulo. He allegedly had a daughter with a woman named Mimi Buthelezi, but the girl’s name is not publicly known.

Before their shocking divorce, Enhle Mbali and DJ Black Coffee were one of South Africa’s beloved power couples. Unfortunately, their marriage lasted only 8 years following allegations of abuse and infidelity. He allegedly had his child with Buthelezi while he was still married to Enhle.

Who Are Enhle Mbali’s Kids With DJ Black Coffee?

Black Coffee and Enhle’s children are Anesu Maphumulo and Asante Maphumulo. Their eldest son, Anesu Maphumulo, was born in 2012, while Asante arrived three years later, precisely in 2015. Both brothers were born in New York, in the United States, where their father also resides.

For the first few years of their lives, they enjoyed a relatively peaceful home until things turned sour between their parents, leading to their divorce in 2019. At the time of their parents’ divorce, Anesu was 7 years old, while his younger brother was 4 years old.

Coffee and his family lived alternately at his South African mansion in Sandton and his penthouse in Los Angeles, California, before he parted ways with his wife. It was reported that Enhle was thrown out of their apartment at a certain point in their crisis, which prompted her to take her boys along with her.

The celebrity fashion designer currently has full custody of their two children. However, she only allows them to visit their dad occasionally. Some time ago, it was reported that Enhle took DJ Black Coffee to court, asking him to keep up his part of the child support bargain after moving back to South Africa.

Speaking about DJ Black Coffee and his commitment to his fatherly duties, the road has been a bit rocky. According to the news making the rounds in the South African gossip circuits, he isn’t a present father as Enhle allegedly struggles to get him to spend time with his sons.

Although it cannot be said that the split that marked the end of their union was completely amicable, the former power couple has been trying to raise their children together in the best possible way.

Who Did The DJ Black Coffee Have His Other Kids With?

DJ Black Coffee had two kids from his first failed marriage with Brangeline and another child with a South African woman named Mimi Buthelezi. Apparently, he is no longer with any of these women, but he has a cordial relationship with all the kids that came from these relationships.

Meet DJ Black Coffee’s Sons With Brangelina

Brangelina tied the knot in the mid-2000s. However, their marriage was short-lived as it ended after a few years. However, their intimate moments produced two sons, Esona Maphumulo and Lilitha Maphumulo.

Esona was born in August 1999 in South Africa when Black Coffee was young and unemployed. After his birth, Esona was named Esona Sinokuhle by his mother; his grandmother called him Mava, while Black Coffee, who had him at the age of 23, named him Mcebo because he became his motivation to chase his dreams.

Esona has since followed in his father’s footsteps as an entertainer. The young man has a keen interest in the entertainment business and is mostly seen accompanying his father to shows and events, including the Grammy Awards in April 2022.

As the son of a successful DJ and producer, Esona already has the blessings of his father in his career choice. Over the past years, he has been working on becoming a sensational singer. He is not doing bad presently, having recorded moderate success so far.

It’s pretty clear that South Africa will see a lot more of Esona in the next few years if his father’s influence and mentorship are anything to consider.

Unfortunately, there is no available information about Esona’s immediate younger brother as he is not popularly known as his brother. His whereabouts and profession are under the radar currently.

DJ Black Coffee Allegedly Had A Daughter With Mimi Buthelezi 

The South African Grammy Award winner allegedly fathered a child with a South African called Mimi Buthelezi while he was still married to Enhle. The woman claimed to be the mother of the little daughter DJ Black Coffee posted on his Instagram page sometime in 2021.

Mimi claimed that she had a sexual relationship with the DJ while he and Enhle were still together, resulting in their daughter’s birth. Black Coffee’s alleged baby mama made this shocking revelation in an interview with the popular YouTube vlogger, Ndivhu. Till now, it is yet to be ascertained whether her claims are true or not, as the celebrity DJ is yet to affirm or refute the claim.

He is said to have fathered another child with a mysterious woman. However, there is no information about who his baby mama is, and the gender of his baby with her is not known. DJ Black Coffee gave the world the impression that the allegation is true after he disclosed that he has “five other children” apart from his first son Esona at the Grammy Awards in early 2022.

Enhle Mbali And DJ Black Coffee’s First Child Was Born In 2012

Anesu Maphumulo was born in February 2012 in Manhattan, New York, to DJ Black Coffee and Enhle Mbali. Anesu has both American and South African nationalities. He currently lives in South Africa and attends an undisclosed private school in the country.

The younger Maphumulo is already a mini-superstar and wants to become a professional car racer in the future. Like his father, Anesu is already on his way to greatness. At age 6, he was unveiled as a model for the top-of-the-range Mercedes Benz automobile. Enhle’s oldest son has already set his eyes on winning the formula one championship in the future.

Anesu bonds very well with all of his siblings. His father has posted several pictures of him and his siblings getting along happily.

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