Interesting Facts About Malawi You Should Know

Malawi is a landlocked country about the size of Pennsylvania. Located in southeast Africa, it is surrounded by Mozambique, Zambia, and Tanzania. Formerly known as Nyasaland, Malawi is one of the unique places in Southern Africa. The country is also called the warm heart of Africa and it inhabited the Nyanja people.

The Lake Malawi is a wonderful freshwater lake and it ranks top among the world’s fresh water diving destinations. The plateaus, hills, mountains and rivers of Malawi are magnificent and provide a very attractive and breathtaking landscape.

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Interesting Facts About Malawi You Should Know

Government of Malawi

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The government of Malawi is a democratic and multi-party government. It is presently under the leadership of Peter Mutharika. The president is elected every five years for a maximum of two terms. The vice-president is elected with the president but he(the president) can elect a second vice president who must be from a different party.

The members of the cabinet are appointed by the president and they can either be inside or outside the legislature. It derives its authority from the Constitution of Malawi and provides high assistance and advice to the president as well as to the cabinet members.

The national assembly has 193 members elected for a five-year term in single-seat constituencies. Local government is carried out in 28 districts within three regions with administrators and district commissioners who are appointed by the federal government.

The Government of the Republic of Malawi has three ministries under three categories they are: The General Administration Ministry, Economic Services Ministry and Social and Community Services Ministry. It has an anti-corruption bureau to bring about a corrupt-free Malawi and thereby, promotes good governance by way of the corruption destruction programs for the social, as well as economic development of Malawi.

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Economy and Agriculture

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Malawi is an agriculture-based country as more than 90% of the country’s revenue is from agriculture.

In 2013, agriculture accounted for 27% of the country’s GDP, over 80% of the labour force and about 80% of all exports. Malawi’s most important export crop is tobacco, which accounted for half (50%) of export revenue in 2012.

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In 2000, the country was the tenth-largest producer in the world. Other agricultural products of Malawi are cotton, tea, sugarcane, cattle and sorghum. Tobacco, sugar and tea processing, cement, sawmill and consumer goods are the main industries of the country.

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The population of Malawi is 18.09 million (2016) and it is expected to grow over 45 million by 2050.

The capital is Lilongwe (978,000), the largest city is Blantyre (1.9 million) the commercial capital Mzuzu (1.7 million in the outskirts, 130,000 in the city).

The military has 25,000 men approximately and it is called the Malawian Defense Force. It consists of the army, navy and air force elements. The Malawian dances are a strong part of its culture and the soccer and the Basketball are the most common sports of Malawi.

Other Interesting Facts About Malawi

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Great Rift Valley (Image Source)

The beauty of Malawi is astonishing with the enormous Rift Valley traversing the country from North to South.

The Lake Malawi lies in this deep channel and is also known as the paradise for the holidaymakers because of the freshness of the water and the splendid diving destinations on the lake.

The National Parks and the Forest and Wildlife reserves provide outstanding game watching and unforgettable bird seeing experience.

Liwonde National Park is the most accomplished wildlife spotting and safari area in all of Malawi. It is located along the courses of the Shire River.

The climate of Malawi is usually subtropical and provides an excellent opportunity to experience the fascinating country.

The people of Malawi are friendly, welcoming, lively,  vibrant, accommodating and hospitable.

Mount Mulaje is the most spectacular and striking views of the country and it is known as the island in the sky. Its highest peak Sapitwa is the highest point in Malawi at 3,002 meters (9,849 feet) above sea level.

Malawi is the only country in the world that has a Carlsberg factory (with the exception, of course, of Denmark), so Carlsberg beer is popular in the country.

Malawian cuisine is diverse, with tea and fish being popular features of the country’s cuisine.

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