10 Uncommon And Mostly Unknown Facts About Namibia

Namibia is a country located towards the southern part of Africa and it has enjoyed a certain amount of stability since it gained independence in 1990 after a long struggle against rule by South Africa. Namibia possesses some of the most stunning landscapes in Africa, and a trip through the country is one of the great road adventures one can experience in Africa. There are some lesser-known Namibian facts that have not been given the amount of recognition and attention they are supposed to receive.

Luckily, the nation has grown both economically and tourist-wise to feature one of the grandest national parks ranging from the Dune fields of the Namib-Naukfult Park to the Wildlife Rich Estosha national park. But is there anything really strange about Namibia? Well, let’s find out as we explore some of the most interesting yet uncommon Namibian facts.

10 Lesser Known Facts About Namibia

Namibia facts
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1. Namibia is the first country in the world to incorporate the protection of the environment in its constitution. Despite being a third world developing nation, Namibia, through the inclusion of this act in its constitution, has made it a great difference and has become an environmental pacesetter to the rest of Africa and the world.

2. It is strange that there is a large number of ammunition and artillery work that was dumped in the year 1915 by the retreating German forces. This happened right at the bottom of Otjikoto Lake which is located approximately 20 kilometers North West of Tsumeb town. And nowadays, extracted machine guns, canons, and other abandoned warfare can be vividly seen at the town’s museum.

3. Tsumeb Mine in Namibia is one of the largest mines in Africa where both zinc and lead are being mined. And although the mine is currently closed down, the place is considered prestigious as more than 200 different minerals have been discovered.

Na,ibia facts
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4. Namibia hosts one of the most strange and unique fossil plants, Welwitschia Mirabilis found in Namib desert and has a lifespan of more than 2,000 years.


5. Namibia hosts the largest and one of the most unusual showers ever, the Gibeon Meteorite shower which was discovered in the year 1838.

If you are interested in Meteorite, once you arrive Namibia just head towards the north Gootfontein to be precise and there you will see the Gibeon Meteorite shower – one of the largest known showers of extraterrestrial bodies ever to land on earth beautifully displayed in the middle of Windhoek.

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Namibia facts
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6. Namibia’s endemic species, aloe Vera viridiflora is found right at the central region of the nation and also in the besieging localities of Windhoek Mountains, although it is not highly considered to be industry-specific and value-scope in the country as does the other nations.

7. Around 14 % of Namibia’s land area is a protected zone. This has been a great addition to the rules and environmental policies of the global sphere as it reflects a nascent awakening of the Nation’s environmental and physical protection.

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8. In Namibia, unlike many others countries in Africa that lost heroes and heroines in the heroic struggle for independence, members of the Herero community gather every last Sunday of August to pay both respect and tribute to those who lost their lives during the colonial times.

9. One of the most interesting Namibia facts is that the country hosts one of the most ubiquitous and exquisite geological features in the world. The largest Desert, Namib desert is known to be one of the world’s largest deserts, no one knows exactly how old it is but scientists have proven that the sand on the desert is over a million years

Namibia is also home to Hariseb’s Dragon’ Breath is the world’s largest underground lake.

Namibia desert

10. On your way to the Walvis Bay just outside Swapokmund, is the very locality where more than 1650 mules and horses were shot dead by the South African Army in the year 1915. Additionally, the locality is marked and visible with conspicuous horse graves.

The Unmatched Beauty

And with such prospects, features and capabilities, you can now take your explorations across Namibia to attest to these uncommon and not-so-well-known Namibian facts. Perhaps this is one of the reasons the country has been identified as one of the most unusual and serene tourist destinations in Africa, and through the years, the country is diversifying this investment.

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