Dissecting the Rumor About Katlego Danke and Patrice Motsepe

Katlego Danke and Patrice Motsepe were alleged to have dated and had a son together. In March 2023, it was again speculated that the two were expecting a second child together. Motsepe and Danke have refuted the rumor, calling it false and defamatory.

While the mining magnate, through his law firm, denied having a child with the Gomora Star, Danke has taken legal action against the perpetrators. Though she kept mum for all the while the rumor had been making the rounds on social media, she has decided to tackle the false allegation once and for all.

Katlego Danke and Patrice Motsepe’s Alleged Affair

For some time, it was rumored that Patrice Motsepe is the father of Katlego Danke‘s son whom she had in the year 2014. As the actress has been notoriously private and nothing is known about her baby daddy and love life, it was easy for social media users to believe the rumor which got widely circulated. The allegation about the two being in a relationship has been ongoing for years.

After seeming to have calmed down, it would resurface again and in March 2023, the rumor once again spread like wildfire. At the time, it was speculated that the billionaire businessman was expecting a second child with Katlego Danke. On many occasions, the award-winning actress has been alleged to be pregnant. In June 2022, she was rumored to be expecting, and again in March 2023, she was also said to be pregnant with Patrice Motsepe’s child.

The duo are suspected to have had a business relationship that people got twisted which might have sparked the romantic affair rumor. Nonetheless, having been fed up with the fake news, both Katlego Danke and Patrice Motsepe decided to set the record straight and also got their attorneys involved in the saga.

Both Danke and Motsepe Have Denied the Rumor

At the height of the rumor about Patrice Motsepe and Katlego Danke, South Africans weighed in on the matter, calling the actress a disgrace and a homewrecker. She, however, didn’t take the rumor lying down again. Instead, she took legal action against a media house called MDN News asking them to remove the tweet, retract their statement, apologize, and refrain from making any further defamatory statements about her.

And if they refuse, she would take the matter to court without giving them further notice. The legal letter was sent to the media house on March 7th, 2023 and it read that the tweet they published on their Twitter account about their client was false and defamatory. At the time, the tweet had been viewed by over 2.2 million people and also had more than 2,090 retweets.

Katlego Danke further released a public statement denying that she has ever been in a romantic relationship with Patrice Motsepe. She also denied having any children with the businessman and equally wasn’t pregnant at the time the statement was released. On the other hand, Patrice Motsepe also refuted the rumor through his law firm, Bowmans.

On behalf of the CAF President, a senior litigation partner at the firm called Tim Gordon-Grant released a one-page statement. He clarified that Dr. Patrice Motsepe has no children or a relationship with Katlego. He then called the allegation false and fake news.

Does Katlego Danke Have a Child with Motsepe?

No, Katlego Danke doesn’t share a child with Dr. Patrice Motsepe. Although it was rumored that the Mamelodi Sundowns owner is the father of Danke’s son, he has strongly denied having any children with the actress. On the other hand, Katlego Danke once stated in an article that Motsepe is not her child’s father.

Recently, she also denied being pregnant and has never been romantically involved with Patrice Motsepe. However, in April 2023, a 22-year-old TikToker claimed to be Katlego Danke’s daughter and many people alleged that the unidentified young lady is her child with Motsepe. Both Danke and the CAF President seem to have ignored the rumor, having set the record straight regarding their alleged romantic affair.

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