Katlego Danke Has a Son But No Husband – Who Is Her Baby Daddy

Rumour has it that Patrice Motsepe is Katlego Danke’s baby daddy but is that really the case? Not quite long ago, Twitter was set on fire when it was again reported that Bafana Mthembu was Katlego Danke’s baby daddy. If that is true, it will be a shocking news, considering that Bafana is himself married.

It appears no one knows for sure who Danke’s alleged baby daddy is. Katlego once stated that:

“My private life is private, and it is not for everyone to delve into. So I hang out with people I know, and they know me. Out of their own will, they have an added layer of consideration because of understanding what I do and what it means to be in the public eye constantly,” she says.
“They are not about proving proximity or anything like that. I am truly surrounded by people who care about me, and they also cover me,” she adds

Katlego Danke has made a name for herself through her outstanding career that has spanned over 18 years. She is a fan favorite when it comes to acting, DJing, and of course, show presentations on the TV. Despite her huge level of fame within and outside the entertainment industry, Danke loves keeping a low profile on virtually every aspect of her personal life.

Over the years, she has kept her fans in the dark about her everyday life and even most occurrences in her life, especially her love life. It is no news, however, that she has a son she loves and adores so much. Many people have asked the actress to disclose the man who made her a mother and share the details of their friendship, but Katlego seems to be more focused on her thriving career than anything else. Who then is exactly the father of her child?

Katlego Danke Is Yet To Tie The Knot 

Actress Katlego Danke is still very much single as she hasn’t publicly introduced or named any man as her husband. Ever since she was put to bed, many people wondered if she actually had the baby with her husband and why she hasn’t shared a picture of her son and his father.

The truth is, she is not officially a wife yet and has been hiding information about the identity of her child’s father from the public. While most of her beloved fans are worried about her marital status, the celebrity DJ appears to be comfortable with the way things are moving in her life. She is happily raising her son, focusing on taking her career to the highest level, and that seems to be all that matters to her.

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Katlego Danke hasn’t been married in the past, neither has the names of the men she probably dated in the past been publicized. Being someone who loves privacy, she has decided to keep the media and her fans in the dark about what her love life looked like in the past years, her present status, and her plans for future relationships.

She Became A Baby Mama In 2014

Actress Katlego Danke is a proud mom who loves and cares about her son. The actress gave birth to her son in October 2014 in South Africa. The exact date she had her son and the particular hospital is not publicly known.

Her son’s father’s identity is yet to be disclosed by the actress, but it is a known fact that she wasn’t married to the man who got her pregnant. Apart from her job, Danke’s son makes her happy and fulfilled.

Though she doesn’t do it often, the actress sometimes flaunts her baby boy to the world. The first time she introduced him to the world was in May 2015 on Instagram. The post captured an excited Danke smiling while holding her son.

She also shared a different picture of her son along with her colleagues. There is no available information about the actress’s son except his birth details. The former Generations actress is yet to reveal her son’s name, his whereabouts, and other details of his personal life.

Katlego Danke Loves Her Privacy As Much As She Loves Her Job

Katlego belongs to the crop of South African celebrities who shun the spotlight and dislike the crazy craving for the camera and media that is common among celebrities. The only aspect of her life that is very much known to the public is her professional life.

She hardly talks about her family, love life, and how she handles her professional and family life. Similarly, she is yet to open up about who her baby daddy is, how they met, why they separated, and if the man accepted being the child’s father.

The North West-born celebrity loves and cherishes her space. She doesn’t crave the paparazzi and constant media attention, even though both seem to be simply part of the package of being a celebrity. Regardless of her reclusiveness, Danke has tons of A-list friends she is close to, including some of her colleagues in the entertainment industry.

Is Patrice Motsepe Really Her Baby Daddy?

Patrice Motsepe is rumored to be the father of Katlego Danke’s son. However, the actress has never revealed the identity of the man who impregnated her, neither has she mentioned that the South African mining billionaire businessman is her baby daddy. It appears that she is comfortable with the way things are moving between her and her fans, especially those who are eager to know everything about her relationship with the father of her child and connection with Patrice (if there is any, anyway).

It is unknown exactly what led to Patrice Motsepe being named the possible father of the actress’s son and when the rumor actually broke out. Despite all these, the mining billionaire has never reacted to or give credence to the age-long rumor, even after it went viral.

What Is The Actress Up To Now?

Katlego Danke is doing a great job while raising her kid. She currently lives in one of the beautiful areas in the country with her son, from where she manages her flourishing career. Danke has been part of numerous TV and theatrical productions, including but not limited to What’s Bothering Marc Lottering, 7de Laan, Backstage, Elna Liebe in Afrika, Generations, Isidingo, Beyond The Veil, King Lear, The Suit, and Miss Tertiary Feel.

The talented DJ was recently unveiled as part of Gomora’s cast. The production is a new South African telenovela that runs on digital satellite and entertainment channel Mzansi Magic. In addition to acting, DJing, and radio presentation, Danke is also a businesswoman.

Born on 7th November 1978 in the North West, she lived in regions like Mafikeng, Ga-Rankuwa, Mabopane, and Potchefstroom with her parents. Danke launched her career in 2002, one year after obtaining her BA in Theatre and Performance at the University of Cape Town.

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