Cindy Mahlangu’s Net Worth and Cars

Cindy Mahlangu is a South African actress with an estimated net worth of $300,000. The 27 year-old, who has appeared in stellar productions like The Queen, Scandal, and Blood & Water, drives a plush Mercedes Benz A180.

Cindy’s financial status has steadily increased since she debuted on the acting scene. It will not surprise many to see her worth millions in the coming years if she continues on this trajectory.

Cindy Mahlangu’s Net Worth is Impressive

Cindy Mahlangu has an impressive net worth for someone that is relatively new to the acting scene. She has an estimated net worth of about $300k.

Cindy’s career has certainly progressed at an enviable speed. Her source of wealth is majorly her acting career. Second is her online career as a brand influencer, which makes her easily one of the most relevant South African public figures presently.

The Sources of Cindy Mahlangu’s Net Worth

1. Acting

Cindy Mahlangu’s biggest point of fame is her acting career. This is also, coincidentally, one of her largest and most consistent sources of income. The Mpumalanga-born actress has appeared in some of the best television soapies aired on South African channels.

Born on November 21, 1996, the 27 year-old actress started acting as a teenager. She majorly got into the limelight for her portrayal of Siyanda in The Queen, a popular South African soapie. After high school, Cindy wasted no time getting into the film industry.

She made her first acting break in the television soap opera, The Herd. Soon after this, Cindy appeared in Makoti, a drama show where she played a character named Kayise. Her most famous and best-paying role to date is the role of Siyanda in The Queen.

Cindy played her role as Siyanda for a few seasons until April 2020, when she was unceremoniously dropped from the show. She has also been featured in another epic production, this time from Netflix, titled Blood and Water. Mahlangu played a main character called Zama Bolton for the show’s first three seasons.

Her character was Puleng’s friend, a student of Meadowridge who was in a relationship with Chris. The Netflix masterpiece featured other actors like Ama Qamata, Khosi Ngema, Gail Mabalane, Thabang Molaba, Dillon Windvogel, Arno Greeff, and Ryle de Morny. The show was made available on Netflix on May 20, after a trailer had been released two weeks prior.

In August 2021 and October 2022, seasons two and three of the show were announced, respectively. However, there still remains a mystery surrounding the teenage drama, and that is the total amount each actor reportedly made from the project.

There are also no reliable box office figures that could give an idea of how much the show made per season and how much the actors took home per episode. For now, Cindy’s filmography remains unextended, and we hope to see her in possible new projects in the coming months.

Sadly, the full details of how much she has made from acting have not been available to the public.

2. Social Media Influencing

The South African actress is well-known on Instagram. With over 2 million followers on the ostentatious platform, she is easily one of the most sought-after Mzansi influencers on the app. Cindy also does a lot of brand influencing as well.

The lovely actress has influenced the phone brand Huawei. She also did a paid brand advertisement for a beverage company called Brutal Fruit drink. All this, in addition to countless other influencing deals that she doesn’t want to reveal, has added to her bottom line.

Cindy is private with not just her private life but her finances as well. She has refused to place explicit figures on her earnings for now.

3. Social Media Accounts Monetization

As you already know, on her Instagram page, @cindy_thando, she has over 2 million followers. Her page on Facebook is also growing and has over 85k followers. While her Instagram is her business hub, Cindy projects a more personal front on her Facebook page and doesn’t do many brand influences on the platform.

However, the page is monetized, and she is undoubtedly earning money from it. Her Twitter account @cindythando4 boasts over 200k followers and is her second biggest platform after Instagram.

As a model and businesswoman, Cindy uses all her social media accounts as an avenue to generate more streams of income for herself.

4. Modeling

The actress does modeling as a side hustle; however, not much is known about her modeling career because she hardly updates her followers on her career as a model.

Cindy Mahlangu’s Car is a Posh Mercedes-Benz

According to the information gathered from Cindy’s Instagram profile, she presently drives a Mercedes Benz A180. Last year, the actress decided to go all out and purchased her very first car – a stunning Mercedes Benz.

While it’s not a secret that Cindy loves cars, the actress didn’t really see a need for one until recently. After she posted the picture of her new automobile, her Instagram comments were flooded with a deluge of congratulatory comments.

So what’s special about Cindy’s latest fancy wheel? Let’s find out.


Mercedes-Benz A180 Details

The Mercedes Benz A180 is an entry-level luxury vehicle that costs between $37,200 to $53,200. Here are some of its features and specifications:

  • It has a hatchback, popularly called a sedan.
  • The Mercedes Benz A189 has an FWD drive too.
  • Cindy’s car is a 4-door car with a seating capacity of 5 people.
  • It is powered by a 4-cylinder turbocharged motor of 1.3 liters and a 7-speed double-clutch transmission.
  • The automobile has a gas consumption rate of 5.7 liters per 100 km.
  • The Mercedes-Benz A180 has auto wipers and headlights.
  • The Mercedes-Benz A180 also has blind-spot monitoring, an active park assist feature, traffic sign detection, AEB, exit warnings, and a reversing camera.

Does Cindy Mahlangu Own a Home of Her Own?

For now, Cindy Mahlangu isn’t a homeowner, and there isn’t much that suggests the actress is ready to buy herself a house yet. While the actress is definitely making good money from her countless business endeavors, acquiring a house isn’t one of her most pressing needs now.

Talking about her lifestyle, Mahlangu splurges on everything that spells opulence and elegance. So it’s hardly surprising that she has a pricey wardrobe that costs millions and a collection of high-end hair and beauty fashionable products.

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