Top 10 Most Visited Blogs In South Africa 2014

Most South Africans who follow blogs have been having a string of heated arguments concerning the blogs that deserve to be in the top ten lists of the best blogs in South Africa based on the number of people who follow or visit the different blogs on a daily basis. Some of the blogs have made waves for quite some time so that it becomes increasingly difficult to say which blog has the highest number of followers. Well, this post is here to ice the heat. Having conducted a thorough research online, I found out that these blogs deserve, in that order, to be in the top 10 list of the best blogs in South Africa. Unless otherwise, this list encapsulates the 10 best blogs in this country at the moment; or, let’s say until some of the blogs are completely displaced by other blogs not enlisted. Here’s the list:

Top 10 Blogs in South Africa


 01. is a news blog that’s apparently leading in views in South Africa and traffic ranking, as well. The blog is professionally operated and has a number of serious writers who are dedicated to getting you all the latest news. Here, you’ll find up-to-date news (both local and international) on sports, politics, business, technology, entertainment and lifestyle.


Imod has been ranked at position 2 as the best blog in Africa; and, at the same time, placed at position 2 as the most popular blog in South Africa. Owned and written by a writer and a web developer from Cape Town, South Africa, Christopher Mills, the blog has a traffic ranking of 400. Actually, Imod blogs on a wide range of topics; ranging from technology, investments, business, as well as the writer’s own thought and opinion on various issues. In short, it’s a blog that cuts across all aspects of the writer’s personal life. Thus, recommended for those who want to get inspired by the writer’s witty execution of facts and personal opinions altogether.

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All4women is an all-round fashion blog that deals with a wide range of female issues. From beauty tips, salon guides, lifestyle, health, fashion, kitchen stuff to female news, all 4 women is a blog that every woman in Africa can relate with. Even though the blog’s domain name suggests that it’s exclusively meant for women, men too can still find a number of posts they can relate with. For instance, the different categories like money matters or shopping, deals, entertainment news and men’s health among the rest, contain posts that men too can enjoy. In short, might have started out as a female blog, but it later found some room to accommodate men, also.

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This blog is run by three web developers that are based in Cape Town South Africa. Actually, the domain name, “web addict”, is an acronym for “Web 2.0, Application, Development, Designs, and Innovations in Cape Town.” Hence, by visiting the site, you’ll learn about all the “trendy” technologies, blogging, innovations, and something about Cape Town as well.

05. is a blog that relays information about South Africa’s green news or anything that’s Eco-friendly. It focuses on opinions and facts about ecological directories or organic and biodegradable products in the market. In short, it’s a blog that takes you through the green side of South Africa.

Blogs in south africa


If you’ve been keen on following South Africans’ blog, then you’ve probably come across Tertia’s blog, Like most blogs, Tertia’s blog deals with a wide range of personal stories–both inspiring and fun. Being a mom who endured several years of infertility, premature births and miscarriages before she gave birth to twins, Kate and Adam, Tertia inspires women through her blog and book, “so close.”

07. encompasses a series of blogs from South Africa’s Wildlife rangers who work for Safari Companies. The blog acts as a tourist guide, taking you through the wildlife spectacles of South Africa together with all the reports gathered by the rangers who tour every field in South Africa.

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08. Wonkie com is a non-profit cartoon blog that’s internationally run by a number of regular Canadians and South Africans from Canada (Nayana Desai, Joseph Jo’ Reddy, Prattish Mistry, Laura Campelle, Anna Sempe and Sizwe). Generally, the blog features a chain of cartoon stripes, which covers various themes, like politics, recent events, and Bollywood. And contrary to what you may think, the blog has no political affiliations; it’s solely meant for fun. It extracts bits and pieces from trending news or political commentaries; then, combines them with humor and conspiracies to give you a wonderful cartoon entertainment.

09. is an “all lady blog” that touches on a wide range of female issues; from dressing, hairstyles, girl stories, lip gloss… you name them. It’s definitely a blog that no lady would want to miss, especially those interested in fashion vogues or style.

10. is a South African multimedia automotive blog. Even though the company behind the blog was established in 1957, the blog was created in the recent past and has, so far, grown to be one of the leading car blogs in South Africa. So, if you have any interest in cars, then think of first, before any other blog.

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