How to Cancel Vodacom Contract After 24 Months

To cancel your Vodacom contract means to terminate or sign out of your 24-months contract with Vodacom. The mobile company’s contract services avail customers the chance to get cellphones, laptops, tablets, airtime, and data on credit and pay small amounts per month until payment is complete.

There are various reasons Vodacom customers cancel their contract with the mobile company after 24 months, irrespective of the offer’s attractiveness. The cancelation process begins with reaching out to the company through their number.

Vodacom Contract Cancellation Number

Like other mobile companies in South Africa, Vodacom has a designated number through which customers can reach out to the appropriate quarter to have their contract canceled. The company’s contract cancellation number is 082 1958.

Do not forget that the cancellation service can only be undertaken by Vodacom customers. You may not call with your Vodacom line (but not with another network), but you will be required at some point by the customer care agents to mention your number for the process to be completed.

Once the phone call pulls through and you get contacted, you will be directed to a customer care agent, who will ask you some questions and then guide you on how to cancel your contract successfully.

Step-by-step Procedure For Canceling A Vodacom Contract

Contract services are among the wide range of services Vodacom offers to its overwhelming South African customers. However, customers can also cancel their Vodacom contract at expiration or even before then. This will make Vodacom discontinue rendering all the services they offer you as a customer.

To begin:

  • Find out the reasons why you want to terminate your contract
  • Ensure that contract cancellation will not incur losses for you.
  • Another step you need to take to successfully have your contract canceled by Vodacom is reaching out to the company’s customer care agent through the number mentioned above.
  • Request to have your contract canceled.
  • You will be required to release some information or makes some confirmations about your contract, depending on your type of contract.
  • You will be directed on how to begin the process of terminating your contract.
  • Once the cancel process successfully pulls through, you will be notified by Vodacom.


  • If you are canceling before 24 months, you will be told the amount you must pay as a fee to cancel your contract.
  • Once you make the payment and show them your proof of payment, you can successfully cancel your contract with Vodacom.

How Much Does It Cost To Cancel A Vodacom Contract?

When you are on a 24 months contract deal with Vodacom and complete your payment at the stipulated time, you will not be charged if you decide to cancel the contract. However, customers are charged for canceling their contract before the stipulated time agreed upon by you and Vodacom.

According to the mobile company, customers are charged a maximum cancellation fee of 75%, which is determined by the person in their contract. This means that the cancellation fee is roughly 75% of a customer’s monthly subscription times the number of months that remain on their contract.

Again, such customers will also have to pay any amounts that may be outstanding for services already rendered. So, if a customer wants to cancel his contract, Vodacom systems look at the remaining monthly subscription and any additional pay-in such a customer did on their handset. From there, the system calculates what the customer owes, and as per CPA guidelines, Vodacom then reduces that amount by 25%.

Reasons Vodacom Customers Cancel Their Contract

There are several reasons customers end their contract with Vodacom before time. There is nothing wrong with terminating your contract before time; the only thing is that it’s not cheap to cancel a contract.

Before we look at reasons people terminate their contract, it is important you know that if you get a phone through the contract and you go ahead to pay small amounts per month to Vodacom, the device still does not belong to you.

You will be renting it till you have made full payment to the mobile company. Again, Vodacom will not agree to take back the device.

Now, here are some reasons Vodacom customers cancel their contract.

1. High Monthly Installments

One thing the Vodacom contracts does for customers is that they would not have to pay for a costly device or item at once but rather in small amounts per month. However, some customers still find the monthly payment high.

Most customers who find themselves in such a situation end up canceling their contract and then coughing up much money to have the cancellation process completed.

2. Better Contract Deal Elsewhere

Apart from Vocacom, other mobile network companies in South Africa, from time to time, woo network users with mouth-watering contract deals or offers. Some customers who cannot resist high attractive offers from rival networks end up making a contract switch.

3. Relocation

This is another major reason Vodacom customers terminate their deal with the company. One of the basic things Vodacom customers with relocation plans do is sever their contract ties with the network provider at the right time.

Like other mobile companies in the country, Vodacom has lost several customers on contract through this means.

4. Dissatisfaction On The Part Of The Customer

Vodacom belongs to the list of South African network providers who offer their customers tempting contract deals from time to time. However, customers who still feel dissatisfied with their contract terms or services end up signing out either at the end of their contract term or before.

Key Facts To Note About Vodacom 24 Months Contract

  • Only one upgrade in 24 months is permitted. Any additional upgrades during that period will be charged at the full retail price.
  • Upgrade or renewal is permissible in month 22 (for a 24-month contract) or month 34 (36-month contract).
  • SIM-only tariffs are available on a 24/36 month contract basis only.
  • If you have signed up on a 24-month contract, you will be eligible for an upgrade on the 22nd month of the 24-month contract.

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