A Look At Amapiano DJs Jaivane and Stokie’s Popular Mixes

When you hear Amapiano, DJ Stokie, and DJ Jaivane quickly comes to mind. Although no one is certain about the original creator of the Amapiano sound, many South Africans attribute its origin to DJ Stokie. But whether or not DJ Stokie deserves to be attributed as the creator of Amapiano, no one can deny that the duo (DJs Jaivane and Stokie) played a huge role in popularizing the beat.

Amapiano is like a combination of jazz, deep house, and lounge music that did not receive immediate love from music lovers. However, it has now taken over the streets so much that having a party without playing one or two of DJ Jaivane and Stokie’s mix feels incomplete. The popularity of Amapiano was indeed a huge breakthrough in the music career of both disc jockeys. Today, they are in hot demand as almost every weekend, they have a party to grace, and fans love them.

Before The Amapiano Fame, DJ Jaivane Doubled as a Cashier and Disc Jockey

DJ Jaivane, whose real name is Luyanda Mlonzi, was born July 9, 1992, which makes him 31 years old. In the early days of his disc jockey career, Jaivane got little or nothing from the art, but he had to provide for his family. So, he took a job and worked as a cashier at Pick ‘n’ Pay (which is the second-largest supermarket chain store in South Africa), just to put food on his table and take care of his family. Even though he didn’t like it, he had to stay at it until things improved.

He loved DJing so much that at the start, he sometimes was given just a plate of food for mixing at an event. The pay got to R150 at some weekends and then rose to R350 in 2014, but even that was not enough to take care of his needs and his family. However, he wasn’t discouraged and did not give up on his dreams.

In an interview, he narrated how many of those he started his career as a Disc Jockey have given up and are now drunkards. But his persistence and consistency have brought him into fame today. His most popular mix is the XpensiveClections Vol. 40.

DJ Stokie Has Been a DJ For Over Two Decades

On the other hand, DJ Stokie, whose real name is Setoki Mbatha, was born on February 16, 1983, which means the turntable maestro is currently 41 years old. He started performing as a DJ at local parties in 2000 at Mzimhlophe in Soweto. At the start of his career, he received R150 after playing and would go home with nothing after buying Vinyl.

His breakthrough came in 2012 when he became one of the finalists at the Mad Half Hour program, which aired on YFM radio station, and to date, he performs several mixes for the station. Surely, those days of little beginning were not easy, but they contributed to improving Stokie’s music skillset. Today, his mix AmaInternational is one of the most listened to Amapiano mixes.

DJs Jaivane and Stokie Met at a Danish Pub in Soweto

DJs Jaivane and Stokie already knew about each other, and they both appreciated the work the other was doing from a distance until they met for the first time at a Danish pub in Soweto. According to Stokie, the music industry can be deceptive, and one has to be careful with who he allows into his life. However, Jaivane has certainly proven to be a brother, and these two have built something more than friendship over the years.

The duo has come a long way, and after many years of hard work and partnership, booking any of them for just an hour costs up to R5,000. According to Stokie, the days when he used to perform as a DJ for the whole party were over; now, he can only perform for just a set and not an entire party.

In 2019, the kings of Amapiano, DJs Jaivane, and Stokie went on a tour doing what they love best. The duo work so hard that they had to become intentional about resting. So they decided that Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays were compulsory rest days. Considering the heavy booking schedule on weekends, they certainly deserve to rest for some days to remain energetic for many more years, as they have plans of being on the face of their audience for a long time. According to Jaivane, they will continue to evolve, so whatever happens, the kings of Amapiano have come to stay.

DJs Jaivane and Stokie

The Exact Original Creator of Amapiano is Unknown

So many people have different opinions when it comes to who the original creator of Amapiano is. However, the controversies surrounding the original creator of the Amapiano sound have made it difficult to ascertain the source of the beat. Some of DJ Stokie’s fans actually think he is the originator of Amapiano, probably because he has been playing piano for over two decades now.

But DJ Stokie himself says he heard the sound from a group of DJs known by their stage name MFR Souls. Therefore, he is obviously not the originator, and nobody is sure whether or not the MFR Souls are the original creators of this sound. The fact that DJ Stokie is not the originator of Amapiano does not change the fact that he played a major role in popularizing the beat. He still deserves the title of ‘king of Amapiano.’

The DJs Played a Role in the Increased Popularity Amapiano Had in 2020

By the end of 2019 and in 2020, Amapiano experienced more online streams in and across South Africa. On YouTube, almost all Amapiano mixes (from different DJs) and dance have over one million views. The credit for the popularity of Amapiano goes to DJ Stokie and his partner, DJ Jaivane. No wonder why their schedules are packed with bookings for several events.

No doubt, their hard work paid off, and today, they have become a part of the pioneers of Amapiano, alongside MFR Souls, Kabza De Small, and DJ MaphorisaToday, DJs Jaivane and Stokie’s hard work, persistence, and consistency have made it possible that whenever Amapiano is played anywhere in Africa, many people can’t help but move their bodies to the beat.

DJ Stokie’s Popular Amapiano Mixes

In June 2019, DJ Stokie released his single ‘AmaInternational’ featuring Lebo and Killa. The single immediately became the favorite for practically all Amapiano lovers, with over 700k views on YouTube and the perfect mix for all parties. His debut album ‘Amapiano Movement Volume 1’ was released in the same year, and like AmaInternational, most of the mixes in the album did well in the music market. The ‘Wamuhle’ mix featuring DJ Maphorisa on the album got over 68k views on YouTube.

DJs Jaivane and StokieHis latest project, ‘My Journey,’ which was released in December 2020, has also received much love from Amapiano lovers. The track, Superman, featuring Kabza De small, Masterpiece YVK, and Madunmane, has gotten over one million views on YouTube in the space of three months.

DJ Jaivane’s Popular Mixes

DJ Jaivane, on the other hand, has released over 15 Amapiano mixes in 2020, all of which won the hearts of Amapiano lovers. In September 2020, he released the mix ‘Ubusha Bethu,’ which was received with so much love. Aside from having over 64K views on YouTube, it also received awesome comments.

The Amapiano Beat Has Gone Beyond Being “Just A Beat”

Aside from the joy that feels the air anytime an Amapiano beat comes on, the unity and togetherness the Amapiano dance brings are unbeatable. Immediately Amapiano is played, its lovers immediately start doing the Amapiano dance. Check out this video below.

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