Who Is Musa Keys’ Girlfriend and Is He Gay?

Musa Keys‘ girlfriend is yet to be known as he has kept his love life private. The esteemed singer is straight and not gay. 

In the past years, the ‘Selema’ crooner has been romantically linked to many partners, including Mahlasedi and Gontse Sebati. He was even rumored to have tied the knot in July 2022. Despite the dating and marriage rumors, Musa Keys has remained tight-lipped regarding his relationship status.

Who is Musa Keys’ Girlfriend?

It’s unclear whether Musa Keys is dating anyone presently. However, over the years, the award-winning music producer has been rumored to be dating several ladies. In October 2021, he sparked a new couple alert when he started sharing cozy pictures with a beautiful fair lady. He shared the first lovey-dovey pictures on October 6th, 2021, and captioned them, “Asibe Happy Couple Nton Nton.”

He then moved on to share more pictures with the rumored girlfriend on October 25th, 2021. The posts, therefore, convinced many people that Musa Keys had finally found love. Nonetheless, four days later, the music artist dropped the music video of his song ‘Wena’ featuring Lebza The Villian, and it was noticed that Musa Keys’ rumored girlfriend was featured in the music video.

The two were a couple in the video, and the pictures shared by Musa Keys on social media platforms were taken on the set of the ‘Wena’ music video production. Subsequently, in May 2022, Keys was reported to be dating another girl called Mahlasedi. The rumor was, however, debunked when online investigators discovered that Mahlasedi had also been posted by DJ Maphorisa on social media at the time.

Musa Keys and Gontse Sebati

A few months after Musa Keys was speculated to be dating Mahlasedi, entertainment blogger Musa Khawula tweeted pictures of Keys and a girl whom he identified as Gontse Sebati. He said that Gontse was Musa Keys’ new girlfriend in the tweet. He reached a conclusion after connecting the dots between pictures shared by the two on social media.

The controversial blogger narrated that Gontse Sebati shared a picture showing her view, a bouquet of flowers, and a wine. And soon after, Musa Keys shared a picture of himself in the same room where Gontse took her picture. Hence, he concluded that Musa Keys and Gontse were lovers at the time, having been together in the same room.

Despite the gossip news trending online, ‘the Samarian Boy’ hitmaker never confirmed or denied the rumor.

Is Musa Keys Married?

Rumors of Musa Keys getting married began circulating in July 2022 when he shared pictures of himself with some of his male friends, including Skits Sphe, Nay Maps, and Cyfred, all dressed in suits. With him being at the center and also wearing a different color of suit from the rest, the music sensation was said to have walked down the aisle with his soul mate, who was not seen in the pictures.

Musa Keys raised eyebrows when he captioned one of the pictures, “On the new age boys2men level”, which was interpreted to mean that he was no longer in the bachelor’s club. Surprisingly, some of his friends and colleagues with whom he took the pictures started congratulating him on Instagram.

Skits Sphe wrote, ‘Congratulations once again my bro,’ and when he was asked by a fan whether Musa Keys was getting married, he responded affirmatively. Consequently, Keys’ timeline was flooded with congratulatory messages. To date, Musa Keys hasn’t set the record straight on whether he is married or the pictures were merely for publicity.

The Truth About Musa Keys’ Gay Rumour

Musa Keys has a great fashion sense which he unapologetically shows off on his social media accounts. On a few occasions, his dressing styles have set tongues wagging, causing some people to assume that the music producer is gay. Besides his fashion style, which made people think he is gay, Musa Keys has never been involved in any gay controversy.

As a result, he is said to be straight. However, with Keys not known to be in a romantic affair with any lady since he became famous, some people still think otherwise about his sexuality. Nonetheless, the musician might be one of those celebrities who prefer to protect their relationship by keeping it away from the media.

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