What Happened Between Seemah and Ghost Hlubi?

Seemah and Ghost Hlubi ended their relationship on the 12th of May 2023, to the dismay of their throngs of devoted followers.

Seemah and Ghost Hlubi are South African content creators with a sizeable fan base on a number of social media sites, especially YouTube and TikTok. While still dating, they were a popular internet pair. Their individual personal and professional lives have been the subject of more searches since they split up. What have they been up to?

Why Did Seemah and Ghost Hlubi Split?

South African content creators Seemah and Ghost Hlubi broke up because Hlubi was allegedly not committed to the relationship as expected. Seemah claimed that she was the one pushing for the relationship to work and that she got fed up at some point and decided to leave.

She declined to go into details of what had been going on between her and her now ex-boyfriend. However, she made it clear that she really fought for the relationship more than he did.

The former internet couple broke up in mid-May 2023. Seemah went live on Instagram on 17th May 2023, revealing that she and her boyfriend have ended their relationship.

Seemah shared that it had been five days since they broke up and that she decided to open up about their relationship status because it was not proper to keep hiding it.

Seemah and Hlubi’s Fake Car Gift Video

The highlight of Seemah’s live session was her revelation about the car Hlubi bought for her in 2022. Recall that in August 2022, the internet pair made major headlines after a video where Ghost bought a Mercedez Benz for Seemah went viral.

The most outstanding part of the video was the part where Seemah ‘fainted’ on seeing the ‘surprise’ by her boyfriend. The video generated over 1 million views and thousands of likes on their YouTube page, a huge milestone that Seemah admitted wouldn’t have happened had it been she didn’t faint.

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During her post-breakup live session, she confessed that the car gift video was fake as they did it to earn views on YouTube. She confessed that her boyfriend did not buy any car for her and that he was the one who encouraged her to come up with the fainting plan.

Seemah admitted that it took her hours to come up with the best fainting position as she initially failed in her first two attempts.

A lot of mixed reactions trailed her video, with many saying that they knew the duo’s relationship was a scam right from the onset. Other viewers also condemned Seemah for exposing her ex-boyfriend publicly.

Meanwhile, Ghost Hlubi hasn’t openly come out to share his own side of the story. Instead, he has been incorporating his breakup into his videos. He also did a video about the Instagram video Seemah did and opened up about their affair. He sometimes posts old videos of himself and Seemah on his page as well.

What Is Seemah’s Age Compared To Ghost Hlubi?

Seemah and Ghost Hlubi are both young and appear to be in their twenties, however, their actual ages are not publicly known, which obviously makes it pretty difficult to determine the age gap between the former internet duo.

Does Ghost Hlubi Have a New Girlfriend?

Ghost Hlubi is currently in a relationship with a girl popularly known as Siya. Further information about the duo, including how and when they met, as well as how long their relationship has lasted, is off the media radar. Siya has been seen severally in Hlubi’s YouTube videos. Like Seemah, she is always lively and fun to be with.

Does Seemah Have A New Boyfriend?

Seemah has a new boyfriend, which she admitted at the time she came forward to announce her separation from Hlubi. However, the identity of her new boyfriend and other details about their relationship have not been publicized for public consumption.

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