What Are The Most Valuable South African Coins?

South Africa has various coins that are being circulated currently. These coins are considered legal tender, including those that are no longer being minted by the South African mint. The value of the South African coins, like any other assets, varies as they change from time to time depending on factors like the rate of demand and materials used. The big question now is: what are the most valuable South African coins currently?

If you have any of these valuable coins, you have a fortune in your possession because this category of coins has a substantial price tag on top of their initial value. They are not only valuable because of the materials used in formulating them but also due to their scarcity.

What You Need To Know About the South African Coins

The South African coins are part of the physical form of the South African rand, which is the country’s currency. Following the introduction of the rand on 14th February 1961 in the then Union of South Africa, coins bearing the portrait of Dutch navigator Jan van Riebeeck on the obverse were released.

The initial circulation coins of the Republic included: 5 cents (which replaced 6d), 20 cents (which replaced 2s), 1 cent (which approximately replaced 1d), 21⁄2 cents (which replaced 3d), 50 cents (which replaced 5s), 1⁄2 cent (which approximately replaced 1⁄2d), as well as 10 cents (which replaced 1s). The 21⁄2 cents, which was nicknamed Tickey, was the smallest in size coin.

South Africa has introduced a lot of coins over the years, including those that were not circulated or considered legal tender. Some of the country’s most wanted coins include but are not limited to the Krugerrand coin, Single 9 Pond, OR Tambo Centenary coin, Colour coins, Natura: Paleontology, the commemorative R5 coins, as well as the UNESCO Waterberg Biosphere Reserve. The value of most of these coins has increased over time, with the likes of Single 9 pond being valued at over R10 million. Most of the South African coins are also recognized internationally.

Here Are The Most Valuable South African Coins

1. Single 9 Pond (1898) 

What Are The Most Valuable South African Coins in 2021?
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The 1898 Single 9 Pond is currently the most valuable and rarest coin in South Africa. The coin is very significant in the country’s history because it was released while South Africa was hunting for national legitimacy during the second Anglo-Boer war. The country, at that time, did not have enough dies for home coinage, so the Boer government had to use the old dies from 1898. They did punch a 9 on the obverse of the coin to signify the year 1899.

However, when they struck the first pond (the Dutch word for pound), they found out that the 9 was too large and even protruded onto the bust of the then-president, Paul Kruger. They decided not to mint further coins with the same punch and then kept the pond aside. The same pond came to be later known as the “Single 9.”

Single 9 Pond is the only one of its kind in history. However, it is not largely known outside South Africa despite its uniqueness in the country. The first person to own the Single 9 Pond coin was United States Consul General, C.E. Macrum. Dubbed the King of South African coins, the coin is currently valued at R15 million.

2. Kruger Double Nine Ponds (1899) 

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The Kruger Double Nine Ponds was stamped on 2nd November 1899 by Mr. A. Hermanes, who was the Mint Foreman then. A total of about 137,000 coins were produced but was only 130 coins received the 99-numeral stamping. That was how the name Double 99 Ponds came about.

This particular coin is rarely seen. Also, some people do forge them, so you might need the help of an expert before you buy one. The pricing of the coins, which were released after stakeholders reached an agreement to change the single-nine labeled coin, is estimated to be more than R1.5 million. Each coin weighs 7.988 gm and contains 7.322 gm gold and 0.665 gm copper.

3. Burgers Pond Coarse Beard (1874)

What Are The Most Valuable South African Coins in 2021?
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Burgers Pond Coarse Beard coin was part of the second batch of Burgers Ponds produced in 1874. They were produced after the dies used in making the first 695 coins broke. An adverse reaction trailed the minting process of the second batch, and the process was subsequently stopped after only 142 pieces were minted. Unlike the coins of the first batch, the coarse beard has four thick points – the two thick points in front are shorter than those at the back.

The Coarse Beard coins are also heavier and flatter, while the ‘8’ in 1874 on some of them appears to be a double 8. There are only a few of the coins, which means that they are still competitive. The Burgers Pond Coarse Beard has a current market value of at least R1 million.

4. Sammy Marks Tickey (1898) 

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Sammy Marks Tickey is considered one of the valuable coins in South Africa, even though the coins never served as official currency. Marks, a close friend of Paul Kruger, was given the run of the mint for one day, and he requested that the Tickey be minted in gold (it is usually minted in silver). No one knows exactly why the coins were minted, but it is believed that Kruger accorded the mining businessman the honor because of his commendable contributions to the republic.

It is worthy to note that the Sammy Marks Tickey was struck from the 1989 official 3D dies. It was designed by Otto Schultz and had 83,33 copper and 916,67 gold content, respectively. Though not a legal tender, the coin is still regarded as part of the Z.A.R. series. Only 215 pieces of the Sammy Marks Tickey coins were minted, and in recent times, the coin has appreciated to more than R750 000

5. Burgers Pond Fine Beard (1874) 

What Are The Most Valuable South African Coins in 2021?
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Burgers Pond Fine Beard is regarded as the first truly South African coin. Its minting process began after President Kruger forwarded the coat of arms, a portrait of himself, and gold to Ralph Heaton and Sons of Birmingham, England. They made the coin from alluvial gold mined in the Pilgrims Rest area. Only 695 Fine Beard Burgers Pond pieces were minted, after which the obverse die they used broke. This led them to use a new die obverse to mint the second batch.

The significant differences between the obverses of the Burgers Pond fine beard and coarse beard are that the latter has a coarser point to the beard and the 8 on it looks as if it was struck twice. The Burgers Pond Fine Beards have increased their value over time. Their recent prices sit somewhere between R300,000 and R700,000 depending on quality.

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6. VeldPond (1902) 

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The VeldPond coin was struck during the Anglo-Boer War in a desperate attempt to facilitate Boers in their trading engagements. The gold coin’s introduction helped strengthen the trading business between African tribes and Boers and counteract the British, who were almost taking them down.

Significantly, every one of the VeldPond is different for some reason, including the fact that these coins were hand-pressed. VeldPond is also known as Pilgrim’s Rest. The coins come at a fluctuating price range of about R350,000, depending on their condition and quality.

7. Mandela 90th Birthday Coin (2008) 

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The Mandela 90th Birthday Coin was minted to commemorate the 90th birthday of the first black president of South Africa. About 22 million R5 Mandela coins were minted, and they’ve been in circulation since then. In recent years, the limited edition of these coins has seen their value ballooning by the day. The 2008 commemorative R5 coins remain the most valuable of these coins. These South African coins are reportedly estimated at R150,000. The ungraded pieces of metal not in circulation, however, value about R1,000.

8. Mandela’s 100th Birthday R5 Coin (2018) 

What Are The Most Valuable South African Coins in 2021?
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The R5 coins were released to celebrate the life and work of former president Nelson Mandela. They are the second in the series of celebrating the legacies and worthy life of the freedom fighter. The 2018 Mandela coin worth is so much more like other pieces of metal in the R5 denominations. Since its release, it has been a national legal tender, and high grades of these rare coins hold an excellent value worth thousands of Rands.

Mandela’s 100th Birthday R5 coin features a portrait of Nelson Mandela, with the years 1918 and 2018 engraved alongside new decorative security features. The South African coat of arms is also seen on the flip side, and the words “South Africa” in English and isiXhosa. The current price of the coin is not available.

9. Mandela Inauguration Coin (1994) 

What Are The Most Valuable South African Coins in 2021?
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The Mandela Inauguration coin was the first circulating commemorative R5 coin released to mark Nelson Mandela’s inauguration as president of South Africa in 1994. Investors and collectors quickly took them up as soon as released, as they came out in limited numbers. Made of Nickel-plated copper, these coins are no longer readily available in general circulations because they’ve remained valuable in the treasure box of the few people who were able to lay their hands on them then.

The coin was designed by Susan Erasmus. A total number of 10.1 million were minted. The 1994 Presidential Inauguration R5 Coin’s worth is estimated at R450.00 if the R5 coin comes with an MS65 Grading or similar.

10. Kruger Half Pond (1893-1894) 

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The Kruger half ponds of 1893 are the most valuable of the Kruger coins series. Most of these valuable pieces of metal were released in 1984. A total of 10150 Kruger Half Ponds were minted, and their rarity has led to a steady rise in value over the years. It is said that the minimum value of these Kruger coins estimates is at about R10 000 – R15 000.

How Do I Exchange My Old Coins For Cash In South Africa?

This is one of the questions that most coin owners mostly ask in the country. First, it is possible to go home with some cool cash from coin sellers after an exchange. However, what we don’t know for sure is how they carry out the exchange business. You need to visit coin sellers first to find out how it’s being done.

If you are interested in exchanging your coins for cash and you do not have any place in mind, here are notable places you can do that.

  • The South African Gold Coin Exchange (SAGCE) – Coin dealer in Umhlanga, KwaZulu-Natal
  • Gold & Coin Exchange – Durban
  • KEOGH COINS SA CC – Durban
  • The South African Gold Coin Exchange (SAGCE) & The Scoin Shop Head Office – Sandton
  • Randburg Coin – Randburg
  • Eastgate Coins – Germiston
  • The Scoin Shop – Westville, KwaZulu-Natal
  • Cape Gold Coin Exchange – Cape Town

Note: Randburg Coin dealer does not buy Mandela R5 coins.

Rare South African Coins Are Valuable In The Country

Yes, rare South African coins have value in the country. For instance, the Single 9 Pond is not just hotly sought-after only because it appreciates so fast. The coin is a significant historical artifact that represents the social and political struggles of the country. It is a worthy fortune that has been in the treasure boxes of collectors for years. The future value of rare South African coins can only be on the upward side because they appreciate each passing year.

Their demand is very high, especially here and among some international coin collectors and dealers. Talking about how much the value of a rare South African coin could get to, it all depends on certain factors. The rarity of the coin in question, its aesthetic appearances, and its condition determine how much value such a coin could get. As mentioned earlier, the single 9 pond holds the record as the rarest and most valuable coin. Its value currently exceeds R12 million.

A Look At How Coin Value Works

Most coin collectors are always interested in how coin value works for either investment purposes or out of curiosity. However, before you start talking about your coin value, you need to find out the type of coin you have and its condition – you need to find out its quality and if it’s damaged or not.

Determining the value of a coin depends on certain factors, such as current demand and condition. When many people want to buy a particular coin simultaneously, the value of that coin will go up.

What Are The Most Valuable South African Coins in 2021?

Other values a particular coin can have are the “wholesale” value (what a dealer might sell the coin to another dealer for, especially when several coins are sold together), the “book” value (a generally accepted value of the coin), the “buy” value (what a dealer would pay to buy the coin from you), and the retail value (what a dealer would sell a coin to a customer for). So, the coin value process is not a fixed one. If you have issues finding the value of your coin, you can meet a professional coin appraiser or consult a coin website.

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