Zendaya’s Siblings: Meet Her Brothers and Sisters

Zendaya’s siblings are five in number. Zendaya may be her mother’s only child but she has 5 half-siblings from her father’s previous relationships and they include Austin Stoermer Coleman, Julien Stoermer Coleman, Katianna Stoermer Coleman, Annabella Stoermer Coleman, and Kaylee Stoermer Coleman.

Since bursting onto the scene as Michelle in the 2017 action, adventure, and sci-fi movie Spider-Man: Homecoming, Zendaya appears to have worked her way to being one of the biggest names in Hollywood. On the home front, however, the 27 year-old superstar likes to keep a low profile. Imagine our surprise then when we found out that Zendaya is one of six children born to her father.

How Many Are Zendaya’s Siblings?

Zendaya has five siblings, however, the only parent she shares with all five of them is her father, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman. The Dune actress has three half-sisters and two half-brothers.

Because of her penchant for keeping her personal life well away from the media, the exact chronology of the siblings is not very clear. Her mother, Claire Stoermer, was apparently not her father’s first wife and even after they went their separate ways, he still had other relationships.

Her parents relationship lasted twelve years before they got married. Sadly, the marriage lasted only 8 years before they got divorced citing irreconcilable differences. Both of Zendaya’s parents have maintained an amicable relationship that has rubbed off on Zendaya and her half-siblings.

Meet Zendaya’s Sisters

Zendaya has always rejoiced in the fact that she has a big family and her half-sisters make up the bulk of that family. She prefers to keep their affairs private but on the few occasions she has spoken about them, one can hear the admiration and pride in her voice as she describes how much they inspire her. Let’s meet Zendaya’s sisters.

Katianna Stoermer Coleman

  • Occupation: Model and Actress

Nicknamed Kizzi by members of her family, Zendaya’s half-sister Katianna has not been very forthcoming with personal details about her life. As a result, not much is known about her, including her exact date of birth. She followed quickly in her sister’s footsteps when she set out to pursue a career in modeling and dancing.


As a dancer and model, she has appeared in several commercials for brands like Nike, Toys “R” Us and Kmart. She caught media attention proper when she had her debut acting gig playing the role of Rocky Blue on the Disney sitcom Shake It Up (2010 -2013). Since then, she has appeared in other movies and series like The Gambler (2014) and Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017).

AnnaBella Stoermer Coleman

  • Occupation: Actress

Zendaya’s Siblings

Annabella Stoermer Coleman is Zendaya sister even though the differeing reports on her specific date of birth has made it rather difficult to tell if she is older or younger. She doesn’t share Zendaya’s enthusiasm for the limelight but shows up just enough to be supportive of the actress. So far, we have been unable to learn much about Annabella but one thing is clear, Zendaya adores her and doesn’t hesitate to let the world know about it.

Like Katianna, she does not have much of a social media presence, but shows up from time to time on Zendaya’s instagram page.

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman is Zendaya’s youngest sibling. She has appeared a few times on the red carpet with the actress but that is the extent of the information on her. There are no details on who Kaylee’s mother is. Considering the fact that Zendaya’s father was not known to have remarried, all the details about who her mother is, has remained speculations. She is one of Zendaya’s favorite and is often seen out and about with her.


Is Zendaya’s Little Sister On OnlyFans?

Zendaya’s little sister does not own an OnlyFans account. In reality, and aside from the few times she has publicly appeared alongside Zendaya, Kaylee Stoermer Coleman’s social media life is pretty much non-existent.

At one point though, there were strong speculations that The Greatest Showman star had joined the platform because her name appeared a lot in the search history. However, intensive research has shown that there is no truth to the speculations.

Does Zendaya Have A Younger Brother?

Zendaya does not have a younger brother but she does have 2 older half-brothers who seem to be as adverse to the spotlight as her half-sisters even though one of them is reportedly an actor. Zendaya’s half-brothers are both significantly older than she is going by their looks alone.

Austin Stoermer Coleman

  • Occupation: Actor and Public Figure

Austin Stoermer Coleman is one of Zendaya’s older half-brothers. Several outlets have claimed that he is an actor, which makes it quite surprising that he doesn’t have a public profile. Austin shares the same father as the actress but was also reportedly raised by her mother, Claire.

Zendaya’s Siblings

Barring a few family pictures, we can’t speak to the kind of relationship she has with him but we imagine it is nothing short of loving and supportive.

Julian Stoermer Coleman

The celebrity sibling prefers to keep his life away from media and public scrutiny and this decision to keep his life private has given rise to a good number of wild speculations about his date of birth and current occupation. It, however, seems to be an undeniable fact that Julien was most likely born in the United States of America and, therefore, holds US citizenship.

Zendaya's Siblings

It is apparent that Julien is older than Zendaya, hence, there have been unverified claims that he is married to a woman named Sonja and has three children with her. Moreso, the consistency of how Zendaya talks about her nephews and nieces lends some credence to Julien being the father of the said nieces and nephews.

Other sources also suggest that the actress’ comments are more a reference to her sister’s children than her brother’s. Again finding out if these claims are true would require Julien to actually open up about his personal life, which is something that may not actually happen for a while given how jealously Zendaya’s siblings guard their privacy.

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