Who is Sheree Zampino’s Father, Les Zampino?

Les Zampino is the father of Sheree Zampino, an actress and businesswoman. Sheree Zampino’s dad was born on April 24, 1947, and is a 76-year-old respected martial arts instructor credited as one of the martial arts pioneers in New York City and has achieved great success in that field.

Sheree Zampino is the first wife of a well-known African-American movie star, Will Smith. She is also famous for her role in many movies and TV reality shows like Hollywood Exes and The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. Let’s quickly take you through all there is to know about the father Sheree Zampino.

Summary of Les Zampino’s Bio

  • Full Name: Les Zampino
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: April 24, 1947
  • Les Zampino’s Age: 76 years old
  • Place of Birth: Schenectady County, New York, United States
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Les Zampino’s Ex-wife: Pat Zampino (néé Jackson)
  • Les Zampino’s Children: Sheree Zampino (Daughter), Richard Zampino (Son), David Zampino (Son)
  • Les Zampino’s Height in Inches: 6 feet
  • Les Zampino’s Height in Centimeters: 182.88cm
  • Education: Mount Pleasant High School, New York
  • Profession: Martial Arts Instructor
  • Famous for: Being the father of popular American actress and businesswoman, Sheree Zampino

How Old Is Les Zampino?

Les Zampino is 76 years old and was born on April 24, 1947, under the sun sign of Taurus in Schenectady city, Schenectady County, New York, United States of America. His birth status confers all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of an American citizen.

Les Zampino

Not much is known about Les Zampino’s family background, including the identity of his parents or any sibling, living or dead. Regarding his formal education, reliable sources show that Les Zampino, who has lived virtually all his life in New York, was a student of Mount Pleasant High School, New York. He also has a college degree, but the martial arts instructor has never offered any information with precise details of how that came to be.

Les Zampino’s Marriage To Sheree’s Mother Ended In Divorce

Les Zampino was previously married to a woman known as Pat Zampino néé Jackson. There is almost no information on how the marriage was contracted, including when they met, started dating, and for how long they dated. Les Zampino and Pat Jackson eventually became man and wife, but just like the dating period, there is no information about the wedding festivities or when they happened.

Les Zampino and his ex-wife, Pat, had a daughter named Sheree Elizabeth Zampinon, born on November 16, 1967. She was still very young when Les and Pat decided to go their separate ways and ultimately have their marital relationship end in a divorce.

Aside from Sheree, Les Zampino has two other children, both boys, named Richard Zampino and David Zampino. However, it is unclear whether they are products of his marriage to Pat or his other relationships.

Sheree Zampino Is The Most Famous Of Les Zampino’s Children

As previously mentioned, Les Zampino is a proud father of three children. However, his only daughter, Sheree, is the most famous of all three children. She was quite young when Les split from her mother, but that split didn’t affect the relationship between father and daughter negatively. If anything, it brought them closer, and they spent much time in each other’s company as Sheree grew up.

Les Zampino’s daughter has grown up to become a famous American celebrity in her capacity as a Hollywood actress and film producer. Her movie and television credits include Our Journey, Games People Play, When The Time Comes, Hollywood Exes, and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, among others.

It’s quite rare to find people who go after what they want, much like Les Zampino’s daughter has done with great success. From a very young age, Sheree Zampino was obsessed with fashion, and she actively pursued the dream of being a fashion icon by attending the Fashion Institute of Technology.

The valuable knowledge and experience she gained from that institute have served her quite well. They have led to her owning her fashion line, which includes boutique services, beauty products, and a skincare line she incorporated in 2009 and called Sheree Elizabeth LLC.

Suffice to say that Les Zampino’s daughter has done extremely well for herself both as an actress and a successful businesswoman. However, her rise to fame has not negatively impacted her relationship with her father, as they are still as close as ever, especially since she reportedly lost her mother, Zampino’s ex-wife, Pat Jackson, in 2008.

Les Zampino’s Daughter Has Been Involved In A Couple Of Celebrity Marriages

Sheree Zampino’s celebrity status is not limited to her incredible achievements as an actress and businesswoman. Her status as a celebrity extends to include the fact that she was previously married to two other celebrities. Her first marriage was to renowned Hollywood A-list actor Will Smith.

They got married in 1992 and had a son named Willard Caroll “Trey” Smith on November 11 of the same year. Their marriage ended after three years in 1995, and they remain friends to date after an initial tough child custody battle. In 2007, Les Zampino’s daughter got legally hitched to yet another celebrity in the person of former NFL star, actor, and pastor, Terell Fletcher.

That marriage lasted a bit longer than the first one but ended another divorce in 2015. Several sources have claimed that the actress had a daughter named Jodie Fletcher with Terell, but Sheree has dismissed such claims as false even though she treats young Jodie like her own daughter.

Sheree Zampino’s Father Is A Martial Arts Instructor

The Zampino family is renowned for going after what they want, and one has to look no further than Les Zampino to see where his daughter, Sheree, gets her strong dedication and work ethic from. Les Zampino has had a lifelong passion and interest in the world of martial arts and has dedicated more than half his life to achieving mastery and greatness in that field.

Les Zampino

He is currently a martial arts instructor and has been involved in the field for over 45 years earning himself a pioneer status in the process. He has been an AAU Taekwondo Executive Committee member for over 20 years in New York City. He also has a martial arts school known as North East Taekwondo Academy on Broadway.

The school, which offers varying degrees of programs to interested students and martial arts lovers, has been operational since 1977. Les Zampino is a respected and valued member of the American Taekwondo Association and a holder of a 9th-degree black belt. Still, the Schenectady native did not succeed without the valuable input and contribution of other masters in the game.

He began his training in 1969 under the tutelage of Master Sang W before moving on to receive additional training and instruction from Master Sook Joon Kim with the ITF. Les Zampino concluded his martial arts training with Grandmaster Won Keun Bai and then went on to achieve all the aforementioned impressive career highlights.

At over 70 years of age, Les Zampino looks and feels like a man who still has a lot to offer the younger generation. Many people, including his daughter, Sheree, hope he will be around long enough to impact his valuable knowledge and experience.

Key Takeaways About Sheree Zampino’s Father, Les Zampino

  1. Who is Les Zampino? Les Zampino is the father of Sheree Zampino, an actress, producer, and social media influencer who was Will Smith’s wife for 3 years.
  2. When and where was Les Zampino born? Les Zampino was born in Schenectady, New York, United States in the 1930s.
  3. What is Les Zampino’s ethnicity? Les Zampino is Caucasian.
  4. What is Les Zampino’s profession? Les Zampino is a martial artist and the president of Northeast Taekwondo Academy.
  5. What is Les Zampino’s marital status? Les Zampino is divorced. He was previously married to a woman known as Pat Zampino néé Jackson.
  6. Who is Les Zampino’s daughter? Les Zampino’s daughter is actress and producer Sheree Zampino.
  7. What is Les Zampino’s highest rank in martial arts? Les Zampino holds an eighth-degree black belt in martial arts.
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