Who is RG3’s Wife Grete and What Led To His First Wife’s Divorce?

Grete Sadeiko Griffin is the wife of RG3 (born Robert Lee Griffin III), the American former NFL quarterback. She is a 30-year-old Estonian heptathlete born on May 29, 1993. Grete has been married to RG3 since 2018. Before then, the NFL star was previously married to Rebecca Liddicoat, but their union ended in divorce after he allegedly cheated with Grete. 

Three years after his marriage to Rebecca, the pair went their separate ways and it was after this that he walked down the aisle a second time. More than five years later, RG3 is still with his second wife and they seem to be happily married. While his fame has mostly been tied to his career as a footballer, his wife is better known as an athlete.

How Old Is Grete Griffin, Robert Griffin III’s Second Wife?

Grete Sadeiko was born on 29 May 1993 in Türi, Estonia, which means she is now 30. Of white ethnicity and Estonian nationality, she was raised by her parents, Deivi ŠŠadeiko and Jaanus Šadeiko, together with her sister, Jade Sadeiko. Her mother works as a wellness coach, while her father has a career in the corporate world.

While not so much is known about her earliest educational pursuits, it is no secret that she went to Florida State University for her college education and obtained a degree in psychology in 2012.

Grete began her career by participating in Heptathlon events in 2010 when she took part in the World Junior Championships. She would go on to participate in other events, including the European U23 Championships in 2015.

The love story between Robert and Grete began in 2016 when he was still with his first wife, but it was not until 2018, after his divorce, that he married her. At the time they tied the knot, the former NFL star was 28 years old while Grete was 24. The wedding, which was an extravagant one, was held in Miami, Florida, and attended by close friends and family members.

Is Grete Griffin Still RG3’s Wife?

5 years after their wedding, RG3 is still with his wife, Grete Griffin, and they seem to be very happy together. Although his first marriage only ended after three years, his union with Grete promises to last for a very long time.

Within the years they have spent together, the couple has welcomed three kids together; Gloria Griffin, Gameya Griffin, and Gia Griffin. They had their first child, a daughter named Gloria Griffin, on July 12, 2017. At the time, Griffin and Šadeiko were not yet married, but they were already engaged. The former NFL quarterback took to his social media to announce the birth of their baby and also praised Grete for being a “baller.” Gloria is now 6, although a better part of the information about her is not available in the public domain.

Two years after the birth of their first child, and a year after they got married, the couple welcomed their second child together, a daughter they named Gameya Griffin. Gameya was born on September 7, 2019. The announcement of her birth was made on social media by her mother. At the moment, Gamaye is 4 years old.

In January 2023, Robert Griffin III and Grete Šadeiko Griffin recorded a hat trick of girls when they welcomed another girl into the family with the birth of their third kid, Gia Griffin. Initially, her parents were scared that the baby would be born on New Year’s Day, but that was not to be.

What Does RG3’s Wife Do For a Living

Griffin and his wife have towed the path of athletics for a very long time, even before their paths crossed. Grete used to be a professional heptathlete before she called it quits. Nonetheless, she has not strayed very far from what she has always been involved with.

Grete now owns and runs a fitness center known as Glow Fitness, which is in Texas. She is also into at-home workouts, and is equally a social media influencer, with more than sixty thousand followers on Instagram.

The mother of three is also fully involved in the Robert Griffin III Foundation, which is designed to support military families, underprivileged youth, and the victims of domestic violence.

What happened to RG3’s first wife?

As indicated, Grete is not the first wife of RG3. He was initially married to Rebecca Liddicoat. Robert and Rebecca’s history goes back to their days in college when they started dating. They were first introduced by mutual friends and since they liked each other, they soon began dating. They were together until 2013 when Robert was playing for Washington Redskins, and then they got married.

Their marriage seemed to be a happy one in the initial stages and they were later blessed with a daughter, Reese Ann Griffin. Reese was born on May 21, 2015, which means she is now 8 years old.

Only a few months after Robert welcomed his baby with his first wife, the former NFL star began flirting with Grete, who was a college student at the time, after meeting on Instagram when he slid into her DM. In no time, the online flirting turned into a full-blown affair.

When RG3’s first wife found out that her husband was cheating on her, it was revealed that she was ready to mend fences with him and work on their marriage, but Robert was already done with it. He filed for divorce, which marked the end of their marriage in 2016, after spending only three years as man and wife.

After what happened to her and their divorce, Rebecca Liddicoat was awarded  $1.1 million and full custody of their daughter. She also got child support of $36,000 per month. to say the least, the divorce was a rather messy one, as while she did her best to keep her ex-husband away from their daughter, Robert did all he could to cut her away from any finances.

With everything now behind her, Rebecca has since stayed away from the public, raising her daughter away from the eyes of the media.


Who is RG3’s Wife Grete Sadeiko?

Grete Sadeiko is an Estonian heptathlete who was born on 29 May 1993.

When Did RG3 and His First Wife Get Divorced?

RG3 and his first wife, Rebecca Liddicoat, got divorced in 2016, three years after their marriage, and less than a year after they had their daughter.

Why Did RG3 and His Wife Get Divorced

The divorce between RG3 and his first wife was caused by the affair the former NFL player was having with Grete, the woman who later became his second wife.

Does RG3 have a child with His Current Wife?

Yes, RG3 has three kids with his current wife; Gloria Griffin, Gameya Griffin, and Gia Griffin, and he has a daughter, Reese Ann Griffin with his ex-wife.

Where Did RG3 Meet His Wife?

RG3 and his wife met for the first time on Instagram where Robert slid into her DM.

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