Who is Queen Cheryl on TikTok and What Happened To Her?

Queen Cheryl (born July 10, 1960; Age: 64 years old) is an American social media and TikTok personality.

In November 2022, Queen Cheryl became a victim of a death hoax because of her age. Amidst the rumors, she has continued to post videos on her social media handles to prove that she is alive. Today, the TikTok star is alive, hale, and hearty.

Summary of Queen Cheryl’s Biography

  • Full name: Cheryl McGregor
  • Nickname: Queen Cheryl
  • Stage name: Oliver6060
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: July 10, 1960
  • Queen Cheryl’s Age: 64 years old
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Profession: Social media influencer and Tiktoker
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Queen Cheryl’s Husband: Quran McCain
  • Queen Cheryl’s Children: 7
  • Queen Cheryl’s Grandchildren: 17
  • Queen Cheryl’s Height in Inches: 67 inches
  • Queen Cheryl’s Height in Centimetres: 170 cm
  • Queen Cheryl’s Weight: 60 kg
  • Queen Cheryl’s Net worth: Approximately $100,000
  • Famous for: Being married to a younger man, King Quran
  • Queen Cheryl’s Instagram: @therealoliver6060
  • TikTok: @oliver6060

Queen Cheryl is From the United States of America

Queen Cheryl was born on July 10, 1960, in the US. Her birth name is Cheryl McGregor, but she’s known as Queen Cheryl. The 64 year-old TikTok star is very private about some personal information, and so she has not said anything about her birthplace.

Similarly, the identity of her parents is not known to the public, and she has equally not revealed any of her relatives to the media. But we know that Queen Cheryl is an American citizen and an indigene of the state of Georgia. She was born and raised in the United States, and her birth sign is Cancer.

Queen Cheryl

We cannot say anything about her academic journey as there is no information available on the subject. In the same vein, there is limited information about her childhood experiences. However, she claims to be born with an eating disorder.

Queen Cheryl Started Making TikTok Videos At Age 61

Aging took a good toll on Queen Cheryl; instead of turning into a grumpy old woman, she became fun and full of smiles. In July 2021, Queen Cheryl started her TikTok account @Oliver6060. This means she was 61 years old when she became active on the platform.

The elderly digital creator shares her TikTok account with her young husband, and together, they make videos mimicking dance trends and comedies. They also share a lot of couple goals together on her account.

On this platform, Queen Cheryl boasts about 4 million followers, and each of her videos receives no less than 5K likes. In general, her account has over 130 million likes. Though her fame seems to be so rapid, she owes it to her marriage with her husband, King Quran.

Apart from TikTok, she has a large following on Instagram. She joined this platform in May 2021. You can find her video content on this platform @therealoliver6060.

On Instagram, Queen Cheryl shares similar content as her TikTok. Her videos are usually about a positive vibe, life encouragement, and fun. Usually, she does the videos with her husband. Sometimes, they share information about their lives as a couple.

This 64-year-old internet celebrity has about 49K followers on Instagram in the first quarter of 2023. Her page is so busy that it has over 530 posts and reels in barely two years.

Is Queen Cheryl Dead?

No, the sexagenarian is not dead. On the contrary, she is alive and healthy, enjoying the later years of her life with her younger husband.

Queen Cheryl

In November 2022, this TikTok star became a victim of a death hoax when some media users claimed that she had died. Videos speculating her death even circulated, and netizens wished her peaceful repose. However, Queen Cheryl and her husband have given the best response to the rumors.

On November 27, 2022, King Quran posted a video on his TikTok account, which suggested that the couple was having an amazing sex life. However, the social media personality has not outrightly debunked the rumors. Rather, she has continued her TikTok routine. Queen Cheryl has not stopped posting lip-synching videos on her social media handles.

Her continued activities on social media have rubbished the speculations that the 64-year-old social media personality is dead. Queen Cheryl on TikTok is alive and well. She is living happily with her husband in the US.

Queen Cheryl’s Husband, King Quran, is Younger Than Her By 37 Years

Queen Cheryl is best known for her marriage to a man almost 4 decades younger than herself. Her husband is Quran McCain, but he is known as King Quran.

King Quran is an American TikToker born on July 25, 1997, in Arkansas. He is currently 26 years old. These lovebirds first met in a restaurant called Diary Queen. They were staff of the eatery that belongs to one of Cheryl’s sons.

At the time of their meeting, King Quran was about 15 years old. Despite their huge age difference, they became friends, and then they were separated by fate. In 2020, they bumped into each other again, and at the time, Queen Cheryl was working as a bookkeeper in a convenience shop.

Queen Cheryl

Soon, they fell head over heels in love with each other and started dating. In July 2021, King Quran proposed to his older lover, Queen Cheryl, with a ring worth almost £2200. This came barely eight months after they started dating.

Consequently, their wedding ceremony was held in Gatlinburg, Tennessee Mountains in September. The nuptials was streamed on TikTok on September 3, 2021. According to Queen Cheryl, King Quran is her soul mate. She explained that she hadn’t had a strong connection with another man all her life until she met her young lover.

Also, the couple claims that their families accepted their relationship without considering the age disparity.

Queen Cheryl is a Mother of Seven

Before she met King Quran, the social media personality had been married. Her first husband was a man simply known as Cali, but according to the sexagenarian, the marriage was a living hell. She describes herself as a survivor as she eventually walked away from the abusive union.

Queen Cheryl had seven children from her marriage to her first husband, but their identities are not available to the public. She is also a proud grandmother, and she has about seventeen grandchildren.

But despite the fact that Queen Cheryl already has kids, King Quran still wants to raise a family with his aging wife. Due to her age, they would have to adopt an unorthodox method, and so, they are currently considering surrogacy as an option.

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