Who Is Jeffrey Brezovar? Everything About Milo Manheim’s Dad

Before 2018, Milo Manheim was just your regular snot-nosed middle schooler. However, thanks to a starring role in the Disney original movie, Zombies, as well as a second-place finish on Dancing with the Stars, Manheim has not only transformed into a social media star but has become a bona fide heartthrob. This rise to fame can be quite heady but there are lots of people that will help keep Manheim grounded.

One of his biggest supporters is his Emmy-winning actress mom – Camryn Manheim. Another is his father – Jeffrey Brezovar. Milo’s father, Jeffrey Brezovar, was a popular model back in the day and was also openly gay. He nevertheless harbored a great desire to be a dad and so agreed to act as a sperm donor for his close friend, Camryn, resulting in Milo’s birth. Milo was then largely raised by his mom while he maintained an active presence in the boy’s life.

Jeffrey Brezovar’s Profile Summary

  • Full name: Jeffrey Brezovar
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: 22nd of May 1972
  • Jeffrey Brezovar’s Age: 50
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Sexual Orientation: Gay
  • Education institution attended: Middleton High School
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Jeffrey Brezovar’s Children: Milo Manheim
  • Sibling: Pat Brezovar
  • Jeffrey Brezovar’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 10 inches
  • Jeffrey Brezovar’s Height in Centimetres: 178
  • Jeffrey Brezovar’s Weight: 68 kg
  • Famous for: Milo Manheim’s dad
  • Jeffrey Brezovar’s Instagram: @BrezovarJeffrey
  • Facebook: Jeffrey Brezovar

Jeffrey Brezovar is Originally From Middleton, Wisconsin

Jeffrey Brezovar was born in the year 1961 in the town of Middleton, Wisconsin. He has American nationality and Caucasian ethnicity. There are not many details about his family background including his parents’ names but going by his social media activity, he has multiple siblings, including a sister named Pat. Jeffrey Brezovar spent his formative years in Middleton and had a pretty great childhood. He had the love of his siblings and parents. He also grew passionate about sporting activities like football. Brezovar completed his high school diploma at the local Middleton High School in the late 70s. He thereafter pursued a modeling career thanks to his natural blonde good looks, as well as good physique.

He is a Model and Has Appeared on the Cover of Magazines Such As Vogue

Before he became known as Milo Manheim’s dad, Jeffrey Brezovar was famous as a professional model. The Middleton native commenced his modeling career with some modest gigs in the late 70s but as his profile rose, he was able to land juicy modeling contracts and gigs. For instance, Brezovar appeared on the cover of numerous magazines, including the 1986 edition of Vogue Australia. He was also featured on the cover of the 1989 edition of Vogue U.K.

Jeffrey Brezovar also had a memorable and lucrative run as the Aramis man. Aramis is a very popular line of men’s cologne manufactured by Estee Lauder. It reigned supreme in the 80s and 90s and Brezovar featured in several unforgettable ads for them. This helped to make him even more popular and he became a star in Hollywood. He schmoozed with movie stars and singers alike and was interviewed by several magazines. Every aspect of Brezovar’s life was also nitpicked, including the fact that he was gay. He wasn’t bothered about that one though as he had never hidden his sexuality.

Jeffrey Brezovar
Brezovar in the 1989 edition of Vogue U.K.

Jeffrey Brezovar Was Good Pals With Milo Manheim’s Mom and Agreed to Be Her Sperm Donor

Jeffrey Brezovar became Milo Manheim’s dad as a result of his close friendship with his mom, Camryn Manheim. He and Camryn first met each other while pursuing their respective careers in Hollywood. They became good friends over the years and stayed in touch. By the late 90s, Camryn very much wanted to have a child and decided to do it alone buoyed by her feminist leanings. She mentioned her plans to Brezovar and he decided to be her sperm donor as he had always harbored a deep desire to have a child.

While most of his fellow gay people in the fashion and design world lived life on the fast lane with no thought of settling down, it was all that Jeffrey Brezovar wanted to do. It was therefore a match made in heaven when Camryn mentioned that she wanted to have a child. He agreed to be the sperm donor and the whole IVF thing proved successful. She then delivered their son, Milo Manheim on the 6th of March 2001. The actress was overjoyed about the birth and so was Brezovar. He revealed to reporters that this was the happiest he had ever seen Camryn and described the little boy as the most spectacular baby with a full head of brown hair and beautiful long eyelashes.

He Has Maintained a Close But Long Distance Relationship With His Son Over the Years

As is the case with typical sperm donor arrangements, Jeffrey Brezovar and Camryn Manheim decided that the actress will have full legal and physical custody of Milo. They additionally agreed not to reveal the situation about his paternity. Milo Manheim thus grew up with his mom while Brezovar sometimes visited and hung out with him. Of course, questions remained over his paternity and when people noticed Brezovar hanging out with him, they started speculating that he must be his dad.

Brezovar and Camryn denied this in the early years but by 2005, they relented and agreed to let the model feature on the cover of Out Magazine with his son. The plan was that Brezovar would share his passion for fatherhood and how he achieved it. He and Milo would also take part in a photoshoot that would appear on the cover of the magazine. This plan progressed smoothly but as the publication date reached, Camryn got cold feet. She prevailed on Brezovar to back out and threatened Out Magazine with a libel suit if they went ahead with the publication.

At the end of the whole drama, the interview was re-edited. Brezovar only mentioned that he was a sperm donor for a celebrity mom without calling names. He also appeared alone on the cover of the magazine. Camryn’s actions weren’t because of the fact that she was homophobic. She rather wanted to shield the little Milo from the unwanted scrutiny of having a gay dad. She was also concerned about a high-profile gay romance that Brezovar was in and worried that it will negatively impact Milo.

The whole Out Magazine drama must have strained the relationship between Jeffrey Brezovar and Camryn Manheim but they were able to work it out and became great friends again. Camryn remained Milo’s primary parent while Brezovar often came around and took him on trips. He maintained that close, albeit long-distance relationship with his son over several years, and the boy grew up to be grateful for his presence in his life.

He Now Openly Acknowledges That He’s Milo Manheim’s Dad

With the passage of time, Jeff Brezovar is now able to openly acknowledge that he is Milo’s Dad. For instance, a trip to his Instagram page will show that it is heavily dominated by his son. They often hang out together on vacations and the likes and he documents this in numerous pictures. He also never fails to lavish wonderful words on Milo during special occasions such as his birthday.

Additionally, when Milo made history as the youngest contestant to feature on Dancing with the Stars, his dad staunchly supported him. He drummed up support for him on his Instagram page and was also there with Camryn in the audience on the final night when Milo and his dance partner emerged second. It was a moment of joy for the proud dad.

Jeffrey Brezovar Currently Lives in Lake Lucerne Wisconsin and is Possibly Single

Jeffrey Brezovar is now retired from his modeling career and is pursuing other interests such as photography. He is also an avid hiker and outdoor enthusiast and has visited about 107 countries. When he is not globetrotting, Brezovar makes his home in Lake Lucerne and often shares photos of his beautiful scenery. He hangs out with loved ones. The former model maintains a low profile. This low profile has had some people erroneously assume that Brezovar may be dead but this is simply not true.

For his personal life, Brezovar was romantically linked to a famous interior designer named Nate Berkus. They famously dated in 2006 but thereafter broke up. Since then, Brezovar has not been linked to anyone else. Of course, this doesn’t mean that he is necessarily single. It may just be a case of him choosing to shield his better half from public glare.

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