Who Is Jamahl Mosley’s Wife Kristina Anderson?

Kristina Anderson is an American sports public relations specialist, marketing genius, and event manager but better known as the wife of Jamahl Mosley, the current NBA coach, and former professional basketball player.

Mosley, Kristina’s husband was recently appointed to lead the Florida-based NBA team, Orlando Magic as the team’s head coach, and that appointment has come on the back of a playing career that lasted only four years outside the shores of the American NBA. He and his wife Kristina have been a couple for almost a decade now and despite some challenges remain together as a couple.

Summary of Kristina Anderson’s Bio

  • Full Name: Kristina Anderson
  • Gender: Female
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Kristina Anderson’s Husband: Jamahl Mosley
  • Kristina Anderson’s Children: 3 – Jemma Mosley (Daughter), CJ Mosley (Son), Chance Mosley (Son)
  • Famous for: Being the wife of former professional basketball player and current NBA coach, Jamahl Mosley

Kristina Anderson Is Reportedly A Few Years Younger Than Her Husband

Details of Kristina Anderson’s early life are currently shrouded in mystery. She likes to keep her personal business away from the glare of the media and the public and as such, there is no information about her date of birth or any family history, including the identity of her parents or any other family relatives.

However, there are certain reports which claim that Kristina is only three years younger than her husband who turns 44 years old on October 6th. If there is any truth to those reports, it would then mean that the celebrity wife herself was born in 1981 even though her exact date of birth is not known at the moment. However, there is no way to verify these reports as Kristina has never deemed it fit to reveal accurate information with regard to her date of birth.

Kristina Anderson

She was most likely born in the United States of America, a fact that lends credence to her status as an American citizen. Although her citizenship status could easily be American as a result of her marital relationship with Jamahl Mosley, who was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and therefore is an American. Kristina Anderson’s media images mark her out as a White American.

Like almost every other thing about Kristina, bar her marriage to Jamahl Mosley, specific details of her formal education background, from kindergarten to college are currently unavailable to the public. However, her job as a marketing guru and a public relations consultant means that she likely obtained a marketing degree from at least one of the reputable higher institutions in the United State of America.

Is Jamahl Mosley Still Married To Kristina Anderson?

Jamahl Mosley and Kristina Anderson are still a married couple and have been together since their wedding in 2016. The couple reportedly met when Mosley was working as the assistant coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers and given that he worked there from 2010 to 2014, it would not be too far-fetched to assume that they met in 2014 or a little before that.

kristina anderson

After about a couple of years of dating each other though, Kristina Anderson and her husband tied the knot in 2016. The wedding which was celebrated at the Rancho Valencia, equally located at the Rancho Santa Fe, California was reported to have been an elegant wedding ceremony that drew the attention and hosted illustrious celebrities, including NBA stars such as DeAndre Jordan, Byron Scott, Baron Davis, and Tristan Thompson.

Kristina and her husband have been together as a married couple for about six years now and the couple has yet to record any significant or newsworthy scandal in the marriage since they both said “I do” to each other.

What Happened Between Jamahl Mosley’s Wife And Andrew Bynum?

In 2013, it was rumored that Kristina Anderson and Andrew Bynum had an affair. The rumor had ramifications for Andrew in particular who at the time was playing professional basketball for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He was briefly suspended, although it was never really determined if the rumors had anything to do with the suspension.

Also, it is not known if Kristina had started dating her then-boyfriend, Jamahl Mosley who was also working with the Cavaliers as an assistant coach. The rumor was soon put to bed after the team management came out publicly to refute the claim and simply said it was a lie.

Throughout all the ruckus caused by this rumor, neither Andrew Bynum nor Kristina Anderson came out to deny or substantiate the rumor and it is thought that their actions or inactions aided in squelching the rumor.

Kristina Anderson Has Three Children With Her Husband

The public relations consultant and her husband, Coach Mosley, have been blessed with 3 lovely children, two boys, and a girl. The first of those children is a girl who the couple named Jemma Mosley. Jemma was born in 2014 just a couple of years before her parents walked down the aisle to commit to each other as husband and wife. Beyond the fact that she was born in 2014, no information is available about the exact day and month of her birth.

Anderson and her husband welcomed a second baby the same year they got married. This time they had a son and named him CJ Mosley. In 2018, Kristina Anderson became a mother for the third time as she welcomed a second son named Chance Mosley. Anderson and her husband are evidently averse to having the lives of their children on full public display and have taken measures to forestall any events that will possibly lead to that outcome.

Kristina Anderson is a good wife, a terrific mother, and a successful career woman, who, despite all the amazing things which are evidently going on in her life, has opted to keep her feet firmly planted on the ground and maintain her privacy.

Kristina Anderson’s Career As A Public Relations And Marketing Expert is Successful

Kristina Anderson is a respected public relations consultant and marketing strategist whose work over time speaks for itself. While she does not limit herself to a specific field, her impressive portfolio shows that she works primarily with sports teams and sports personalities. She uses her well-trained abilities to assist them in matters that relate to issues like branding and maintaining a positive image.

She achieves this in collaboration with certain media outlets to leave her clients with the best possible public image. She has also added organizing team and company events to her CV and she appears to be quite skilled in the aforementioned areas as she has successfully made a thriving career out of it.

The exact figure of her net worth is unknown but as previously mentioned, every indication points to the fact that Kristina Anderson is a successful career woman.

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