Who Is Haley Kalil’s Boyfriend William?

Haley Kalil led fans to believe she has a boyfriend called William. If what the runway queen has been sharing via her socials is anything to go by, then their relationship has endured for one year and still going strong.

Through her social media video clips, Haley disclosed that she first crossed paths with her current boyfriend on 5th Avenue Street while she was on her way out. To date, everything about Haley’s boyfriend has only come from her, while the guy is nowhere to be found. After asking a deluge of questions about her imaginary lover, fans of the model and beauty pageant have come to the conclusion that the guy does not exist and is only a figment of Haley’s imagination.

Does Haley Kalil Have a Boyfriend?

Haley Kalil
Haley and her ex-husband, Matt image source

The question about Haley Kalil having a boyfriend cannot be addressed with a “yes” or “no” answer, as everything started from a rumor, and to date, it is yet to be clarified.

The model and beauty pageant was the one who triggered the speculations about the alleged boyfriend via a TikTok video. In the video entitled “A day in my life as a stay-at-home billionaire’s girlfriend”, the runway queen who just got divorced from her ex-husband, footballer Matt Kalil painted the image of a woman in love. She spent the duration of the clip detailing her day-to-day activities at home while eagerly waiting for the return of her boyfriend from work. The video also hinted that the couple’s union has endured for one year and still counting.

There is a YouTube video she titled The TOP 7 Questions About My Billionaire Boyfriend William, where he talks in detail about the man’s financial status.

Haley Kalil answered some questions about her boyfriend in the YouTube video, the TOP 7 questions about my Billionaire Boyfriend William.

In another video, the model said the best Christmas gift to give her partner is herself.

Haley Kalil on regard to the Christmas gift to be given to her partner.

Needless to say, the video wasted no time in going viral

Haley’s meticulous and sarcastic comments on housekeeping chores and body care routine triggered a lot of mocking videos that also went viral and are all documented to be called up in case needed in the future. These clips are more popular on the TikTok platform where it has recorded millions of views.

Some of the comments triggered by the viral videos show that fans are convinced that Haley Kalil’s boyfriend is just a figment of her imagination. A few bold ones were forward in asking her if the man in her life is fake or real and in her response, the American model assured them that he is very much real. She said this in another video but couldn’t complete what she was saying before ending the clip.

Who Is Haley Kalil From The Billionaire Boyfriend TikTok Videos?

Who is Haley Kalil’s Boyfriend?

To date, Haley has not deemed it necessary to reveal the full identity of her boyfriend. The runway queen only hinted that his name was William and they met on 5th Avenue Street while she was on her way out. Fans were made to understand that the Soho apartment where Haley is living is paid for by her boyfriend but this is yet to be confirmed.

Important to note that everything about the model’s boyfriend only ever came from her mouth without any tangible evidence. There was a time she shared that William loves to see her wearing dresses and heels as opposed to pants.

Is Haley Kalil’s Boyfriend a Billionaire?

After her TikTok video about the life of a billionaire’s boyfriend, speculations started making the rounds that Haley Kalil’s boyfriend William may actually be a billionaire. However, no confirmation seems to be forthcoming. Besides, when you consider the fact that billionaires are very few and not the kind of people you can easily jam on a walk at 5th Avenue Street, the chances of Haley’s story being true appear to be really slim.

The only thing that has been said about William’s line of work is that the purported boyfriend is currently working on an app and is collaborating with his business partner, Andrew Tate who is also his best friend.

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