Who Is Future’s Son Prince Wilburn?

Prince Wilburn is the celebrity son of Future with one of his ex-partners named Brittni Mealy. His father Future is a famous American rapper, singer-songwriter, and record producer. Prince attained celebrity status because of his relationship with the famous rapper, Future, who once stated that he was building a lasting legacy with his sons.

Future is well known for his hit songs such as Life is Good and Love Me. While several articles have been written to showcase the rapper’s life and career, not much is known about most of his progeny, including Prince, and the primary focus of this article is to address that gap, beginning with a closer look into the life of Prince Wilburn.

Summary of Prince Wilburn’s Biography

  • Full Name: Prince Wilburn
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: December 5, 2012
  • Prince Wilburn’s Age: 11 years old
  • Ethnicity: African-American
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Prince Wilburn’s Parents: Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn aka Future (Father), Brittni Mealy (Mother)
  • Siblings: 8 – Jakobi, Future Zahir, Hendrix, Kash, Legend Ary (Half-brothers), Londyn, Paris Skye, and Reign (Half-sisters)
  • Famous for: For being the celebrity kid of American rapper, Future
  • Prince Wilburn’s Instagram: @whereprince

Prince Wilburn Was Born In December 2012

Prince Wilburn was born December 5, 2012, under the birth sign of Sagittarius. The young celebrity child is currently 11 years old. Prince’s exact place of birth is shrouded in mystery at the moment, except for the widely acknowledged fact that he was born in the United States of America. His birth status automatically makes him an American citizen, and his ethnic heritage is African-American.

Prince Wilburn’s life in the spotlight is linked majorly to the identity of his parents, who are both well-known celebrities. However, his dad’s profile overshadows that of his mother. Prince’s dad is a well-known American rapper named Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn and popularly referred to as Future by his fans and the general public.

Future’s career as a rapper has stretched over a decade. Though his career began much earlier, Future dropped his first studio album titled “Pluto” in 2012. Since then, he has churned out a further 7 with his most recent coming in 2020 and titled “High Off Life,” which included the single Life Is Good, which currently stands as his top charting single on the US Billboard Hot 100.

He is considered one of the pioneers of mumble rap, and without going into the lengthy details, Prince Wilburn’s father has most certainly charted a successful career in the American music industry.

Prince Wilburn’s Mother Used To Be An Exotic Dancer

Prince Wilburn became the first child of a businesswoman and IG influencer named Brittni Mealy. Brittni’s journey of success has seen her establish a fashion company named Pop Of Junk. She is also a model and a fitness enthusiast, as evidenced by the Babe Camp website she launched in 2015. This website focuses on helping people achieve business goals.

Brittni Mealy, Prince’s mother, includes modeling, sponsorship deals, ad campaigns, paid content, and endorsements, among things that put money in her bank account. An important aspect of her life that many people may not be aware of is the knowledge that she used to dance exotically as a means to put food on her table.

Prince Wilburn’s Parents Met For The First Time In Late 2009

During one of her interviews, Prince’s mother, Brittni, revealed everything there was to know about her relationship with his father, Future. According to the IG model, she and the entertainer met for the first time in 2009 at a club based in Atlanta. She revealed that she worked there as an exotic dancer and that Future always preferred her to dance for him.

At the time, Brittni was in a relationship, and they were both content as friends. Not long after, she got a gig at the magic city, and that was where she reconnected with Future. The year was 2010, and she was single this time around. The ex-lovers became an item in 2010, and their love blossomed to the part where they both moved in together in 2012.

Prince Wilburn

Brittni took in and had their son together in December 2012. Brittni and Future seemed to be the legit couple, and theirs was a perfect romance, at least it seemed that way to the public. Unknown to most people, there was trouble brewing beneath all the glitz and glamor that they both showed to the world.

Britni and Future never got married. Their relationship, which was off and on, would eventually end in 2018 after Prince’s mother publicly declared that she could no longer condone Future’s philandering lifestyle. Separation as a couple meant that Prince would be placed under the care of one of his parents, and typically, he was placed in the custody of his mother.

He Has A Close Relationship With His Father

Being in the custody of his mother didn’t mean that the relationship Prince Wilburn had with his father soured; on the contrary, it is still as strong as it can be, and while the young celebrity kid appears to be closer to his mother, he also spends a good amount of time in the company of his father and other half-siblings.

Several social media posts on both parents’ sides mean that a good amount of his life is in the limelight. A good example is when his mother took to Instagram to celebrate his 7th birthday in 2019.

Prince Wilburn Currently Has Eight Half-Siblings

Prince might be the only child of his parents, but the celebrity child enjoys the privilege of having other half-siblings from his father’s many romantic dalliances. In all, Future has nine (9) children with nine different women beginning with Jakobi Wilburn (born 2002), Future’s first child with his ex, Jessica Smith.

There’s also Future Zahir Wilburn, Hendrix Wilburn, Londyn Wilburn, Paris Wilburn, Kash Wilburn, Legend Ary, and Reign Wilburn. All of Prince’s half-siblings were given birth to by different women. Some of their mothers have made the news for several reasons ranging from skirmishes with the rapper to the rapper pulling them into the limelight by showering them with accolades.

Prince Wilburn

On the other hand, the rest have chosen to live their lives away from the spotlight with information such as their names kept away from the prying eyes of the media and general public. Below is a bullet list of all of Prince Wilburn’s half-siblings and the identity of their mothers.

  • Jakobi Wilburn – Jessica Smith
  • Londyn Wilburn – India J
  • Future Zahir Wilburn – Ciara
  • Hendrix Wilburn – Joie Chavis
  • Paris Skye Wilburn – Jenelle
  • Reign Wilburn – Eliza Reign
  • Legend Ary Wilburn – Cindy Parker
  • Kash Wilburn (Unidentified mom)

Other Notable Facts About Prince Wilburn

  • The celebrity kid is also rumored to have an adopted half-brother named Jaiden. Jaiden is the son of India J from a previous relationship before her relationship with Prince’s father.  These rumors don’t appear to have any substance to them at the moment.
  • Prince Wilburn is active on Instagram with the handle @whereprince. The Instagram page has amassed a following of nearly 5k. He posts pictures of himself and other memories like time spent with family members.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Who is Prince Wilburn? Prince Wilburn is the son of American rapper Future (Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn) and entrepreneur Brittni Mealy.
  2. When was Prince Wilburn born? Prince Wilburn was born on December 5, 2012.
  3. What is Prince Wilburn’s age? Prince Wilburn is currently 11 years old.
  4. Who are Prince Wilburn’s parents? His parents are Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, also known as rapper Future, and Brittni Mealy, an entrepreneur and social media influencer.
  5. Does Prince Wilburn have any siblings? Yes, Prince has a sibling named Jay on his mother’s side and six half-siblings from his father’s side, namely Londyn, Jakobi, Future Zahir, Hendrix, and Kash Wilburn.
  6. What is Prince Wilburn’s nationality and ethnicity? Prince Wilburn holds American nationality and is of African-American ethnicity.
  7. Are Prince Wilburn’s parents married? No, Prince’s parents, Future and Brittni Mealy, are not married. They were in a relationship but called it quits in 2018.
  8. What does Prince Wilburn’s mother, Brittni Mealy, do for a living? Brittni Mealy is an entrepreneur and social media influencer. She is the CEO and founder of the clothing company Pop of Junk and founder of a fitness community website called Babe Camp.
  9. Is Prince Wilburn currently attending school? Yes, Prince Wilburn is currently undertaking his education at a local elementary school in Atlanta.
  10. What is Future’s relationship status? As of the last available information, Future had been dating fellow rapper Dess Dior, following his split from model Lori Harvey in August 2020.
  11. How long did Future and Ciara’s relationship last? Future and Ciara started dating in 2012, got engaged in October 2013, and split in May 2014 after their son Future Zahir was born and Future was accused of cheating on Ciara.
  12. Where does Prince Wilburn currently live? Prince Wilburn lives with his mother, Brittni Mealy, and his brothers in the United States.
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