Who Are Nicole Scherzinger’s Parents; Alfonso Valiente and Rosemary Elikolani?

Nicole Scherzinger’s parents are Alfonso Valiente and Rosemary Elikolani. While her mother has been in her life since her birth, her father was not very much involved as he separated from her mother when she was still a baby. After her father left, her mother married Gary Scherzinger, who assumed the role of a father in her life.

Nicole, who was born on June 29, 1978, and is now 45 years old, became famous as a singer-songwriter, dancer, actress, and TV personality. Thanks to her fame, her parents are also drawn to the limelight. While she did not have the best of relationships with her biological father when she was a child because of his absence in her life, she has come around to mend fences with him, and all her parents are now a huge part of her life.

Nicole Scherzinger’s Parents Were Not Together For Long After Her Birth

Nicole Scherzinger’s biological parents got involved with each other at a very early age, but they did not last a very long time before they went their separate ways just a couple of years after they had their daughter. Because of this, Nicole did not experience her father when she was little.

Although it is not clear if they were ever married, Alfonso Valiente and Rosemary Elikolani had their daughter 45 years ago on June 29, 1978, in the Kahuku area of the island archipelago, Hawaii, United States.

Rosemary was 17 then, but Alfonso’s age remains uncertain even though there are speculations that he was either a teenager of 18 or in his early twenties. The couple was together for a while before they decided to go their separate ways, and Nichole was left with her mom.

Due to the breakup, Alfonso Valiente was not a part of his daughter’s life during the initial stages of her development until much later when he reconnected with her.

Who Is Nicole Scherzinger’s Mom, Rosemary Elikolani?

Nicole Scherzinger’s mom, Rosemary Elikolani, was born around 1960, meaning she is now 64 years old. That said, her date of birth is unknown, but her daughter revealed in an interview that she has Hawaiian and Ukrainian heritage and her nationality is American.

Rosemary was still a young teenager when she had her daughter. Not only was she a very young girl at the time, but she was also struggling and had no job or any means of supporting herself and the young child. 

She stayed with her daughter in Hawaii for some time until age 4, when she moved to Louisville, Kentucky, where they settled.

The career life of Nicole’s mom has not been well detailed, but it is known that at some point, she worked as a clerk in an institution in Louisville.

Meet Alfonso Valiente, Nicole Scherzinger’s Dad

Nicole Scherzinger’s father is Alfonso Valiente. While it is no secret that he is from the Batanes Islands, Philippines, most other things about him have remained elusive. Nonetheless, speculations have it that he was born in 1959, meaning he is now 65 years old.

He had maintained privacy after leaving Nicole and her mother as a child before he returned later. The circumstances under which he came back have not been shared, but it was after she had already started recording some achievements in her career as an entertainer, having started when she was still a teenager.

After he established contact with his daughter and they worked on their relationship, they became pretty close. In 2011, when Nicole got engaged to Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton, Alfonso granted an interview where he described Hamilton as his future son-in-law.

Alfonso’s career path and what he has been doing for a living is one aspect of his life that has remained in the dark. All that has been shared is that he once worked as a welder.

Her Stepfather is Gary Scherzinger

The man who stepped up to take care of Nicole and play the role of a father in her life is Gary Scherzinger. Although his date of birth and age are not known, Gary is known to be of American nationality and German ethnic extraction.

He came into Nicole’s life when she was still a very little girl. This happened after her biological parents broke apart, and her father left her and her mother. Gary and Rosemary fell in love and married, and afterward, he adopted her daughter.

Gary Scherzinger and Rosemary’s marriage is blessed with a daughter, Keala, whom they raised together with Nicole.

Even though he has a very famous daughter, Gary has always maintained a very private life; hence, his whereabouts today and what he is up to have not been made known.

She Is The Only Child Between Her Parents

Nicole Scherzinger is the only product of the union between her parents during their short time together. There is no record of the duo having any kids before or even after her.

However, she has another sibling, Keala Scherzinger, from her mother’s second marriage. The two sisters were raised together in Kentucky, and they have a very strong bond. Keala was born in 1986 and is now 38 years old. This means she is eight years younger than Nichole.

Keala was born from the union between Nicole’s mother, Rosemary, and her stepfather, Gary Scherzinger. She is now also married and has three daughters, all of whom are very close to their aunt, Nicole.

The Pussycat Dolls singer has yet to share much about the family life of her biological father regarding whether he has any kids from any other marriage or relationship.

Nicole Scherzinger Has A Great Relationship With Her Mother

One of the things that made Elikolani and Nicole very close is the sacrifice Elikolani made in raising Nicole after her father left them when she was only a toddler.

Nicole has always shared photos of her mother on her social media platforms, where she celebrates her. In 2020, she revealed that her mom’s health was declining and that she would be having heart surgery shortly before Christmas.

She revealed that before the then-upcoming surgery, her mom had already had a previous open heart operation, and she battled for her life during the procedure.

According to the singer, her greatest birthday gift was that her mom was still alive to celebrate the holidays.

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