Who Are Andrew Wiggins’ Kids Amyah and Alayah Wiggins?

Andrew Wiggins’ kids are two in number, both daughters named Amyah Wiggins and Alayah Wiggins. He had them with his girlfriend, Mychal Johnson. While his first child, Amyah, was born in October 2018, which makes her 5 years old, his second, Alayah, was born in April 2021, making her 2 years old. 

Andrew Christian Wiggins came to the limelight as a Canadian basketball player who now plays in the NBA for the Golden State Warriors. It is through his fame that his daughters also became known right from their birth. They also share in the popularity of their mother, who is a former Notre Dame player.

Who Are Andrew Wiggins’ Daughters?

As stated, the daughters of the NBA Star Andrew Wiggins, are Amyah Wiggins and Alayah Wiggins. Although the basketballer and his baby mama have done a great job in keeping a better part of the details about their kids private, even though they are often seen attending their father’s matches here is all we know about them.

Amyah Wiggins is Andrew Wiggins’ First Daughter

  • Date of Birth: October 2018
  • Age: 5 years old
  • Mother: Mychal Johnson

Amyah Wiggins is the first child of the basketball player and his girlfriend. She was born in October 2018, five years after her parents started dating in 2013, and is currently 5 years old.

She is of African-American ethnicity, and as regards her nationality, she was born in the United States, so she holds American nationality. Since her father is from Canada, she also holds Canadian nationality.

Amyah is currently being raised by her parents in the United States where her father plays professional basketball. Regarding her educational pursuits, her mother revealed on Instagram in June 2023 that she graduated pre-k.

Alayah Wiggins is Andrew Wiggins’s Second Daughter

  • Date of Birth: April 2021
  • Age: 2 years old
  • Mother: Mychal Johnson

The second child of Andrew Wiggins is Alayah Wiggins, who was born in April 2021 and is now 2 years old. Like her older sister, Alaya was born in the United States where she is also being raised. Although her parents were together for close to a decade at the time of her birth, they were still not married.

As regards her nationality, she also holds the citizenship of the United States as well as that of Canada. Her ethnicity is African-American.

Alaya is being raised together with her older sister in the United States with both her parents in her life. Looking at her age, she is believed to have already started schooling, but the school she attends and her level have not been made known.

Who is the Mother of Andrew Wiggins’ Children?

The mother of Andrew Wiggins’ children is Mychal Johnson. She was born on November 21, 1995, and is now 28 years old. Of African American descent, her place of birth is Huntington, West Virginia, USA. She is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame where she got a degree in Business Administration.

Mychal is one of the four children of her parents, Scott Johnson and Holli Johnson. She played collegiate basketball for the Notre Dame team. She started playing the sport due to the influence of her father, who is a coach.

Although Mychal Johnson is referred to as Andrew Wiggins’ wife, and she is the mother of his kids, the two are not yet married as of September 2023. She began dating Andrew in 2013. There is no certainty regarding how they met and started dating, but a decade later, they are still together, although there have been some rumors of a rift between them.

Andrew Wiggins’ Children May Likely Be Athletes

Amyah Wiggins and Alayah Wiggins may still be too young to have a definite career path. However, considering the fact that both their parents have been involved in athletics as basketball players, there is the likelihood that they may follow suit.

More so, the kids have been exposed to the sport more than anything else as they grow, so it will not be surprising if they grow up with the knack to take after their talented parents.

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