Vlad and Niki’s Parents, Siblings and Family

Vlad and Niki’s parents are Sergey and Victoria Vashketov, and their siblings are Christopher and Alice Vashketov. Theirs is a tight-knit family of six, which has enabled the two to become the topmost kiddies’ content creators on YouTube.

It was Vlad and Niki’s parents that first exposed them to YouTube videos. They also supported both boys when they expressed their desire to start making their own videos, recording and uploading their clips online. From humble beginnings, Vlad and Niki now boasts 21 YouTube channels in 18 languages with nearly 300 million subscribers. They are amongst the most subscribed YouTube channels ever, and they couldn’t have pulled this off without their loved ones. Read all about them here.

Who Is Vlad and Niki’s Mom?

Vlad and Niki’s mom is Victoria Vashketov, a former Russian gymnast who now makes her home in the United States of America. There are not a lot of background details about Victoria Vashketov, but it’s known that she spent much of her early life in Russia. She attended school there and excelled in athletic activities such as gymnastics. She spent several years as a gymnast, competing in many tournaments, and retired on a high.

At some point in her life, Victoria met and married Sergey Vashketov. They later migrated to the United States of America, where they settled down and started a family. The couple have four children together, and the first two, Vladislav Vashketov (born 26 February 2013) and Nikita Vashketov (born 4 June 2015), also known as Vlad and Niki, are now popular YouTube stars.

What is Vlad and Niki’s Mom’s Age?

Vlad and Niki’s mom, Victoria Vashketov, is 33 years old as of 2023. She was born on the 7th of December 1990 in Russia. Her nationality is Russian, while her ethnicity is Caucasian. Victoria has been a huge part of her sons’ success story.

Apart from her behind-the-scenes efforts, she also appears in many of their videos and is noted for her energetic and bubbly personality.

She has, therefore, helped entrench Vlad and Niki’s YouTube channel as one of the most popular in the world. Their content primarily focuses on kiddies’ adventures, including indoor and outdoor fun activities, games, singing, dancing, discovery play, and science experiments. There are also vlogs and prank videos in which Victoria features prominently.

Beyond the success, Victoria Vashketov remains focused on her primary role as Vlad and Niki’s mom. She ensures they have time to study and don’t overdo things during the school years. She also ensures that the boys take enough breaks during the period they have for filming to get good rest.

Who is Vlad and Niki’s Dad?

Vlad and Niki’s dad is Sergey Vashketov, a businessman and content creator. Just like his wife Victoria, Sergey Vashketov is Russian. He was born sometime in the late 80s or early 90s. His nationality is Russian, and his ethnicity is Caucasian. 

Sergey Vashketov grew up in Russia. He later migrated to the U.S. with his wife, Victoria. In the U.S., he earned an honest living as a salesperson and worked his way up to become a midlevel executive in a food manufacturing company. The whole trajectory of his life later changed after his children became YouTube stars.

Sergey and his wife introduced Vlad and Niki to kiddies’ content on YouTube to keep them occupied. The kids loved what they watched and asked if they could replicate it. Sergey and Victoria replied in the affirmative, and they soon started recording and uploading the kids’ antics to YouTube.

In the initial stages, things were quite basic. The couple shot videos of their boys using their smartphones in places like public parks. The content resonated with fans, and within a short time, their subscription numbers increased tremendously.

Vlad and Niki’s YouTube efforts are no longer a mom-and-dad operation, as they now have a team that helps produce, shoot content, edit, build sets and props, and find locations. The kids have also been involved in licensing deals for toys and the like, and it is up to their father to coordinate all this.

The result has been good, as the boys make about $300,000 from YouTube alone each month. Income also flows in from other sources, including licensing deals. They have simply done well for themselves, and their whole family has benefitted. The Vashketov family now lives in a $12 million waterfront mansion in Miami, Florida. They also embark on vacations to beautiful places all over the world.

Who Are in Vlad and Niki’s Family?

Vlad and Niki’s family includes their father, Sergey Vashketov; their mother, Victoria Vashketov; their younger brother, Christian Sergey Vashketov (born 11 September 2019); and their younger sister Alice Vashketov (born 2022). Alice is the latest addition to the family and the only girl in a family of three boys, and she arrived in the summer of 2022.

Before her birth, her mom gave interviews, revealing that she and the whole family were looking forward to welcoming the little one. Since Victoria gave birth, she has yet to share pictures of Alice’s face, but she has shared snaps of the baby in her crib accompanied with heartfelt words about how blessed the family is.

Vlad and Niki’s Siblings

Vlad and Niki’s siblings are Christopher and Alice. Their younger brother, Christian Sergey Vashketov, was born on 11 September 2019, while their younger sister, Alice Vashketov, was born in 2022. Their younger sister is still quite young and predictably stays out of the spotlight; however, Christopher, who is presently 4 years old, is a frequent feature in their videos, and his antics have delighted fans over the years. One can expect to see more of him as he grows older.


Are Vlad and Niki Russian?

Vlad and Niki are Russian-Americans. The boys were born in the United States to parents of Russian origin. Therefore, while their nationality is American, their ancestry or ethnicity is Russian. Their Russian heritage is reflected in their names: Vladislav Vashketov (Vlad) and Nikita Vashketov (Niki).

What Do Vlad and Niki’s Parents Do For a Living?

Vlad and Niki’s parents are YouTube content creators and business executives. They help plan and even participate in the videos on their kids’ channel. They also take care of their children’s business empire, including licensing deals, endorsement deals, etc. Prior to their YouTube activities, Vlad and Niki’s dad, Sergey, was a businessman, while their mother, Victoria, was a gymnast.

How Many Kids Does Vlad and Niki’s Mum Have?

Vlad and Niki’s mum, Victoria Vashketov, has four kids: Vlad, Niki, Christopher, and Alice.

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