Truths About Brian Blosil’s Life as Marie Osmond’s Ex-husband

For nearly 20 years, American music producer/composer Brian Blosil was married to superstar singer, actress, TV show host, and all-around entertainer Marie Osmond. During this period, the couple maintained the façade of a happy home with their seven children, five of whom were adopted. Their marriage later crashed, and they promised to keep things civil. Blosil and Osmond have largely kept their promise, but the singer has since made it known that the union was 20 years of unhappiness for her. The situation is no better when it comes to the kids. Many of them have a non-existent relationship with their father, with some petitioning to change their last names.

Profile Summary of Brian Blosil 

  • Full name: Brian Blosil
  • Date of birth: 12th December 1952
  • Age: 69 Years Old
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Father: Warren Blosil
  • Mother: Georgia Blosil
  • Brothers: Brian, Mark, Randy, Bruce, and Kent Blosil
  • Sister: Kathy Blosil
  • Occupation: music producer and composer
  • Spouse: Marie Osmond (1986 – 2006)
  • Children: seven, namely Rachael, Matthew, Brandon, Jessica, Michael (late), Abigail, and Brianna

Brian Blosil is Mormon and a Native of Provo, Utah

Brian Blosil shares a lot of things in common with his famous ex-wife, and one of them is that they are both natives of the state of Utah. While Marie Osmond is from the town of Ogden, Blosil is from the town of Provo and was born on 12th December 1952. He hails from a family of nine, including his father, late Warren Blosil, and his mother, late Georgia. He additionally has a total of six siblings, including five brothers, Brian, Mark, Randy, Bruce, Kent, and Jason, and a sister named Kathy.

Blosil grew up in places such as San Francisco and Provo and was brought up in the Mormon faith of his parents. He and his siblings had an easy-going childhood, helped in part by the fact that their father was quite successful. The senior Blosil had completed his studies at the University of California at Los Angeles before going on to work for the Atomic Energy Commission as well as Standard Oil Company. With the money saved from these two lucrative jobs, he set up a thriving real estate company in the San Francisco Bay Area and used the proceeds to provide a good life for his kids, including Brian.

Brian Blosil and Marie Osmond Began Dating in 1986 and Wed That Same Year

Brian Blosil
Blosil and Osmond in the early days of their romance (Image Source)

Brian Blosil and Marie Osmond first ran into each other at a party in Provo in January 1986. Blosil was still laying the groundwork for his career at that time, while Osmond was already a famous musician, actress, and TV personality. She had dropped her monster hit single, a remake of Paper Roses, at the mere age of 14 before releasing multiple studio albums. She had also endeared herself to many by featuring in several TV shows and movies, including the variety show Donny & Marie, which she co-hosted with her brother, Donny Osmond. Osmond was, therefore, a celebrity in every sense of the word, and Blosil must have been a little star-struck when they first met.

He nevertheless worked up the courage to seek her out. They bonded over their shared passion for music and their mutual Mormon faith and started going steady. Afterward, they got engaged and tied the knot on 28th October 1986. The private Mormon ceremony occurred at the Jordan River Temple in West Jordan, Utah. The marriage was the first for Blosil, while it was a second trip down the aisle for Osmond. The singer first got married to a former college basketball star, Stephen Craig, in 1982 in a highly-publicized ceremony that attracted about 4,000 guests. They later split after two years of marriage.

The Couple Separated in 2000 but Reconciled a Few Months Later

Brian Blosil
Image Source

Following their nuptials, Brian Blosil and Marie Osmond enjoyed a few days of honeymoon in an undisclosed location before settling down to normal life. They split their time between homes in places such as California and Provo, Utah, and lived full lives. They continued making great strides in their respective careers. They also welcomed two kids together and adopted five as well.

By all accounts, Blosil and Osmond seemingly had a picture-perfect family, but they had their issues. For instance, after welcoming their second child in 1999, Osmond suffered a serious bout of postpartum depression. This left her reeling, and she fled the family home. She turned her finances over to their nanny and hid away in a small hotel on the California coast. Her intention was never to return home, but Blosil sought her out. She eventually returned home, but she and Blosil were separated for several months before they decided to give their marriage another chance.

They Divorced in 2007 with Tabloids Accusing Brian Blosil of Physical and Sexual Abuse

Brian Blosil
The couple with their children (Image Source)

Upon their reconciliation in 2000, Blosil and Osmond could make their marriage last for the next seven years. They focused on providing a happy home for their brood during this period. They also helped each other through health challenges, including a brain tumor that Blosil suffered. It looked like the couple were back on strong footing, but that illusion was shattered when they announced that they were getting a divorce in March 2007. They were quite civil in their joint statement and maintained pursuing an amicable relationship. They described their marriage as a faithful one and made it clear that they were not assigning fault for the divorce.

The divorce process took some time to sort out, but at the end of the day, Osmond got sole custody of the younger kids with visitation rights to Blosil. The singer initially avoided talking about the split, but she has been more forthcoming in interviews conducted in recent years. From those interviews, we can surmise that the reason why Brian Blosil and Marie Osmond got divorced was that the latter wasn’t happy in the marriage.

According to Osmond, she wasn’t happy for the 20 years that she was married, and the kids realized this, often asking her when she would leave. The singer has further described her previous marriage as destructive and stated that God doesn’t expect human beings to sit in something destructive. Osmond’s comments have lent a measure of credence to tabloid reports that appeared in the wake of her divorce from Blosil. The National Enquirer in 2010 published an article alleging that Blosil had been physically abusive and thrown Osmond down a staircase.

They also alleged that the music producer had physically and sexually abused one of his kids. Blosil vehemently rejected these accusations, but records show that he was investigated in 2007 for sex offenses after some questionable images were found on his home computer. He and a minor were reportedly questioned in the course of the investigation, but the case was closed after authorities found no reason to continue their investigation.

Brian Blosil and Marie Osmond have Two Biological Kids, Namely Daughter – Rachael and Son – Matthew

Brian Blosil
Osmond and her daughter, Rachael (Image Source)

Brian Blosil and Marie Osmond share seven kids, two of whom are their biological kids. They are daughter Rachel and son Matthew. Rachel Lauren Blosil was born on 19th August 1989. She was about 18 years when her parents divorced and split her time between them. Rachel is all grown up now and is a talented hairstylist and costume designer. She is married to a man named Gabriel Kruger, and they have two children together. Rachel is quite close to her mom, but relations with her dad are strained. During her wedding, she asked one of her brothers to give her away as she doesn’t get along so well with her dad.

This sad situation also seems to be the case when it comes to Blosil’s relationship with his biological son, Matthew. Matthew Richard Blosil was born on 6th July 1999. He is a talented saxophonist and has performed at prestigious venues such as Carnegie Hall. Matthew completed his high school diploma in 2018 and spent the next two years serving as an LSD missionary in places such as Michigan. He has now gone off to college, and his mom has gushed about him on Instagram. His dad has been quiet, and he (Matthew) has officially changed his last name to Plasil, which indicates the kind of relationship he has with his biological dad.

The Couple also Adopted a Total of Five Kids in the Course of their Marriage

Aside from the two biological kids that Brian Blosil had with Marie Osmond, they also adopted five kids during their marriage. They are Jessica Marie Blosil (b. 17th December 1987), Michael Bryan Blosil (b. 4th May 1990), Brandon Warren Blosil (b. 24th November 1996), Brianna Patricia Blosil (b. 19th November 1997), and Abigail Olive May Blosil (b. 5th September 2002). Jessica is a police officer and a counselor in her hometown of Provo, Utah. She came out as bisexual in 2009, and her mom has been quite supportive of her. She tied the knot with her long-time partner, Sara, in 2019.

On his part, Brandon is a musician and plays bass in a metalcore band, while his younger sister, Brianna, is a makeup artist. The last Blosil child, Abigail, completed her high school in 2020 and is now looking to head off to college. These kids maintain a strong relationship with their adoptive mom but their relationship with their adoptive dad is so strained that some of them have petitioned to change their last name.

One of those that did so was Jessica. She petitioned the courts for a name change in January 2010 and disclosed that during the time that she lived with her parents, her relationship with her adoptive dad was strained. The young lady stated that she had no present relationship with her biological dad and desired to discontinue answering his last name. The court granted her request to change her last name to Osmond in March 2010.

Their Adoptive Son, Michael, Committed Suicide in 2010

It is hard to tell what Brian Blosil is up to these days. He most likely remains in Provo and will be continuing his music production efforts. He largely disappeared from the spotlight after his divorce from Osmond. He hardly makes the news, and the last time he did so was when one of his adoptive sons, Michael, committed suicide. Before his unfortunate demise, Michael was a hardworking and self-motivated young man. He played as many as five instruments and worked with special-needs kids during his high school days at Foothill High School.

Afterward, he enrolled at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising to study apparel manufacturing. During his first year of studies, Michael committed suicide by jumping down from the eighth floor of an apartment building on 26th February 2021. His death devastated his siblings and his mom and led to an outpouring of grief from several quarters. He was later buried after a heartfelt funeral held at the Provo Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints. His family members were in attendance and read wonderful tributes about him.

One person was conspicuously missing, and that was his dad, Brian Blosil. Osmond will later reveal that the late Michael was estranged from his dad in the years leading up to his death and had even petitioned the courts to change his surname. He, however, took his life before the petition was approved. The singer/actress also revealed that her son had battled with several demons, including bullying and depression. The latter had left him feeling like he had no friends and could never fit in. A 16-year old Michael entered rehab to deal with his issues in 2007 and showed some signs of progress. That progress later turned out not to be enough.

Brian Blosil is a Music Producer/Composer and has Worked with the Likes of Sam Cardon

Some of Brian’s notable works include the sheet music, Let His Love Reach You, which he composed in conjunction with the duo of Greg Hansen and Michael McLean. He has also produced albums for several artists. Amongst them are Sam Cardon and Kurt Bestor, for whom he produced the 1995 classical album, Innovators. Brian Blosil has also deployed his musical passion and expertise to support his Mormon faith.

He is credited as a composer on the 2006 album LDS Super Hits of the 90s. The 17-track album dwells in the gospel rock/pop genre and features songs from a collection of artists. Some of them are Eden’s Garden (Kenneth Cope), Perfect Love (Felicia Sorensen), When All is Said and Done (Katherine Nelson), Faithful (Wolgramm), Anchor of My Soul (Jenny Frogley), and Fuel the Fire (Julie de Azevedo).

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