Meet Tim Allen’s Daughters Elizabeth Allen-Dick and Katherine Allen

Tim Allen’s daughters are two, Katherine Allen and Elizabeth Allen-Dick. Katherine is Tim Allen’s daughter from his first marriage to Laura Deibel, while he had Elizabeth Allen-Dick with his present wife, Jane Hajduk.

Tim Allen’s eldest daughter, Katherine Allen, is presently 40 years old and loves living away from the spotlight. Her younger sister, Elizabeth, is the exact opposite. She regularly joins her parents on the red carpet and, in 2022, made her debut as an actress alongside her father. Read on to discover more about both ladies here.

Meet Katherine Allen, Tim Allen’s Daughter With Laura Deibel

Katherine Allen is the first daughter of Tim Allen, the famous actor, and he had her with his ex-wife Laura Deibel. Tim Allen and Deibel married on the 7th of April 1984. They spent five years as a couple before they welcomed their daughter, Katherine. It was a joyful moment for the couple, and they immediately bestowed upon the infant her paternal grandmother’s middle name.

Katherine spent the first years of her life secure in her parent’s love, and things got even better as her father went from a working actor to the star of the sitcom Home Improvement in the early 90s. She suddenly had access to every material need, but her parents made sure not to spoil her.

The wonderful childhood that Katherine Allen enjoyed hit a snag when her parents separated in 1999. She was just ten at the time and would have hoped they would get back together, but that did not materialize as the couple filed for divorce, which was finalized in 2003.

Katherine was 14 years old when the divorce was finalized, and she went to live with her mother. She, however, visited her father quite often. The arrangement wasn’t nearly enough, though. Tim has admitted that he was gone so much during his first marriage, which must have spilled over to his daughter after the divorce.

The actor, however, learned his lessons quickly and tried to be there for Katherine. Even when he had a new partner, he often took Katherine along with them to the red carpet. This ensured that they built a healthy relationship as the girl grew older. That relationship exists to date, and Tim Allen has revealed that his eldest daughter is not overly impressed by his comic strides and often rolls her eyes at his jokes.

Tim Allen Daughters
Tim Allen with wife, Jane and daughter Katherine Image Source

Katherine Allen is Living out of the Spotlight

Katherine Allen is 40 years old in 2023 and loves living her life out of the spotlight. The young lady obviously wants to craft a normal life away from her father’s Hollywood fame. She doesn’t have any social media accounts under her known name. Her red carpet appearances have also reduced over the years, and her father does not give much away while speaking in interviews.

It is, therefore, hard to tell what Katherine Allen does for a living or whether she is married. However, some things are certain: she is living a good and honest life as she has never made the headlines for unsavory reasons. She has also not chosen to follow her father’s footsteps into acting and is happy to live on her own terms and forge her own path.

Who Is Elizabeth Allen-Dick, Tim Allen’s Daughter with Jane Hajduk?

Elizabeth Allen-Dick is Tim Allen’s second daughter, whom he had with his second wife, Jane Hajduk. Elizabeth’s mother, Hajduk, is an actress who was born on the 26th of October 1966. She has been featured in some productions, namely Zoom (2006), Ultimate Spider-Man (2005), and Unintended (2018).

Tim Allen and Jane Hadjuk began dating in 2001 when he was legally separated from his first wife. The couple dated for five years before getting married on the 7th of October 2006. The outdoor intimate ceremony took place in Grand Lake Colorado, and among those in attendance was Tim’s first child, Katherine.

Tim Allen and Jane Hadjuk spent two years as man and wife before welcoming Elizabeth Allen-Dick on March 28, 2009. Elizabeth uses both her father’s real last name Dick and the surname of his stage name Allen.

Tim Allen Daughters
Tim Allen and daughter Elizabeth in 2022 Image Source

Elizabeth Allen-Dick’s Age

Elizabeth Allen-Dick is 15 years old as of 2023. She was born on the 28th of March 2009, and her zodiac sign is Aries. Elizabeth enjoys a close relationship with her dad, and this is due to a conscious effort on his part.

Tim Allen learned his lesson from what transpired during his first outing as a father and decided to do better this second time. As such, even if tea parties and the likes are not his cup of tea (pun unintended!), he still creates time and indulges Elizabeth to her heart’s content.

Elizabeth Starred in the 2022 Series Santa Clauses alongside Her Dad

Although Elizabeth Allen-Dick is only 15 years old, she has gotten some taste of what her father’s career entails, and one would not be surprised if she decides to become an actress in the future. The young lady who often joins her dad on the red carpet made her acting debut in 2022 in the beloved franchise headlined by her father, The Santa Claus.

The first Santa Claus movie was released in 1994, and it featured Tim Allen as an ordinary guy who is asked to take over permanently as Santa. He resists at first but later settles into the role, thus beginning a new life of adventures. The second Santa Claus movie came out in 2002 and the third in 2006, with Tim Allen headlining both.

In 2022, Disney commissioned a limited series in the Santa Clauses franchise, and Tim Allen once more came back, this time as an aging Santa looking to find a successor and retire. It was in the limited series that Elizabeth Allen-Dick made her acting debut as Sandra Calvin-Claus. She is Santa’s daughter and has a special affinity with animals and magical abilities.

Tim Allen never originally set out to have Elizabeth act in the Santa Clauses. He earlier pitched her for a tiny role as one of the elves, but she did so well during the reading that she was asked to try out for other parts and landed the role of his daughter.

Filming was a wonderful experience for both father and daughter; they had a lot of fun on set. Tim passed on tiny nuggets of knowledge to his daughter, including the importance of recognizing the roles of the writers and crew members. He also taught her to add her own twist to characters but equally made sure to let her figure out things on her own.

Elizabeth has described working together with her dad as a surreal and amazing experience. It remains to be seen whether she would make acting her permanent career.

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