Meet Marlene Wilkerson: Kyrie Irving’s Wife and Partner in Life

Marlene Wilkerson is the wife of Kyrie Irving, the famous Australian/American professional basketball player who plays in the NBA. Marlene and Kyrie have been together since 2018 and are still going very strong as of 2024.

Marlene may be more widely known as Kyrie’s romantic partner, but the truth is she is also her own woman who works hard for her own money and is a millionaire in her own right. She is an Instagram model and YouTuber who has quite a large following on the internet.

Summary of Marlene Wilkerson’s Biography

  • Full name: Marlene Wilkerson
  • Nickname: Golden
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 18 August 1993
  • Marlene Wilkerson’s Age: 30 Years
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo
  • Sexual Orientation: Straigt
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Engaged
  • Marlene Wilkerson’s Fiancee: Kyrie Irving
  • Marlene Wilkerson’s Children: 1
  • Marlene Wilkerson’s Parents: Alaine Lee Lugo (mother)
  • Siblings: 1
  • Marlene Wilkerson’s Height in Inches: 5 ft 7 inches
  • Marlene Wilkerson’s Height in Centimetres: 170 cm
  • Marlene Wilkerson’s Weight: 115lbs
  • Body measurements in inches: 34-25-38 inches
  • Body measurements in centimeters: 86-64-97 cm
  • Marlene Wilkerson’s Net worth: $2 million
  • Famous for: Being Kyrie Irving’s partner
  • Marlene Wilkerson’s Instagram: goldennn_xo
  • YouTube: @thefindguru

Marlene Wilkerson’s Age 

Marlene Wilkerson is 30 years old as of 2024. We know this because the accomplished YouTube content creator was born on the 18th of August in the year 1993. Her star sign is Leo.

Marlene was born in Los Angeles, the most populous city in the U.S. state of California. This was also where she was raised by her family. The specifics of how Marlene was raised in Los Angeles are not quite clear at the moment, as details about this period of her life are quite vague.

Marlene Wilkerson’s Parents

Marlene Wilkerson’s mother is called Mrs Alaine Lee Lugo, but details about her father are quite scarce at the moment. Marlene’s family background has always held an element of mystery regarding her father, as detailed information about him remains vague. Our findings show that she grew up without a father figure in her life, as her father is said to have left her and her mother when she was still a little girl.

The circumstances that led to the man’s departure from her life have remained unclear. But, while the specifics of this situation remain undisclosed, what is evident is that she was raised by a single mother, Mrs. Alaine Lee Lugo, who assumed the role of both caretaker and provider. Marlene has a brother whose identity has not been revealed yet.

So, in her formative years, Marlene’s mother shouldered the responsibilities of nurturing and guiding her daughter, along with Marlene’s brother, whose name and current whereabouts have yet to be revealed. It is also noteworthy that Mrs. Alaine Lee Lugo, Marlene’s mother, was a hard worker who dedicated her career to the healthcare sector, working as a registered nurse and serving as an administrator at Bethany Home Care.

What Is Kyrie Irving’s Wife’s Ethnicity?

Marlene Wilkerson’s ethnic background is a harmonious blend of different heritages. Reports indicate that she possesses a mixed ethnicity, as she has both Caucasian and African-American roots in her family tree.

According to available information, Marlene’s mother is identified as a white woman, representing the Caucasian side of her heritage. In contrast, while details regarding her father remain limited, reports have suggested that he is of African-American descent, contributing to the African-American component of Marlene’s ethnicity.

This unique combination of backgrounds renders Marlene a proud representative of both Caucasian and African-American ancestry. Also, she has openly embraced and celebrated her African-American roots.

Marlene Wilkerson Has a Degree in Business Marketing

Marlene Wilkerson is a well-read woman who has a college degree. Details about where she had her elementary education are not available. But we know that she had her high school education at San Jacinto High School, the only major public high school in the city of San Jacinto, California.

Marlene was said to have been very vibrant and sociable. In fact, it was during her school years that Marlene’s passion for connecting with people and her natural ability to captivate an audience started to shine through. Little did she know that these early experiences would lay the foundation for her future success in the world of social media.

After graduating from San Jacinto High School, Marlene set her sights on higher education, with a particular interest in business marketing. She embarked on the next chapter of her academic journey by enrolling at California State University, a renowned public university in Los Angeles, California. She studied for four years at the college and eventually graduated with a degree in Business Marketing.

Marlene Wilkerson and Kyrie Irving Began Dating in 2018

Marlene Wilkerson and Kyrie Irving first met in 2018. At the time, Irving was an integral part of the Boston Celtics, a significant chapter in his basketball career. The specific circumstances surrounding their first encounter and what brought them together in the first place, remain shrouded in mystery, but what is evident is the magnetic connection they forged from the very start.

Marlene Wilkerson
Marlene Wilkerson and Kyrie Irving

It didn’t take long for their connection to blossom into a romantic relationship. Reports suggest that the sparks of attraction ignited almost immediately after their first meeting, setting the stage for a profound and enduring love story. Soon, their relationship began to capture the public’s attention when they made their first joint appearance in 2018 at Irving’s Invitational basketball event.

This public outing served as a clear indication that their bond was not just a passing fling but a deep and meaningful connection that they were eager to share with the world. As their love story unfolded, Marlene and Irving became increasingly open about their relationship on social media platforms. They made several Instagram posts that captured them posing together and going on outings holding hands. It was clear to everyone following their online presence that their connection was more than skin-deep.

They Got Engaged One Year After

About one year into their romantic journey, Marlene Wilkerson and Kyrie Irving decided to take their relationship to the next level in 2019. That year, Irving decided to propose to the love of his life, marking a significant milestone in their love story. What made this proposal even more special was that they chose to keep it a well-guarded secret, shying away from any public announcements or fanfare.

However, their secret engagement did not stay secret for too long because Kyrie and Marlene soon began to spark engagement rumors. The first hint of their engagement came when Marlene was spotted wearing a conspicuous diamond ring on her finger one night. The couple was seen out and about in the vibrant city of New York when the eagle-eyed paparazzi spotted them and couldn’t resist capturing photos.

While trying to confirm the engagement, the paparazzi extended their congratulations to the couple, and rather than denying the reports, Marlene and Kyrie simply smiled and moved away. This was a clear confirmation of their engagement, and it brought a wave of excitement among their fans and the public at large.

While the couple didn’t engage in explicit discussions about the engagement, they did choose to share some new photos on their social media platforms. Among these photos were captivating shots of Marlene proudly displaying the engagement ring on her finger. These images spoke volumes about their engagement.

As of 2024, there are no reports that the couple had gotten married. But, while there is no official confirmation of Kyrie Irving and Marlene Wilkerson ever tying the knot as husband and wife, Kyrie has mentioned her as his wife during media interviews, and several media outlets also refer to her as ‘Kyrie Irving’s wife’. It is not clear if the couple had gotten married in secret. But with time, this could be confirmed.

The Couple Have Two Sons Together

Marlene Wilkerson with Kyrie Irving and their son

Marlene Wilkerson and Kyrie Irving have two sons together. Their first child was born in June 2021. His name is Kaire Irving, and he is now about 2 years old. This beautiful period in their lives was powerfully captured and shared online by Marlene in a YouTube video aptly titled “Our Pregnancy Journey.” In this touching video, Marlene chronicled various moments throughout her pregnancy, including a heartwarming maternity photoshoot that celebrated the forthcoming addition to their family.

The video offered a deeply personal look into the couple’s journey, culminating in Marlene’s water birth experience. Viewers witnessed the touching scenes of Marlene entering labor in a serene bathtub, highlighting the natural and sacred process of bringing a new life into the world. At the conclusion of the video, a poignant message resonated: “A dedication to indigenous women to reclaim their bodies and heal our lineage through [sacred] natural birth.”

The couple has been proven that they are head over heels in love with their son. Several photos and videos shared on their social media pages show the couple spending loads of quality time with their baby boy as he grows into a young man. But apart from Kaire, Marlene Wilkerson and Kyrie Irving also have another child together.

In October 2022, Steve Nash, the coach of the Brooklyn Nets at that time, went on Twitter to announce the joyful news that Kyrie Irving and his wife had welcomed their second son into the world.

Unfortunately, there are no additional details available about the couple’s second child, including the child’s name, at the moment. The couple has maintained silence on the birth of their second child so far. Perhaps, in the future, more details will emerge.

It is also noteworthy that Irving had another child from his previous relationship before meeting Marlene. He has a daughter called Azurie Elizabeth Irving, born on November 23, 2015. She is now 8 years old. Irving had Azurie during his relationship with a woman called Andrea Wilson. Azurie was named after Irving’s mother, Elizabeth Irving, who passed away in 1996.

It was after parting ways with his ex-girlfriend, Andrea Wilson, that Kyrie Irving met Marlene Wilkerson.

Who is Kyrie Irving’s Wife?

Marlene Wilkerson may be widely known as Kyrie Irving’s wife, but she is much more than that. She’s also a model, an Instagram model, and a YouTuber who churns out content every now and then. She has quite a large following on social media and is adored by her teeming fans.

She Worked With Victoria’s Secret

Marlene Wilkerson’s career journey is marked by her impressive work ethic and determination. This was evident when she managed to balance her professional pursuits with her college studies. While she was still an undergraduate student at California State University, Marlene secured a position at Victoria’s Secret, a well-known and prestigious brand in the fashion and lingerie industry.

Her role at Victoria’s Secret not only provided her with a source of income but also offered her a firsthand glimpse into the dynamic world of fashion and retail. After successfully completing her college studies, Marlene briefly transitioned into a different role as a server within the Hillstone Restaurant Group. She worked here for a while before moving on to other things.

Marlene Wilkerson is an Instagram Model

Marlene Wilkerson has built quite a significant presence on Instagram, boasting a dedicated and extensive following that now exceeds 400,000 ardent fans. Her Instagram page is a captivating blend of all things modeling, fashion, and lifestyle, making her a formidable figure in the realm of social media influence. What sets Marlene apart on Instagram is her versatility and flair for creating compelling content.

She is well-known for sharing her captivating modeling shots that captivate her audience, showcasing not just her beauty but her innate ability to strike a pose that tells a story. Also, Marlene’s influence goes beyond mere aesthetics; she’s also a trusted source for product recommendations and brand endorsements. Her social media platforms serve as a conduit for promoting various brands, further solidifying her status as a sought-after influencer.

As a matter of fact, notable brands like Nama, Fenty Beauty, and PrettyLittleThing have all worked with her, and she has promoted their products on Instagram. Also, Marlene’s Instagram page serves to give an authentic glimpse into her personal life. Her love story with Kyrie Irving, a prominent figure in the world of professional sports, unfolds in a series of heartwarming photos and captions she shares online. Her Instagram feed is adorned with photographs that capture the essence of their love, showcasing their intimate moments, adventures, and loving gestures.

She is Also a YouTuber

In addition to her social media presence on Instagram, Marlene Wilkerson has successfully ventured into the world of video content through her popular YouTube channel, aptly named “The Find.” This channel, which she established on the 6th of September in 2015, has experienced remarkable growth and now boasts an impressive following of nearly 800,000 subscribers.

“The Find” is a dynamic vlog where Marlene generously shares her wealth of knowledge in various aspects of beauty and fashion. Makeup enthusiasts and beauty aficionados are in for a treat as she regularly dispenses invaluable makeup tips, along with insights into the latest beauty trends and hairstyle recommendations. The channel’s content extends beyond the realm of beauty, encompassing a diverse range of topics.

Marlene consistently uploads videos that dive deep into beauty tips, offering her audience practical advice on enhancing their looks. Her fashion advice is a valuable resource for those looking to stay stylish and on-trend. For those interested in fitness, her channel is a treasure trove of fitness routines and workout regimens that help individuals achieve their health and wellness goals.

She also uses her channel to teach people entrepreneurship and how they can help themselves make money to keep life going. But “The Find” is more than just a platform for beauty and fashion advice. It’s also a window into Marlene’s everyday life. She uses the channel to document personal moments, special events, and experiences, offering her subscribers a glimpse into her world. Whether it’s her time at the Espys, a prestigious sports award event, or other noteworthy occasions, Marlene ensures that her viewers are along for the ride.

One particularly notable aspect of Marlene’s journey documented on “The Find” is her first pregnancy. She embarked on this life-changing journey, and her YouTube channel served as a medium to share her experiences and emotions along the way. From the early stages of pregnancy to the culmination of this beautiful journey with the birth of her child, Marlene’s videos offered a poignant and intimate look into this significant chapter of her life, showcasing her authenticity and relatability.

Marlene Wilkerson’s Net Worth

As of 2024, it is reported that Marlene Wilkerson possesses an estimated net worth of $2 million. Her income streams are derived from several sources, including her successful YouTube vlogging, her career as an Instagram model, and the promotional partnerships she engages in with various companies and brands.

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