Meet Laura Ingraham Children: Maria Caroline, Michael Dmitri, and Nikolai Peter

Laura Ingraham has no biological children. However, she adopted three kids between 2008 and 2011. Laura Ingraham’s first child is a daughter named Maria Caroline, whom she adopted from Guatemala in 2008. Her second child is a son named Michael Dmitri, whom she adopted in 2009.

In 2011, Laura Ingraham adopted her third child, a son named Nikolai Peter from Russia. The Fox News personality jealously guards her children against the spotlight, but she has never hidden her love for them. She often shares little tidbits about them. She has also become an advocate of adoption and urged other people to follow in her footsteps.

Laura Ingraham’s First Child, Maria Caroline, Was Adopted from Guatemala

Laura Ingraham children
Laura Ingraham with daughter, Maria Caroline, in 2019 (Image Source)
  • Date of birth: 2005
  • Country of Origin: Guatemala
  • Age: 19 years old

Laura Ingraham has only one daughter named Maria Caroline. Maria Caroline was born in 2008, meaning that Laura Ingraham’s oldest child is 19 years old. Maria Caroline is originally from Guatemala. Her biological parents died when she was still an infant, and she wound up in an orphanage.

It was while living in the orphanage that Lauran Ingraham applied to adopt her. Laura Ingraham was motivated to go the adoption route because she had always wanted to be a mom. She had hoped to go the traditional route of getting married and having kids. However, when that was not forthcoming, she decided not to give up.

She believed that she had a responsibility to take care of others with the resources God had given her. She, therefore, went the adoption route. Laura Ingraham applied to adopt Maria Caroline and had to wait a long time to know if she would succeed. She finally succeeded when Maria was three years old and headed over to Guatemala to pick her up.

She was quite overjoyed and shared the news with the listeners on her radio show. She described the decision to adopt Maria Caroline as the best decision she had ever made and stated that the first days they spent together were the best of her life. The media personality also went ahead to reveal that she was learning Spanish to be better able to communicate with her daughter.

Maria Caroline Ingraham is now in Her Final Days of High School

Thanks to the controversial political views that she holds, Laura Ingraham has to take great care to protect details about her personal life. This is to prevent any attacks against her or her loved ones. This makes it difficult to gain insight into her eldest daughter’s life.

It is, however, known that Ingraham lives in Northern Virginia, meaning that Maria Caroline lives there as well. The young lady is presently 19 years old, meaning she will likely be in her junior year of high school in a private elite school.

Maria Caroline rarely makes public appearances, but she was once pictured with her mom at the 2019 edition of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), an annual political conference organized by the American Conservative Union (ACU). Ingraham has also previously spoken about Maria Caroline and revealed in a 2021 interview that the girl was mature, compassionate, and eager to get her license.

Laura Ingraham Adopted Her Second Child, Michael Dmitri Ingraham, from Russia in 2009

Laura Ingraham children
Laura Ingraham with daughter, Maria, and son, Michael Dmitri (Image Source)
  • Date of birth: 2008
  • Country of Origin: Russia
  • Age: 16 years old

Laura Ingraham’s second child is a son named Michael Dmitri Ingraham. He was born in Russia in 2008. There is no information about his birth parents. Ingraham adopted Michael Dmitri when he was just a year old in 2009.

It was a difficult process, given that the Russians are usually wary about letting Americans adopt their children. The whole thing was further complicated by the fact that most birth parents prefer their children to be adopted in two-parent homes rather than single-parent homes.

However, Ingraham refused to despair, and she eventually completed the process successfully. She later took custody of Michael Dmitri in 2009. It was a joyful moment for Ingraham and her eldest child, Maria. They got another family member to lavish their love on, and they did so generously.

Michael Dmitri is Presently in Middle School

Michael Dmitri is currently 16 years old and lives with his mom and elder sister in northern Virginia. Given his age, he would be finishing middle school and entering high school this year. He will most likely attend elite private schools for privacy and security purposes.

There are not a lot of specific insights into Michael Dmitri, but his mom has revealed that he is growing like a weed meaning that he will be quite tall for his age. She has also revealed that he is a skilled Lego player, which implies that he is also whip-smart as well

Laura Ingraham Adopted her Third Child, Nikolai Peter, from Russia in 2011

Laura Ingraham children
Laura Ingraham with her three children, Maria Caroline, Michael Dmitri, and Nikolai Peter (Image Source)
  • Date of birth: 2010
  • Country of origin: Russia
  • Age: 14 years old

Laura Ingraham’s third child is another son named Nikolai Peter. Nikolai Peter was born in Russia in 2010. There is no information on his birth parents. He was only about a year old when Laura Ingraham adopted him and brought him to America. Nikolai Peter is presently 14 years old and lives in northern Virginia with the rest of his family members.

Given his age, he is probably in middle school and would attend the same elite institutions as his child. Laura Ingraham has revealed that Nikolai Peter is strong, smart, stubborn, and sensitive. This is certainly a combination of qualities that will come in handy as he grows up and will help him become a responsible adult.

Laura Ingraham rarely speaks about her kids publicly, but she has granted a couple of interviews over the years. In a 2021 interview, she revealed that it took a lot of challenges to create the family she had. She also revealed that Russia had clamped down on international adoptions by American families.

She went on to state that politics should not affect adoption, be it locally or internationally. Laura Ingraham has received praise for her advocacy for adoption. She has, however, faced criticism. She is highly critical of the United States taking in immigrant children, and her opponents have described her as a hypocrite, pointing out that her children are also immigrants.

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