Meet Kristin Grannis, Jamie Foxx’s Ex-girlfriend and Baby Mama

Kristin Grannis (born January 4, 1977; Age: 54 years old) is an American licensed marriage and family therapist who lives in Agoura Hills, California. However, she is best known as Jamie Foxx’s ex-girlfriend and baby mama.

Jamie and Kristin initially kept their relationship a secret, and by the time fans got to know what was happening, they were already parents to their daughter, Annalise Bishop. However, the couple have long gone their separate ways but are doing their utmost best to co-parent.

Summary of Kristin Grannis’ Biography

  • Full Name: Kristin Grannis
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: January 4, 1977
  • Kristin Grannis’ Age: 54 years old
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Carpricorn
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Kristin Grannis’ Husband: Jamie Foxx (ex-boyfriend)
  • Kristin Grannis’ Children: One
  • Kristin Grannis’ Parents: Richard Grannis
  • Kristin Grannis’ Height in Inches: 5 feet 8 inches
  • Kristin Grannis’ Height in Centimetres: 172cm
  • Kristin Grannis’ Weight: 67 kg
  • Famous For: Being the ex-girlfriend of Jamie Foxx
  • Kristin Grannis’ Instagram: @kristingrannis

When Was Kristin Grannis Born?

Kristin Grannis was born on January 4, 1977, which pegs her current age at 54. Her nationality is said to be American, and Kristin comes from a Caucasian ethnic background.

Since she has never been a mainstream celebrity, getting information about Kiristin’s family background has proved a bit difficult. We only know that her dad is an American man named Richard Grannis, but her mum is unknown.

Kristin Grannis is a highly educated woman. Though nothing has been said about her early high school records, the American has been identified as an alum of Antioch University in California. After acquiring her first degree, Kristin proceeded to get a Master’s in Arts, graduating in 2012.

Fans Got to Hear about Kristin Grannis and Jamie Foxx Dating in 2017

It is common knowledge that Kristin Grannis and Jamie Foxx were dating secretly for years until their relationship became public knowledge in 2017.

Foxx is a celebrated Hollywood actor who became known in the 1990s, appearing in classic situational comedies such as In Living Color. Also, playing the starring role in the film, Ray made him an Academy Award winner in the category of Best Actor.

The romantic duo reportedly met while Kristin was working in PR, but the records didn’t specify exactly when they started dating.

When Did they Breakup

In the same way they managed to date in secret, Kristin and Foxx also ended things undercover. The exact time they decided to call it quits on their relationship has never been disclosed.

Talking about the reasons behind their split, the ex-couple has never deemed it necessary to give fans an explanation. However, Kristin’s father, Richard, shed some light on their breakup.

According to him, their separation was orchestrated by the famed actor’s prior romantic entanglements with high-profile celebrities. Those past relationships that Jamie was involved in made their dalliance so complicated that it couldn’t survive for long.

Kristin Grannis’ Became Jamie Foxx’s Baby Mama in 2008 When She Gave Birth to their Daughter?

Kristin Grannis’ daughter, Annalise Bishop, is currently 15 as the American celebrity kid was born on October 3, 2008. Annalise is not the only child of the movie superstar, she has a half-sister, Corinne Foxx, born from Jamie’s other relationship.

Kristin Grannis
Kristin, Jamie, and Annalise image source

Her parents may no longer be together, but Annalise is enjoying enough care and attention from both Kristin and Jamie. Though they try to keep her life away from the spotlight, the celeb kid has been severally spotted on vacations with her parents.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States, Annalise was seen alongside her dad and half-sister, Corinne, as they graced the 2020 SAG Awards.

Determined to co-parent their daughter with dedication, Kristin Grannis and Jamie often meet but in secret. It can be over dinner at some less-known restaurants or at the actor’s LA mansion.

In July 2019, the co-parents took their daughter to Disneyland, and the “Breakin’ All The Rules” star wasted no time in sharing the sweet moments via his Instagram handle. On the 24th of March 2019, Kristin, Jamie, and Annalise went for a sunny walk on the streets of LA

Foxx is one proud papa. In 2018, the actor revealed that Annalise is good at playing football and happens to be the sole girl on the team; he said this on Live With Kelly and Ryan. Foxx referred to his daughter as the star of the team with three touchdowns in 2018 and was about to participate in a championship.

There have been Speculations about Kristin Grannis and Jamie Foxx’s Reconciliation

Foxx is a man that is rarely spotted with his baby mamas in public, but the American actor seems to be making an exception with Kristin Grannis. Constantly seeing them together in public places naturally sparked speculations about a possible reconciliation between the ex-lovers.

During most of their outings together, the couple usually brings their daughter along, but there have been quite a few occasions that Annalise was absent.

They have been severally spotted having cozy dinners together and once embarked on a cruise around a lake, and Annalise was not there; the exes were on a yacht, cruising the coast of Malibu. One of their cozy diners happened three months after their Malibu yacht escapade when they were seen as they left a Malibu restaurant after having dinner. The couple also came together to spend Memorial Day 2020.

Despite all this togetherness, Kristin Grannis never really reconciled with her baby daddy, and many have already concluded that it may be an on–and–off thing with them.

What Does Jamie Foxx’s Ex-girlfriend do for a Living?

Professionally, Kristin Grannis is a licensed therapist specializing in marriage and family. Her patients are majorly people suffering from depression, anxiety, and all sorts of relationship issues.

However, she later started associating with an actor of Jamie Foxx’s caliber and became financially dependent on him. Though she was working PR when they first crossed paths, Kristin took the decision to quit her job after she got pregnant by Jamie Foxx

Since she gave birth, Foxx has been the one picking up her bills alongside her daughter’s expenses and still does, even after several years of their separation.

Kristin’s financial status worries her dad, Richard, who has hinted that she would gain a degree of independence once she starts making her own money, and Jamie would also respect her more.

In 2017, we heard that she was seriously considering taking up her career again, but nothing has been said about it to date.

Where is Grannis Now?

Several years after her separation from Foxx, Kristin Grannis still resides in Agoura Hills, California, in the US, where she is raising her daughter, Annalise Bishop; she got custody of the girl after their separation.

There were hints that the mother of one was going back to her job, but to date, nothing has been said about it. She still solely depends on her baby daddy for financial support.

Again, Kristin is yet to talk about the current man in her life if any. Her silence in that regard has led many to believe that she has remained single over the years.

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