Meet James Robert Chapman, Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Son

James Robert Chapman is the son of Duane Chapman, popularly known as Dog the Bounty Hunter. He was born to Dog the Bounty Hunter and his second wife, Ann Tegnell, on March 2, 1982, and is 41 years old as of 2024.

Despite the challenges of being in the public eye as a result of his father’s endeavors, James Robert Chapman has navigated his path, and his life has been a subject of interest for fans of the Chapman family and reality TV enthusiasts alike, even though he prefers a relatively quiet existence. Here is what we know about him.

Summary of James Robert Chapman’s Bio

  • Full name: James Robert Chapman
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: March 2, 1982
  • Place of birth: Denver, Colorado, United States
  • James Robert Chapman’s Age: 41 years old
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • James Robert Chapman’s Parents: Duane Lee Chapman, aka Dog the Bounty Hunter (father), Ann Tegnell (mother)
  • Siblings: 12 – Zebediah Chapman (brother, deceased), Wesley Chapman (brother), Christopher Michael Hecht (half-brother), Duane Lee Chapman II (half-brother), Leland Blane Chapman (half-brother), Barbara Katie Chapman (half-sister, deceased) Tucker Dee Chapman (half-brother), Lyssa Rae Chapman (half-sister), Bonnie Joanne Chapman (half-sister), Garry Chapman (half-brother), Cecily Barmore (adopted half-sister), Jon Chapman (half-brother)
  • Hair color: Light Brown
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Famous for: Being Dog the bounty hunter’s son

How Old Is James Robert Chapman?

James Robert Chapman is 41 years old years old as of 2024 as he was born on March 2, 1982, in Denver, Colorado, United States. His birth sign is Pisces, and he is an American citizen by birth.

James is the last of three children born to popular American personality Duane Lee Chapman (popularly known as Dog the Bounty Hunter) by Anna M. Tegnell, his father’s second wife.

As previously indicated, James prefers to keep a low profile, and that choice has affected any information regarding any detail of his formal educational background.

James Robert Chapman’s Parents Are No Longer Together

James Robert Chapman’s parents, Duane Lee Chapman and Anna M. Tegnell, are no longer together. The former couple were married for only three years, from 1979 to 1982, before separating and later divorcing.

As a matter of fact, more than a few sources have alluded to the possibility that their marriage had already ended by the time James was born.

James Robert Chapman Has 12 Siblings

James Robert Chapman has twelve siblings, two of whom are deceased. His parents’ marriage, as previously mentioned, only produced three children, of whom James is the youngest.

His oldest brother, Zebediah Chapman, was born on January 1, 1980. Unfortunately, he died 30 days later. A year later, in 1981, his immediate older brother, Wesley Chapman, joined the family.

According to close sources, James and Wesley are very close to each other, a closeness borne out of the fact that Wesley was very protective of him when their mother remarried, and they had to endure abuse from their stepfather.

James has nine half-siblings, including his oldest sibling, Christopher Michael Hecht, a son his father had in the ’70s with an ex-girlfriend. We have conclusive evidence that James’ oldest brother was born while their father was serving a prison sentence for third-degree murder.

James’ other half-siblings include Duane Lee Chapman II, Leland Blane Chapman, Barbara Katie Chapman, who unfortunately also died in 2006; Tucker Dee Chapman, Lyssa Rae Chapman, Bonnie Joanne Chapman, Garry Chapman, Cecily Barmore, his adopted half-sister from one of his father’s marriages, and Jon Chapman, a half-brother his father recently found out about.

He Is Not A Bounty Hunter Like His Father

James Robert Chapman, the son of Duane Lee Chapman, is not a bounty hunter like his father. While his father gained fame as Dog the Bounty Hunter, James has chosen a different path; however, information about what he does for a living is unavailable. He has not been involved in bounty hunting, but like many of his siblings, he appeared on Dog the Bounty Hunter.

However, two of his siblings: Wesley Chapman and Leland Chapman, have been actively involved in the bounty-hunting business with their dad, Dog.

Wesley, along with his father, was a part of the successful television shows “Dog the Bounty Hunter” and “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt.” He followed in his father’s footsteps and became a bounty hunter and entrepreneur.

Leland also joined the family business and worked alongside his father on the TV show. Leland had a significant presence on “Dog the Bounty Hunter” and was known for his skills in apprehending fugitives.

Additionally, it is worth noting that his father, Dog, started his bounty-hunting career at a young age. He gained international attention in 2003 for capturing Max Factor heir Andrew Luster in Mexico. Before his success, Chapman had a troubled past, including a conviction for third-degree murder in 1976.

After the capture of Luster, he was given his TV series called Dog the Bounty Hunter, which aired from 2004 to 2012. The show followed Chapman’s experiences as a bounty hunter and delved into his personal life, including his previous imprisonment and custody battles. The series was canceled after eight seasons but later aired in syndication and was followed by a spin-off series.

In 2019, Chapman’s latest series, Dog’s Most Wanted, aired, further showcasing his bounty-hunting adventures. Overall, his bounty-hunting career spanned several decades and was marked by both personal and professional challenges. Chapman remains a prominent figure in the world of bounty hunting and reality television.

Is James Robert Chapman Married or Single?

James Robert Chapman is likely unmarried, a supposition that comes from the fact that he keeps a relatively low profile that does little to reveal anything about his personal life. Given that he is in his 40s, it will be a rather unusual scenario to contemplate.

Whether he has children of his own is another aspect of his existence that has yet to be revealed to the media and general public.

On the flip side, his illustrious father, Dog the bounty hunter, has been married a remarkable six times. His first marriage was to La Fonda Sue Darnell in 1972. After their divorce, he tied the knot with Ann Tegnell, James’ mother, seven years later.

His other four marriages were to Lyssa Rae Brittain, Tawney Marie, and Beth Smith. His marriage to Beth was the most well-known and produced two children.

After Beth’s death, Dog found love again and got married for the sixth time to Francie Frane. It has been widely reported that he found solace with Francie, who had also experienced a similar loss.

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