Meet Gal Gadot’s Daughters – Maya Varsano, Alma, and Daniella Varsano

Gal Gadot’s daughters are Alma, Maya, and Daniella Varsano. She became the mother of all three children through her marriage to Jaron “Yaron” Varsano, her real estate developer husband.

Gal Gadot has accomplished a lot as a model and an actress. She will forever remain linked to one of her most iconic performances to date, which came in the 2017 movie Wonder Woman where she portrayed the Amazon princess/warrior. Nonetheless, the actress cannot gush enough about how she loves spending time with her family, which includes her three beautiful daughters. While she prefers to keep them away from the spotlight, there are a few things you should know about the actress’ daughters.

Gal Gadot Became a Mother Three Years After Her Wedding

The iconic Wonder Woman character has eyes for only one man, Steve Taylor, and the movie showcases all the passion and romance involved in their union. However, Gal Gadot, the actress behind the character, has her own Steve, only his name isn’t Steve, and he isn’t a pilot.

The man who stole the former Miss Israel’s heart is Israeli real estate developer and businessman Jaron “Yaron” Varsano. While speaking to Glamour in 2016, the Red Notice actress revealed the fact that she had met the father of her children in 2006 at a “strange party” hosted in the Israeli desert, which was about chakras, Yoga, and healthy living.

The actress further revealed that the party did not do much for either of them in terms of finding what they wanted, but they found each other. Gadot is ten years younger than her husband and was only 21 years old at the time. She admitted not being sure about whether she wanted a committed relationship with him but also revealed that there was no doubt in Varsano’s mind that she was the one for him.

He told her as much before, revealing that he could not wait up to two years to make her his wife. True to his word, the couple was married in a beautiful ceremony that took place in Tel Aviv in September 2008.

The anxiety Gadot felt due to shuttling between Israel and the United States for her acting career was defused by her husband’s encouragement which went along the lines of ensuring she pursued her dreams as a role model to their children.

The couple has since been blessed with three daughters, and suffice it to say that the actress’ influence on her daughters, the two oldest at least, has started to become quite visible.

Alma Varsano is Gal Gadot’s First Daughter

  • Date of birth: November 2011
  • Age: 11 years old

Alma Varsano was born in November 2011 in Los Angeles, California, United States. She is currently 11 years old. Alma’s birth in the United States confirms her birth as an American citizen but her strong Israeli national heritage and Jewish ancestry are derived from her parents, both of whom are Jewish and Israeli.

At the time of her birth, her mother, Gal Gadot, had not become as big a movie star as she is at the moment. That singular factor is the major reason why not so much is known about Alma’s birth when compared to her other siblings.

Furthermore, Alma’s mum was reluctant to expose her to the limelight in her earlier years on earth, and she persists with that principle to date. Regardless, Alma, despite her young age and academic standing, is gradually making her way into the mainstream media and limelight.

Alma Varsano May End Up As An Actress Like Her Mother

Alma’s life and time in the spotlight have been muted, to say the least, and it is a fact that has contributed to a lack of information regarding the details of her formal educational background to this point.

However, it would appear that Gal Gadot’s influence is already rubbing off on his first daughter, who seems set to follow her into the movie industry as an actress. Alma’s first foray into acting unsurprisingly came in the 2020 movie Wonder Woman 1984, where she made a brief appearance as Snowball Girl.

To the best of anyone’s knowledge, that has remained her only acting credit for a while, but it would be risky to bet on it being her last because of who she is and the examples she has learned from the Wonder Woman actress, who is just mom to Alma.

Maya Varsano is Gal Gadot’s Second Daughter

  • Date of birth: March 19, 2017
  • Age: 6 years old

Maya Varsano was born on March 19, 2017, and is currently 6 years old. Like her big sister, she was born and is being raised in Los Angeles, California. Maya is around six years younger than Alma, and just like the significant age difference between them, the circumstances surrounding their births are quite significantly different as well.

Recall that there wasn’t a lot of media fanfare surrounding the birth of Alma due to the stage where her mother’s acting career was at the time. Things were completely different in Maya’s case in the sense that her mother was pregnant with her when she shot the scenes for her iconic character in DC Universe’s Wonder Woman in 2017.

Unsurprisingly, the media and the general public could hardly wait for the arrival of the actress’ middle child, and everyone seemed to be falling over themselves to get a glimpse of Maya in an Instagram post her father made to announce her birth in March 2017.

Maya Varsano is Also on the Acting Trail

Like Alma, there is very little information available on the internet regarding Maya’s formal educational background. Gal Gadot has been identified as the primary reason for that development as the actress is determined to allow her children to get the best out of their time as children without the distractions associated with being in the limelight.

It would seem that the Fast & Furious actress has no issues with letting Maya, who, like her big sister, appears to be on the acting trail, follow in her footsteps as an actress. Since she was pregnant with Maya while filming Wonder Woman in 2017, Gadot joked that the movie was her middle daughter’s first acting credit.

In reality, though, Maya’s first acting credit came in the movie’s sequel Wonder Woman 1984 in 2020, where she aptly made a cameo appearance as Carousel Girl. Still in the process of acquiring a sufficient formal education, it would come as very little surprise if, in a few years, we get to see more of Maya Varsano on the silver screen as an actress.

Gal Gadot Had Her Youngest Daughter in June 2021

  • Date of birth: June 29, 2021
  • Age: 1 years old

Gal Gadot became a mother for the third time following the birth of her youngest daughter Daniella Varsano on June 29, 2021. The actress and the rest of her family shared their joyous news with the world via an Instagram post that featured the actress, her two older daughters, her husband, and baby Daniella asleep in Maya’s arms.

The actress expressed her joy and gratitude for the support she received from her fans throughout the time she was pregnant before going to write about how happy Daniella’s birth has made her and the rest of her family.

Daniella Varsano is still very much a child at 1 years old, and like her sisters, her time in the spotlight has been limited to brief social media appearances.

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