Meet Al Horford’s Sisters and Brothers Within His Family

Al Horford has five siblings, and they include three half-brothers and two half-sisters. His brothers, Josh, Jon, and Christian, share his love for basketball and have also pursued successful careers in the sport. Additionally, Al’s sisters, Anna and Maria, have each made their own unique mark in their respective fields. Together, this extraordinary family has created a legacy of achievement, unity, and unwavering support for one another.

Inside Look At Al Horford’s Family

Al Horford’s birth family comprises his parents, Tito Horford and Arelis Reynoso, and his five half-siblings – Josh, Jon, Christian, Anna, and Maria.

Tito Horford, Al’s dad, was the first Dominican player in the NBA, and his mom, Arelis Reynoso, is a successful sports journalist. Tito had a promising basketball career in the Dominican Republic before moving to the United States to play in college. Arelis has been a sports journalist since 1988.

It is crucial to recognize the fact that Al Horford is the only child his parents had as a married couple. While the exact date of their nuptials remains unknown, it has been reported on more than one occasion that Al’s parents got married before he was born in 1986. However, their marriage lasted only three more years after Al’s birth, as they divorced in 1989 when the NBA star was just three years old.

After the divorce, Al’s parents both went on to remarry and have other children. His dad remarried Elizabeth Horford and had four more children – two sons and two daughters. Al has a close relationship with his siblings from his father’s side.

His mom also remarried and had a son from a subsequent marriage. The NBA player maintains a close bond with his half-siblings and cherishes his family connections.

Who Are Al Horford’s Sisters?

Al Horford’s sisters are Anna Horford-Game and Maria Horford. It is crucial to reemphasize the fact that they are only his half-sisters from his father, Tito Howard’s marital union with his second wife, Elizabeth Horford.

Al Horford’s sisters, Anna and Maria Horford, are both Dominican and were raised in the United States. Anna was born on January 9, 1993, while Maria was born a little over two years later on February 15, 1995. As of 2024, Al’s sisters are 31 and 29 years old respectively. It also means that Anna is younger than Al by about seven years, while the NBA star is around nine years older than his sister Maria.

Anna Horford, besides being known for her support for her brother’s basketball career, is a businesswoman who also runs a podcast. Details of her formal educational background are currently unavailable, but it appears that she is married, as evidenced by the fact that she is now known as Anna Horford-Game.

Not much is known about Mr. Game, and whether they have any children together is unclear. Maria Horford, on the other hand, is a professional wedding and portrait photographer. This is despite her initial love for basketball and her marketing and finance degree from the University of Florida. So far, everything about Maria suggests that she is currently unmarried.

Meet Al Horford’s Brothers

Al Horford has three brothers: Jon Horford, Josh Horford, and Christian Hernandez. Jon Horford, whose full name is Jonathan Kelly Horford, was born on October 16, 1991, in Lansing, Michigan, US. As of 2024, he is 32 years old.

Jon’s LinkedIn profile indicates that he graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in general studies, as well as the fact that he bagged a master’s degree in tourism and recreation business management from the University of Florida.

Like his older brother, Al, Jon played basketball all through college. Unlike his brother and father, however, he did not make it to the NBA. Instead, he played basketball in the NBA Development League, first with the Canton Charge and then with the Grand Rapids Gold until 2019.

Al Horford

Another clear thing from Jon’s LinkedIn showed he is a basketball trainer and mentor at his alma mater, Grand Ledge High School, and that he has been doing it on a volunteer basis since graduating in 2010.

Jon Horford ran for the Michigan House of Reps. in 2022, but ultimately failed his bid to get elected during the Democratic Party primaries. His campaign website indicated that he and his wife, Cristina, owned several small businesses.

It also adds that he co-chairs Grand Ledge United, is the vice-chair of the Young Eaton County Democrats, serves on the Michigan Black Leadership Advisory Council Health Committee, and is a former vice-chair of the Eaton County Parks and Recreation Commission.

Finally, Jon began working as a lobbyist for Governmental Consultant Services, Inc., in January 2023.

Josh Horford is a Music Producer With a Clothing Line

Al Horford’s younger brother, Josh Horford, is a music producer and has a clothing line. Both pieces of information were culled from his Instagram profile.

More than a few sources speculate that Josh was born in 1996, and that would mean that he is around 28 years old as of 2024.

He also played basketball throughout school and was on record about transitioning from a center to a guard during an interview with CelticsLife.

According to him, the process was difficult but fun, and he enjoyed working on his game. Josh often posts about the Celtics and his brother’s games on Twitter.

Al Horford’s Brother Christian Hernandez Is Also His Godson

Christian Hernandez, Al Horford’s brother from his mother’s subsequent relationship, is also the NBA star’s godson. Given that Chris was born in 2005 and is almost two decades younger than Al, that assertion doesn’t seem far-fetched.

As a matter of fact, several sources indicate that Al chose the name Christian for his brother. As of 2024, Christian is around -1 years old, and even though very little is known about him, we can confirm that he now lives with his mother in Smyrna, Georgia.

Al Horford Has Always Maintained a Close Relationship With His Siblings

Al Horford has always maintained a close relationship with his siblings. He is the oldest of four children from his father’s side, with his younger sister Anna and brothers Josh and Jon being very important to him throughout his life. Al has played the role of a big brother to them since he joined his father in the United States at the age of 14.

When the NBA star moved to the United States from the Dominican Republic, he faced numerous challenges, including language barriers and cultural adjustments.

However, he found solace in the support and love of his siblings, who looked up to him as a role model. As the eldest, Al took on the responsibility of guiding and protecting his brothers and sister. He helped them adapt to their new environment, both academically and socially.

Al’s close relationship with his siblings had a significant impact on his life and career. The bond they formed during their childhood provided him with a strong support system that motivated and inspired him to excel in basketball.

Al’s siblings attended most of his games, cheering him on and providing unwavering encouragement. Their presence in the stands created a sense of belonging and a deep sense of pride for Al.

The support of his siblings also extended beyond the basketball court. They were there for him during the highs and lows of his career, offering advice, encouragement, and a listening ear.

Al often credits his siblings for keeping him grounded and reminding him of his roots. Their unconditional love and support have been instrumental in shaping his character and keeping him focused on his goals.

Moreover, Al’s relationship with his siblings has had a positive impact on his career. The values instilled in him by his family, such as hard work, perseverance, and humility, have been crucial in his success as a professional athlete. Al’s dedication to his craft and his team-oriented approach can be traced back to the values he learned while growing up with his siblings.

Additionally, Al Horford’s strong bond with his siblings has helped him maintain a healthy work-life balance. They provide him with a sense of stability and normalcy outside of basketball.

No matter how successful he becomes, Al knows that his siblings will always be there for him, treating him as the big brother they have always looked up to. This perspective allows him to approach his career with a sense of perspective and gratitude.

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