Matthew Gisoni – Meet Mackenzie Ziegler’s Brother

Matthew Gisoni is the step-brother of Mackenzie Ziegler, the American professional dancer, singer, and actress. He is the son of Greg Gisoni and the brother of Michele and Maddie Mackenzie. Not much is known about him apart from the fact that he has a big family and enjoys spending time with them.

Matt and Mackenzie do not have any blood ties but the two are related by the marriage of their parents. His father, Greg Gisoni married Mackenzie’s mum, Melissa Gisoni and it is their union that brought them together. Matthew is still in his teenage years and has not established any career path yet. He is growing up under the watch of his biological mother.

Summary of Matthew Gisoni’s Biography

  • Full Name: Matthew Gisoni
  • Nickname: Matt
  • Gender: Male
  • Ethnicity: Mixed – Italian, Vietnam, and more
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Matthew Gisoni’s Parents: Greg Gisoni and Melisa Gisoni (step-mother)
  • Siblings: Michele Gisoni (twin sister), Paige Gisoni, Christine Gisoni, Tori Gisoni, Maddie Ziegler Mackenzie Ziegler, Ryan Ziegler, and Tyler Ziegler
  • Matthew Gisoni’s Height in Inches: 4 feet 5 inches
  • Matthew Gisoni’s Height in Centimetres: 134 cm
  • Matthew Gisoni’s Weight: 40 kg
  • Famous For: Being the stepbrother of Mackenzie Ziegler

How Old is Matthew Gisoni?

Matthew Gisoni has never been a mainstream celebrity. This has made it impossible for anyone to lay hands on the youngster’s birth details. Thus, his date of birth and current age is not known. We’re only told that he is presently in his teens and was born in the United States. A citizen of America, Matt is of mixed ethnic background.

To date, his mother’s name has never been mentioned, however, Matthew’s father has been identified as a man who goes by the name, Greg Gisoni. The Italian-Vietnamese part of Matt’s ancestry came from Greg who works and earns a living at Westinghouse Energy Center where he is employed as a nuclear Vice President and Project Director.

No one knows how long Matt’s parents were married but we understood that they ended things as a result of irreconcilable differences and his wife got custody of their kids.

Greg is currently married to American actress cum dancer, Melissa Gisoni. Melissa is the star of the series entitled Dance Moms. She also recorded an appearance in the “Freaks Like Me” video by Todrick Hall. The dancer was the wife of Kurt Ziegler and got married to Greg in 2013.

Though the youngster lives with his mother, Melissa has been acting as Matthew Gisoni’s stepmom since 2013 and is still married to his father. Matt hasn’t said anything about his academics but in his early teens, the young American is expected to be in the process of completing his high school education.

Matthew Gisoni Comes from a Big Family

Matthew and his twin sister, Michele

Matthew Gisoni has many siblings, both biological and step-siblings. It is common knowledge that the American native did not come into this world alone, the youngster was born as a twin alongside his sister, Michele. Reports also mentioned his other biological siblings as Paige, Christine, and Tori Gisoni, however, their birth details have never been mentioned in the public space.

Apart from his direct siblings, Matt acquired a few step-siblings from his dad’s marriage to Melissa Gisoni. They are Maddie and her sister, Mackenzie Ziegler; their father is Melissa’s ex-husband, Kurt Ziegler.

Just like her mum, Melissa, Maddie is a dancer who doubles as an actress. She debuted in the entertainment industry at a very tender age and today, the dance expert has shown up in several dance completions, including So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing with the Stars: Junior, and Dancing with the Stars. She is, however, best known for the TLC hit “Dance Moms”.

If what we saw on her IMDB page is anything to go by, then, Matthew Gisoni’s step-sister is quite a prolific actress with a total of 35 acting credits under her belt. A good example of her acting roles was witnessed in West Side Story where the young actress depicted the character of Velma.

Matt’s second stepsister is Mackenzie Ziegler or Mackenzie Frances Ziegler as her full name says. Born in Pennsylvania on 4 June 2004, Mackenzie who is younger than Maddie is also a dancer and stars on Dance Moms; she started at the age of six. According to Bustle, both Ziegler sisters are often pitted against each other for solo dances and they equally feature in big dance numbers.

Presently, the dancing sisters have forged different career paths, while Maddie is fully into acting, Mackenzie just kick-started her music career and has already dropped her first album entitled, Mack Z, Phases is the name of her second album. The younger Ziegler sister is also into modeling and has worked and walked for several fashion brands. She has graced the screen in several television shows, music videos, and TV series.

When Melissa was married to Kurt, her daughters gained two half-brothers, Ryan Ziegler, and Tyler Ziegler. A master’s degree holder from the University of Pittsburgh, Ryan is currently employed at the CPA firm Maher Duessel. Tyler on the other hand is an Instagram star. The youngster often posts pictures and videos on IG.

Matt and his biological siblings are said to be quite close as they are growing up under the same roof with their mum. However, the same cannot be said for his step-siblings who are staying with their father and Melissa. Distance has not provided the siblings enough opportunities to be in each other’s company, thus, it is quite hard to build a great bond.

What Does Matthew Gisoni Do for a Living?

Matthew Gisoni is a child in his teens; what this means is that he is too young to start on any career path. Besides, both his mum and dad have nothing to do with the entertainment industry, thus, it is not possible for him to start anything at his age.

Matt’s only claim to fame is being the brother of the American dancer, singer, and actress, Mackenzie Ziegler and her sister, Maddie.

Is Matthew Dating?

Matt is not dating nor has he dated anybody before. In his teens, the American celebrity sibling might be just too young to start pursuing a romantic interest. With that said, sources believe his sexual orientation to be straight and the youngster is likely to start dating in the nearest future. For now, he is concentrating on earning good grades in his academic journey.

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