Jayson Tatum’s Parents: Meet His Dad and Mom

Jayson Tatum’s parents are Justin Tatum and Brandy Cole-Barnes. The former couple had him while they were still teenagers, but they worked hard to raise him up and provide for him while also supporting his dreams.

Jayson’s mom believed that he could become an NBA star one day and encouraged him to pursue his dreams. His father, a former basketball player turned coach, also coached him from the earliest days. Thanks to this wonderful support system, Jayson Tatum was able to become an NBA star, and he never ceases to praise his parents for the role they played in his success story.

Who is Jayson Tatum’s Father?

Jayson Tatum’s father is Justin Tatum, a former professional basketball player-turned-coach. Justin Tatum is African American and hails from St. Louis, Missouri. He was born in 1979. Growing up, Justin was a talented basketball player and played for Christian Brothers College High School. He also went on to play college basketball at Saint Louis University, where he won a conference championship.

Justin Tatum is a Former Basketball Player-Turned-Coach

Justin Tatum finished college in 2001, graduating with a degree in criminal justice. When he didn’t make it into the NBA, he headed out to Europe to play. He played in some places, including the Dutch league for about three years, before returning to the United States.

Upon returning home, Justin Tatum eventually made a career switch to coaching, and this is what he continues to do today. He has coached at his alma mater, Christian Brothers College High School, and also served as the athletics director of Soldan International Studies High School.

Jayson Tatum’s father, Justin Tatum, is now the assistant head coach of a professional basketball team in Australia known as Illawarra Hawks. He joined the team in February 2023, and his famous son congratulated him on the feat, saying he was extremely happy for him and proud of him as he was trying to build his coaching resume.

Justin, on his own part, stated that he was looking forward to the new role as this would present an opportunity for him to share all that the game has taught him.

Justin Tatum’s Age

Justin Tatum is presently 44 years old, as he was born on the 11th of April 1979. He is 19 years older than his son Jayson, who was born on the 3rd of March 1998. Despite this close age gap, Jayson and his dad did not have such a close relationship while he was growing up.

This was because his father wanted him to become a great basketball player and thus pushed him hard on the training field. Jayson has expressed regrets that their meet-ups were only about basketball, and they didn’t get to indulge in activities such as picnics, fishing, etc. He has, however, stated that he owes what he has been able to achieve to the tough training that was dished out by his father.

Justin Tatum’s Height

Justin Tatum’s height is 6 feet 7 inches or 2.01 m. He is an inch shorter than his famous son, Jayson, whose height is listed as 2.03 m or 6 feet 8.

Nevertheless, it is quite obvious that Jayson inherited his impressive height from him, as genetics is one of the determining factors in the issue of height. Of course, there are also other factors as well, such as diet, but in the case of the Tatums, it is safe to say that genetics played a major role.

Justin Tatum’s Net Worth

Justin Tatum’s net worth is $1 million. He earned the same from the years that he spent as a high school basketball coach as well as athletics director. His earnings are even set to improve now that he has landed the coveted role of an assistant coach in a professional basketball league.

Although the pay in Australia will be much lower than what obtains in the NBA, there is no doubt that Justin Tatum would earn six or seven figures for his trouble each year. Then again, as his son pointed out, this present role will enable him to build up his CV further so that he could one day coach in the NBA and make big bucks for his efforts.

Who is Jayson Tatum’s Mother?

Jayson Tatum’s mother is Brandy Cole-Barnes, an American attorney and businesswoman. Brandy Cole-Barnes was born on the 25th of April 1979 and grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. She completed her high school education at University City High School, where she played four years of volleyball. She was quite good and scored a scholarship to college. She was also senior class president and one of the best-graduating students.

Upon graduating high school, Brandy began preparing for college. She, however, learned that she was pregnant. She was just 19 years old, and the whole thing was daunting. She, however, decided that she would not let the circumstances derail her life plan. She gave birth to her boy and enrolled in a community college to study political science and communications. Upon completing her studies, she further attended business school and law school and qualified as an attorney.

Brand’s journey is an inspiring one, but it wasn’t easy. She often had to take her son to school with her when she couldn’t find a babysitter. She also worked multiple odd jobs just to provide for her boy. She, however, remained courageous and maintained a positive attitude toward her son. She believed in his dream that he would one day be an NBA star and challenged anybody who derided that dream. She also encouraged him during games. She, however, did not let him slack off with regard to his studies.

As a result of all this, Jayson is super close to his mom and proudly describes himself as a momma’s boy. He has stated that he learned confidence and maturity from her.

Brandy Cole’s Ethnicity and Nationality

Brandy Cole’s nationality is American, while her ethnicity is mixed. She is believed to be half African-American and possibly half Caribbean or Latina. For instance, when she got married to a man named Marcus Smart in 2016, the wedding was held in the Bahamas.

Of course, this doesn’t confirm anything, and it may just be a case of a destination wedding, but it is obvious that Brandy Cole is of mixed ethnicity. That mixed ancestry is reflected in her son, as one can tell from his physical features.


Who is Jayson Tatum’s Dad?

Jayson Tatum’s dad is Justin Tatum, a former professional basketball player turned coach who currently serves as the assistant coach of Illawarra Hawks in the Australian basketball league.

Who is Jayson Tatum’s Mom?

Jayson Tatum’s mom is Brandy Cole-Barnes, an American attorney who is based in St. Louis, Missouri. Jayson is quite close to his mother and has no qualms about describing himself as the biggest momma’s boy.

Jayson Tatum’s Mom’s Age

Jayson Tatum’s mom is presently 44 years old as of 2024, as she was born on the 25th of April 1979. She had her son at the age of 19.

Jayson Tatum’s Parents’ Nationality

Jayson Tatum’s parents, Justin Tatum and Brandy Cole-Barnes, are American nationals who are specifically from Missouri. The couple were never married and split up after Jayson’s birth.

Jayson Tatum’s Parents Ethnicity

Jayson Tatum’s parents are of African-American ethnicity, with his mother also being mixed.

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