Is Tom Selleck Gay? All About His Sexuality

Tom Selleck is not gay. The Blue Bloods star is singularly homosexual (his words, not ours) and has been twice married to women. Selleck’s first marriage was to former actress Jacqueline Ray from 1971 to 1982. He is now married to Jillie Joan Mack, an English actress. They have been married since 1987, and their love story hasn’t slowed down one bit since it started in London so many years ago.

Is Tom Selleck Gay?

Tom Selleck is not gay. The legendary actor is an out and proud heterosexual man, if there is anything like that, and has no qualms declaring that he is not gay. As he sees it, it is not anti-gay for one to say that they are not gay. Selleck has been forced to be categorical about his sexuality due to the several gay rumors that he has faced.

For instance, in 1991, a supermarket tabloid, The Globe, published an article on Hollywood gay stars with their pictures around New York City who can stop traffic. The July 2nd article listed Selleck amongst the gay stars, and the actor promptly sued for libel and invasion of privacy. He asked the court for damages worth up to $20 million.

Selleck said that the story brought him hatred, contempt, ridicule, and obloquy. According to him, it was intended to injure his family relations, reputation, character, profession, trade or business. The Globe claimed that the article was a report of a perfectly factual story, but Selleck shot it down, maintaining that The Globe republished false statements from a faceless group that falsely created the impression that he was gay.

The suit was settled out of court in August 1991. The Globe agreed to publish a “clarification and apology” and said that it hadn’t been their intention to express or imply that Selleck is or ever was homosexual. It is not known if they parted with money in the settlement.

Tom Selleck has faced some other gay rumors since then, but he has now grown accustomed to them. According to him, he doesn’t know the source, though it could be a case of gay people who want him to be gay spreading the speculations. The actor has made his peace with the speculations because, as he sees it, one hasn’t made it if people are not making things up about the person.

Tom Selleck Played a Gay Journo in the 1997 Film In and Out

Tom Selleck played a gay journalist in the 1997 comedy film In and Out. In and Out is about a small-town teacher, Howard Brackett, who is inevitably outed by his former student, Cameron, who is a big star in Hollywood. The whole thing leads to intense media attention on Howard, who plans to marry a female teacher named Emily. Howard starts doubting his sexuality, but it is his encounter with an openly gay journalist named Peter that finally makes him realize that he is gay.

Selleck played Peter, while Kevin Kline played Howard. The two shared a 12-second kiss, and this was one of the high points of In and Out. Selleck was later asked about his role, and his 1991 dispute with The Globe was also brought up. The actor made it known that some people had questioned the wisdom of playing a gay role, but he went ahead with it because acting was all about taking risks. He further clarified that he was proud of how he had interpreted the character. For him, Peter wasn’t gay in every scene but was a ruthless, unethical journalist.

Selleck was asked if he would come out like other celebrities were doing if he was gay. His response implied that he wouldn’t do that as he was a very private person. As he saw it, there is no right or wrong answer to such a question, and everybody has to decide for themselves.

Selleck also commented on The Globe controversy. He stated that he was particularly irked by the fact that he had made a commitment to his wife, who had borne him a daughter, and he also had a son. For the actor, The Globe Story insinuated that he was leading a double life and hurt some people, which was where he drew the line.

Tom Selleck is Married To Jillie Joan Mack

Tom Selleck is presently married to Jillie Joan Mack, an English actress and singer. Jillie appeared in several theatrical productions during her time in England. Since relocating to Hollywood, she has scaled back her acting career but hasn’t entirely abandoned it. She has scored guest appearances in TV series such as ER and Frasier. She also appeared in several episodes of Seasons 4 and 5 of Magnum P.I., the police procedural that made Selleck famous in the 80s.

Selleck met Jillie in London in 1983. He was there to film and went to West End to see a production of the musical Cats. Jillie was in it, and he was blown away by her from the get-go. He was later able to wrangle a dinner date with her, and things proceeded smoothly from there. When Jillie finished her work with the musical, she moved to Los Angeles to be with Selleck. The couple later got married on the 7th of August 1987 in a hush-hush ceremony that only featured family members.

Tom Selleck and Jillie Mack have been married for 36 years now and are waxing strong. The couple call a 65-acre ranch in Ventura, California, their home and absolutely love it. They both live private lives and prefer it that way.

Tom Selleck
Tom Selleck with wife, Jillie and daughter, Hannah Image Source

They Have A Daughter Together Named Hannah

Tom Selleck and Jillie Mack have one child together, a daughter named Hannah Margaret. She was born on 16 December 1988 and is presently 35 years old. She is an equestrian who has competed in several international events. She now owns her own farm, which is dedicated to grooming quality show horses.

Hannah got her love for riding while living out on her family ranch, and she has managed to turn that love into her career, which is the absolutely best thing anyone can think of.

Tom Selleck’s First Marriage Was To Jacqueline Ray

Tom Selleck’s first marriage was to Jacqueline Ray, a former model and actress. They got married on the 15th day of May 1971. The marriage lasted for 11 years officially. During this time, Selleck was a doting stepfather to Ray’s son, Kevin Shepard, from a previous relationship and even went on to adopt the boy. He and Ray unfortunately called it quits but remained on amicable terms. Selleck’s adopted son has grown up to become a musician and once played the drums for a rock band known as Tonic.

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