Is SZA Muslim or Christian?

SZA is a Muslim and was raised in the Muslim faith right from birth and dutifully observed all the tenets of the faith while growing up. Even though SZA is no longer a staunch adherent of the religion, at least with her outward appearance, she has revealed that the ideas and principles of Islam are ones that she will always hold close because they make sense to her and connect her with God.

What is SZA’s Religion?

SZA is a Muslim, and this is thanks to her father. The 34-year-old singer was born to a Muslim father named Abdul Mubarak-Rowe while her mother is a Christian woman named Audrey Rowe. SZA’s parents never allowed their different religions to come between them, and as such, they reached an amicable agreement that their kids would be raised in the religion of their father.

SZA’s mom joined the family in attending Friday services known as Jumat. Their father also allowed their mom to put up small-sized Christmas trees during the holiday period. SZA thus grew up in an environment of religious harmony.

SZA was Raised in the Muslim Faith

SZA was raised in the Muslim faith. Her father was quite conservative, and this was reflected in her upbringing. She wore the hijab religiously, and her outfits consisted of long skirts, baggy clothing, and overalls. Her friends were mostly Muslims, and she wasn’t allowed to watch television or radio.

When SZA took up gymnastics, her dad wasn’t too happy because, in his view, girls should do nothing. However, he later relented, and SZA was allowed to take part in gymnastics, provided that she wore leggings and long-sleeved clothes and her hijab

Beyond just physical appearance, SZA also attended a Muslim prep school after her regular classes. She also spent every Friday at the institution. At the school, she learned to recite various chapters of the Koran, known as Surah.

She was Bullied Because of her Faith in High School

SZA veered away from her Islamic faith during her time in high school, and this was due to the fact that she was bullied for her faith. Even while she was still in grade school, she was often bullied for wearing the hijab, for the type of clothes she wore, etc. Things further got worse after the 9/11 attacks. She was taunted, and the mosque her family attended was attacked.

All this left SZA embarrassed, and she badly wanted to fit in. She, therefore, started taking off her hijab in school. She also took to begging her mom to go shopping with her so that her clothes wouldn’t all be overalls. After some time, SZA decided to start wearing her hijab again. This was in her sophomore year of high school, and the reason was that she felt ungrounded and as if she was losing her mind. She, therefore, sought for something similar to keep her grounded, and she found it in Islam.

She Has Revealed That She Will Always Respect Islam

SZA’s decision to start practicing her faith seriously in her sophomore year of high school brought her much peace, but the taunting and bullying returned, and once more, she ditched her hijab and appropriate clothes. This caused a huge rift between her and her dad, and they had to work to get over it.

Presently, SZA is still a Muslim, but she doesn’t wear a hijab or clothes that cover her body entirely. The reason for this is the respect she has for Islam. According to her, it would be highly disrespectful for her to wear the hijab, talk crazy on stage, and be in videos with Travis Scott.

According to the singer, she loves and respects her religion and will always hold onto her belief in God and the pillars of Islam.

SZA has also revealed that she will be most comfortable with Islam forever because even though it is rigid, it is safe to trust, and there is less space for error. In her own words, “There’s no photos or idles, no songs or hymnals; it is what it is. I like the clarity.”

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