Is Noah Thompson Married or Still With His Girlfriend?

Noah Thompson is not married, and every sign points to the possibility that he is no longer with Angel Dixon, his longtime girlfriend and baby mama. As of 2024, Noah’s marital status is undoubtedly single, and his split from Angel has been confirmed by the now-former couple.

Thompson alluded to the split during a recent interview, where he indicated that he was writing a lot of breakup songs and was generally becoming a depressing guy. Not to be outdone, Dixon replied by posting a picture of herself and a guy many believe to be her new boyfriend on Instagram on July 29, 2023. The guy in question is also named Noah, but he is a bodybuilder. Angel tagged the picture “My Happy Place”, a sure sign that she has moved on from Noah Thompson.

Noah Thompson is Not Married

Noah Thompson, the winner of American Idol 2022, is not married. There is no evidence or reason to suspect that he is married at this time. It is also difficult to discern his views on the subject of marriage because it is not an issue he has addressed, whether directly or indirectly.

However, it is important to establish the fact that Noah had a relationship with Instagram influencer Angel Dixon, but it would appear that they are no longer together as a couple.

Noah Thompson is a talented musician and singer from Lawrence County, Kentucky. After winning American Idol, he released his new song, One Day Tonight, which has been well-received and climbed the music charts.

Noah is also known for his strong friendship with fellow contestant HunterGirl, with whom he performed at CMA Fest and shared lighthearted moments on TikTok. For now, he plans to continue writing music, recording songs, and playing shows in the future. Noah’s success has made his friend Arthur extremely proud, and the fans are excited to see what the future holds for him.

Is Noah Thompson Still With His Girlfriend?

According to several sources and speculations, Noah Thompson is no longer with his girlfriend. Noah Thompson’s relationship with his girlfriend, Angel Dixon, has been the subject of speculation and rumors regarding their current status.

While it is yet to be officially confirmed whether they are still together, several signs have convinced people that they have broken up. Both Noah and Angel have stopped posting about each other on their Instagram pages. This lack of interaction on social media has fueled the rumors of their split.

In addition, Noah’s recent comments about writing breakup songs and becoming a depressing guy have further contributed to the assertions that they are no longer together. It is suggested that his emotional state and creative output may be indicative of a relationship ending. The lyrics of his songs and the emotions behind them often reflect personal experiences, so fans and followers have drawn conclusions based on this.

Furthermore, Angel’s Instagram post featuring a bodybuilder named Noah has added fuel to the fire. She tagged the post “My Happy Place”, leading people to believe that it is a deliberate attempt by Angel to perpetuate the assertions of a breakup.

Overall, the signs that have convinced people about Noah Thompson and Angel Dixon’s breakup include their lack of social media interaction, Noah’s comments on writing breakup songs, and Angel’s revealing Instagram post. However, until there is an official confirmation from either party, speculations about whether they are still together or have indeed parted ways will persist.

Who is Noah Thompson’s Girlfriend?

As previously indicated, it would seem that Noah Thompson is no longer in a relationship. That possibility has not stopped people from wondering who his longtime girlfriend, Angel Dixon, is.

Angel Dixon is a 23 year-old social media influencer from Kentucky. She was born on April 22, 2001, in Louisa, Kentucky, United States. Her birth sign is Aries, and she is an American citizen by birth. Angel belongs to the white Caucasian ethnic group, and she is the only child her parents, Greg Fuggit and Sharon Workman, had together.

Her dad, Greg Fuggit, is a police officer in Lawrence County. He reportedly graduated with the Academy Class number 290 of the Class of 2000 after studying at the EKU Department of Criminal Justice Police Academy. On the flip side, Sharon Workman, Angel’s mom, used to work as a cashier at Walmart.

Angel Dixon has four half-siblings from her parents’ previous and present relationships. Three of them, Keisha Huff, Latanna Fuggit, and Greg Fuggit, are a product of her father’s previous relationships, while her half-sister Lexie Workman was born during her mother’s current relationship.

Details of her formal educational background remain unknown at present, but we know that Angel was raised in Louisa, Kentucky, even though she reportedly resides in Blaine, Kentucky, at the moment.

Angel Dixon And Noah Thompson’s Relationship

Noah Thompson and Angel Dixon’s relationship was a long-standing one that dates back to their high school days. The former couple started dating in 2018 and attended prom together in 2019. During their time as a couple, they showed great openness about their relationship. Angel Dixon was a constant pillar of support for Noah throughout his journey on American Idol. She was visibly supportive during his run on the show in 2022, attending his performances and cheering him on.

The couple welcomed their son, Walker Lee Thompson, into the world on May 8, 2021. Walker is 3 years old as of 2024, and his birth has brought immense joy and fulfillment to Noah and Angel’s lives.

Since becoming parents, the former couple has shown a deep commitment to raising their child together and being actively involved in his upbringing. They prioritize their roles as parents and make sure to spend quality time with Walker, creating a loving and nurturing environment for him to grow.

In summary, Noah Thompson and Angel Dixon’s relationship was a strong and enduring one that began in high school. Angel was Noah’s unwavering support system throughout his journey on American Idol.

They are the proud parents of Walker Lee Thompson, who was born on May 8, 2021, and is now 3 years old. Both Noah and Angel are actively involved in raising their child, prioritizing his well-being and creating a loving family environment. Their relationship exemplified commitment, dedication, love, and devotion as parents.

Are Huntergirl and Noah Thompson Dating?

HunterGirl and Noah Thompson are not dating, despite the rumors that have circulated. They are simply close friends who share a passion for music and have developed a strong bond through their experience on American Idol. It is crucial to respect their statements and not jump to conclusions based on speculation. Both artists continue to pursue their music careers and appreciate the support they receive from their fans.

HunterGirl, the 2022 American Idol runner-up, is a talented singer who gained recognition during her time on the show. Although she didn’t win the competition, she captivated audiences with her powerful vocals and stage presence. HunterGirl’s role on American Idol 2022 was to showcase her musical abilities and compete against other talented contestants in hopes of winning the title.

The rumors of a romantic relationship between HunterGirl and Noah Thompson, the winner of American Idol 2022, have been fueled by a few factors. Firstly, their undeniable chemistry and strong musical connection during their performances on the show sparked speculation. Additionally, Thompson’s decision to move to Nashville, where HunterGirl resides, further fueled the rumors.

However, both Thompson and HunterGirl have consistently denied these rumors, emphasizing that they are just good friends. They have clarified that their close bond stems from their shared experience on American Idol and their mutual love for music. It is not uncommon for contestants to form strong friendships while competing on reality TV shows, and their connection is no exception.

Moreover, people have wrongly assumed that they are dating due to the history of similar rumors on American Idol. In a previous season, dating rumors circulated between Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina despite their claims of being just friends. This pattern of speculation and gossip has led to a tendency to jump to conclusions and assume romantic relationships between contestants.

The public’s fascination with celebrity relationships and the desire for a love story may also contribute to these assumptions. Fans often project their own fantasies onto their favorite contestants and hope for a real-life fairytale romance. However, it is important to remember that the personal lives of public figures can be complex and often differ from the narratives created by fans and the media.


Is Noah Thompson Single?

As of 2024, Noah Thompson is single. There are no indications that he is even about to get married anytime soon, even though he has a son with baby mama Angel Dixon.

Who Is Noah Thompson Dating?

Noah Thompson appears not to be dating anyone since the speculations that his relationship with Angel Dixon had ended. Also, the rumors that he is in a relationship with Huntergirl have been categorically denied by both singers.

What Is Noah Thompson Doing Now?

Noah Thompson, the winner of American Idol 2022, is taking a small break before launching his upcoming single – as of 2024. He recently shared pictures on Instagram, showcasing quality time with his son, Walker. Thompson has been focusing on recording since winning the competition and has released a cover of Rihanna’s Stay earlier this summer.

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