Is IShowSpeed Gay or Does He Have a Girlfriend?

IShowSpeed is most certainly not gay and is reported to be in an on and off relationship with Ermony Renee alias Dream. The young American social media star and gamer, who was born Darren Watkins, owns the popular channel “IShowSpeed.”

Questions about his sexuality have always remained and will most likely remain a question mark after the young star himself created the chaos that currently surrounds said sexuality with some ill-advised comments on a live stream in late 2021. Let’s take a quick look at the life of the young gamer and the primary reason for the speculations surrounding his sexuality.

Is IShowSpeed Actually Gay?

Apparently not. The star himself clarified this when he recanted on a public self-declaration that presented him as gay. In September 2021, during a live-streamed session with a friend and popular musician, Ava, Speed came out as gay while he and Ava were discussing love matters.

Just a day later, the YouTube gamer recanted the ‘coming out’ statement he made the day before by making a YouTube video. In the video, Speed claimed that when he made the statement, he was angry and didn’t mean to say the things he said. To clarify the misunderstanding that his supposed “coming out” statement had created, Speed categorically stated that he was straight.

It was a statement that did little to convince several fans who were already excited by the fact that the gamer had come out of the closet about his sexuality. However, some of his fans expressed their disappointment at the YouTube video he made, claiming he was straight. One of such fans with the Twitter handle @peepjxsh accused his homophobic and toxic community of making Speed recant his statement on his sexuality.

If He is Not Gay, Who Is IShowSpeed Dating?

At the moment, it is not clear who the teenage YouTuber is dating. His relationship with his girlfriend Ermony Renee, also known as Dream, is so off and on that it makes it quite difficult to say if they are still together as a couple.

IShowSpeed revealed at some point towards the end of 2021 that he was no longer in a relationship with his girlfriend, Dream, who he claimed had broken up with him. Beyond his relationship with Dream, not much is known about Speed’s love life as he has clearly but barely revealed anything tangible about that aspect of his life.

What Is IShowSpeed Girlfriend’s Name?

IShowSpeed’s girlfriend is a young woman named Ermony Renee. Speed shocked fans and followers when he introduced his girlfriend to the public in late 2021 on one of his Instagram live posts. For many fans of Speed, his girlfriend, Ermony, is best recognized by her nickname Dream, and she has been featured on IShowSpeed’s channel several times.

Ermony is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio. At the moment, that’s all there is to know about the woman IShowSpeed is currently in a relationship with. Like almost everything about her relationship with Speed, her family background is currently kept private from the public. Certain sources have revealed that she attended Walnut Hills High School. It has also been reported that Speed and Dream connected at UDF and began dating soon afterward.

Are IShowSpeed and Ava In A Relationship?

YouTuber IShowSpeed and Ava are not in a relationship and have never been in a relationship with each other. Ava, like Speed, is a rising social media star whose presence is felt on various social media platforms, including YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram, and Twitter. The speculation about a possible relationship with Speed came from the fact that she is a regular face on Speed’s YouTube channel, IShowSpeed.

She is primarily a content creator for the channel, although she has started exhibiting some previously hidden abilities like singing. She recently dropped a single, Bring ‘Em Out, on her YouTube channel. The song alone has attracted more than 100k views on YouTube alone.

The one thing that Ava and Speed have in common is the similar question marks hanging over their sexuality. Some quarters of the social media family tried to unmask the true sexuality of Ava as many do not think she is a woman and instead believe her to be either male or transgender.

These speculations all came about due to her voice texture which sounds like it might belong to someone from the male gender rather than that of a female. Ava has since put out the fires of that rumor and has come out as a female who clearly identifies with the LGBTQ community.

Her decision to clarify her gender identity and sexual orientation also negated every possibility of a romantic relationship with Speed, who maintains that his sexual orientation is straight despite skepticism from certain sections of his fans and the general public.

Truth About IShowSpeed And Dream

As previously mentioned, the off-again, on-again nature of the relationship between IShowSpeed and Dream makes it difficult to know more about the current status of the romantic dalliance between the couple.

An instance of the confusing nature of Speed’s relationship with Dream is that the YouTuber took to his channel in 2021 to lament that his girlfriend, who at the time was Dream, had cheated on him.

Many other YouTubers have tried to unravel the actual status of the relationship, with the overriding consensus being that the stunts pulled by Speed and Dream on social media are publicity stunts designed to jack up subscribers and ratings. In addition to the perceived publicity stunt, it is alleged that Dream and Speed are still together as a couple but have chosen to remain private about their relationship.

Does IShowSpeed Have A Daughter?

Yes, Speed has a daughter he once introduced to the social media family on his YouTube video. To keep her identity from the public, the YouTube star blurred her face. Before that introduction, Speed had hosted a YouTube session months earlier, and in the middle of the session, a voice could be heard in the background saying, “goodnight papa.”

IShowSpeed has since refrained from saying too much about his daughter, and as such, the public and media are unsure what her name is or, more importantly, the identity of the young girl’s mother. In that regard, Speed has held his peace as well.

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