Is Doyle Devereux, Judge Mathis Bailiff Married to a Black Woman?

Judge Mathis’ bailiff, Doyle Devereux, is not married to a black woman. Doyle Devereux is married to a white woman named Meredith Merz Devereux, and they have been together since at least 2007.

They maintain a low profile, but they have not been able to escape the spotlight entirely, given that Devereux is a TV personality. There have been several speculations about them, including Meredith’s ethnicity, but all that is cleared up below.

Is Doyle Devereux’s Wife Black?

Doyle Devereux’s wife is not black. Doyle Devereux is married to a Caucasian woman named Meredith Merz Devereux. They have been married since at least 2007, and their marriage continues to wax strong. The couple has one child, Dominic, whom they adopted.

The child is African-American, and this has led to speculations about the ethnicity of Devereux’s wife, but as stated earlier, she is not black. She and her husband only adopted an African-American child. The couple have yet to share their adoption story, but there is no doubt that it is an inspiring and heartfelt one borne out of love.

Meet Doyle Devereux’s Wife

Doyle Devereux’s wife is Meredith Merz Devereux. Just like her husband, Meredith is an Illinois native who specifically hails from Hinsdale. She was born around 1977 and studied at the Hinsdale Central School, completing her diploma in 1995. She later also attended the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame, though it is unclear if she graduated. Since leaving school, Meredith has worked several jobs, including at a McDonald’s, to make an honest living.

It is not known how Meredith and Doyle Devereux met, but they got married as far back as 2007. They remain together till now and have a good marriage going on from all indications. The couple likes to live a private life, and as such, they have not taken advantage of Doyle’s Judge Mathis’ fame to perpetuate themselves in the spotlight.

Their public appearances are few and far between. They are also careful of what they post on social media. The couple may not toe the path of modern-day people, but their formula is certainly working for them as their marriage has stood the test of time.

Doyle Devereux
Doyle Devereux and wife Meredith on their wedding day Image Source

Doyle Devereux’s Family

Doyle Devereux’s family primarily comprises his wife, Meredith Merz, and their child, Dominic, whom they adopted. As earlier pointed out, the couple has not been forthcoming about their adoption story. As such, it is difficult to tell whether they tried the adoption route due to fertility difficulties or it was another case entirely.

Whichever it is, they adopted Dominic as a baby back in 2008 and have showered a lot of love on the boy, helping him grow into a responsible young man. They take steps to protect his privacy, and as such, it is hard to come by any recent pictures of him. However, given his age, he should be in high school now.

Doyle Devereux’s family includes his siblings, nieces and nephews, cousins, etc. The TV personality hails from a large family of nine. His parents, Patricia and Clarke, are now late. He has six siblings, namely Mary Pat, Monica, Clarke, Clare Roche, Aimee, and Elizabeth.

Doyle also has numerous nieces and nephews as well and some of them are Robert Ayres, Patrick Ebzery, Mary Monica Ebzery, Eleanor Columbus, Brendan Columbus, Violet Columbus, Isabella Columbus, Mary Clare Roche, Michael Roche, Clarke Roche, Rose Roche, Daniel Roche, Maeve Devereux, McCormick Devereux, Quinn Kathleen Devereux, Desta Clare Devereux, and Mimi Elizabeth Devereux.

Doyle Devereux is quite close to his family members. He previously worked at the printing company Devco Foil Stamping and Embossing Company, which was founded by his parents. He later focused on getting into college before once more switching to becoming an actor. It was in the course of pursuing his acting career that he landed the role of a bailiff on the court TV show Judge Mathis.

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