Inside the Life of Kat Stickler and Why She Divorced Her Husband Mike

Kat Stickler (born the 31st of October 1994; Age: 29 years old) is a social media star best known as the ex-wife of Mike Stickler.

The duo met, hooked up, and married within three months, with their first baby already on the way. Unfortunately, their marriage lasted barely a year before they went their separate ways. To date, Kat and Mike never deemed it necessary to come open with the reasons for their divorce. Kat, for one, has her hands tied by the NDA they signed to keep things under wraps, and Mike has insinuated that he might be the culprit.

Summary of Kat Stickler’s Biography

  • Full Name: Kat Stickler, nee Caveda
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: the 31st of October 1994
  • Kat Stickler’s Age: 29 years old
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Kat Stickler’s Ex-Husband: Mike Stickler
  • Kat Stickler’s Children: Mary Katherine
  • Siblings: Christopher Caveda
  • Kat Stickler’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 3 inches
  • Kat Stickler’s Height in Centimetres: 160 cm
  • Kat Stickler’s Weight: 48 kg
  • Kat Stickler’s Net Worth: $500k
  • Famous For: Being a social media star and the wife of Mike Stickler
  • Kat Stickler’s Instagram: @katstickler

How Old Is Kat Stickler, Mike Stickler’s Ex-wife?

Named Kat Caveda at birth, Kat Stickler is a 29-year-old mother of one; the social media influencer was born on the 31st of October 1994. Kat’s place of birth is captured as the Tampa area of Miami in Florida, where she has become a local celeb, thanks to her popularity on social media platforms. Stickler is an American by nationality, but searches revealed her ethnicity to be Caucasian.

Though she has refused to mention her parents publicly, it is common knowledge that the internet star comes from a middle-class family. She has shared a few photos of Mr. and Mrs. Caveda, whom she calls her greatest friends. The Cavedas are Christians and brought up their children to follow the faith.

Stickler spent her growing up years alongside a younger brother named Christopher Caveda. Chris is also an influencer on social media; When Kat’s baby brother graduated from high school in May 2021, she shared his graduation picture, which garnered over 75k likes within a short period.

Kat Stickler hasn’t revealed much about her academic journey, but searches revealed that there was a time the influencer aspired to become a legal practitioner. She did not just aspire to join the legal profession, the mother of one started studying for a law degree, but she never completed it.

How Kat Stickler Became Popular

As TikTok exploded in popularity at the height of the Corona Virus pandemic, it saw the emergence of several social media influencers to fame, and Kat Stickler was one of them. Alongside her husband, Mike, Kat Stickler launched accounts on both TikTok and YouTube, where their followers and subscribers grew at an exponential rate.

The couple’s joint TikTok account @mikeandkat made the lockdown a bit bearable for social media users with hilarious entertainment. They are known for sharing pranks and comedy content in addition to featuring their cute daughter, Mary Katherine. Though their lightning-fast courtship played a big role in getting them public attention, it was thanks to the couple’s lighthearted, funny style that their popularity grew at a fast rate.

The cracking of jokes, prank playing, and the knack for eliciting laughter in their viewers take the upper hand. These combinations have been described as a veritable recipe for influencer success. With that said, we must not forget to mention the fact that Kat Stickler and her spouse never published embarrassing content to gain fame, and this was a distinguishing factor for the couple.

Kat also tested fame through their YouTube channel of the same name, where they shared vlogs and comedy content with fans. At a point in their career, the duo was also roped in as co-hosts of HGTV’s podcast called HGTV Obsessed; there, Kat and Mike welcomed top talents and discussed fresh show episodes. Their discussions included games, design, and lifestyle tips. They also entertained questions from listeners.

A Look At Kat Stickler’s Life Before Fame

Before collaborating with her husband to launch their accounts on TikTok and YouTube, Kat Stickler had already made her debut on other social media platforms like Instagram. The internet star’s first post on her self-titled handle was seen in November 2013.

To date, her page on the picture-sharing platform has attracted over 720k followers. The kind of posts to expect on her IG handle is her fashion pictures, including her photos and those of her family and friends.

Through her Instagram, Kat has endorsed a few brands, including the Shein Clothing brand, and has partnered with the likes of Target, Stressballs US, and SmartSweets. In July 2022, the internet star became part of Beekman 1802’s Clinically Kind Skin Care line as its brand ambassador. She is a signee of ACP Management – a popular full-service celebrity talent agency.

When Did Mike and Kat Stickler Get Married?

Kat Stickler
Kat and Mike (image source)

Mike and Kat Stickler became man and wife on May 2019. Many online sources have described the couple’s relationship as nothing short of a fairy tale. They met, dated, got wedded, and were expecting a baby within three months. It was a typical example of “marry in haste regrets at leisure.”

Barely six months after they tied the nuptial knot, Mike and Kat Stickler received their daughter, Mary Katherine, also known as MK. The little girl who announced her entrance on the 5th of November 2019 became a part of their social media content immediately.

Unfortunately, things did not work out for the couple as they announced their separation and divorce in March 2021.

The Truth About Kat Stickler’s Divorce From Mike

The couple never deemed it necessary to reveal the reasons behind their separation and divorce, but fans couldn’t help but speculate. Their joint statement saying that they decided to split because things did not work out left fans hanging. However, it was not up to one year after their split that tidbits started coming up.

Kat Stickler, who went ahead to launch another YouTube channel in January 2022, hosted fans on a Q&A session, and needless to say, she was bombarded with questions about their divorce. Initially, Kat seemed set to let the cat out of the bag but later remembered that she and Mike signed an NDA not to talk about why they broke up.

She explained the NDA as a means of protecting Mary Katherine’s privacy. On his part, Mike came closer to exposing what led to their split. He took to Instagram to narrate how they wedded at a very young age, had a baby almost immediately, and soon realized that they were far from a perfect match.

Kat Stickler’s ex-husband said their marriage turned toxic from then on. Though he never really hit the nail on the head, Mike suggested he was the culprit when he exonerated Kat from all blame, saying that he needed to work on himself.

How Did Fans Find Out About The Couple’s Divorce

By March 2021, Mike and Kat Stickler’s posts on TikTok became less frequent. The few videos would only feature Kat and baby MK without Mike. It later came in a trickle and then halted for two whole weeks. Fans were still pondering what went wrong when on the 17th of March, the couple took to TikTok to announce the end of their union.

A teary Kat was the one who announced their separation, saying that they decided to be transparent with fans because they (fans) have stood by them through their journey. Mike and Kat urged fans to respect their need for privacy at this time of their lives.

Fans who know the couple as unrepentant prankers took their separation announcement as one of their usual pranks. Some even went ahead to check Mike’s Instagram bio, and when they saw that Kat’s name was still present with the title, ‘love of my life, and ‘wifey,’ they concluded it was all a joke.

The joke became a reality when they saw the couple’s TikTok account undergo a major change where Mike’s name was removed, and Kat Stickler became the sole owner. Kat wasted no time erasing all references to her ex from her IG handle.

Who Got Custody Of Mike and Kat Stickler’s Daughter?

From what we gathered, Mike and Kat Stickler are co-parenting their baby. According to the internet influencers, even though their union has ended, they respect each other and are doing amicably well for the sake of the child they share.

Fans who initially expressed concerns about the little girl’s future were assured by Kat and Mike, who reaffirmed devotion to the happiness and wellbeing of their only child.

Talking about how they are doing their best to provide MK with all the love, care, and affection she needs to grow up, Kat and Mike have said that co-parenting isn’t easy. A fan once asked the single mother about her co-parenting experience, and in her answer, the single mother let on that she often breaks down whenever MK had to leave her to spend time with Mike.

Kat, who was yet to get the hang of it, promised to return and expatiate on co-parenting. On his part, Mike has echoed his ex-wife’s stand on co-parenting. He said on his IG handle that it hinges on practice, and everything is about MK.

Who Is Kat Stickler’s Ex-husband?

Born in the US on the 6th of January, 1996, Mike Stickler is a social media star like his ex-wife, Kat. The duo collaborated to launch their TikTok account and YouTube channel @mikeandkat. Still, he has a separate TikTok account under the username stickkstv- where he shares his daily life activities, including images and videos of MK.

Who Got Their TikTok Account Post-divorce?

Post-divorce, Mike and Kat Stickler’s Joint account on Tiktok underwent major changes and came up with the username @katstickler. This implies that Kat has sole ownership of that particular account, and since then, the mother of one has continued with their former trend, sharing comedy, pranks, and dancing content.

One would have thought that the couple’s separation may affect the followership of their TikTok account, but that is not the case. Since she took over, Kat has gone from 7.3 million followers to 8.1 million; many of their fans stuck with the social media star, and she accumulated more.

According to Kat, she felt her page was based on her wholesome marriage. However, she now knows that she can be funny on her own. There was a time Kat hinted on the short video-sharing platform that she was nearly ready to let on the reasons behind their divorce, but she changed her mind.

Mike Took Over Their YouTube Channel

From what is perceivable, Mike and Kat Stickler shared things equally. As Kat took over their TikTok account, her ex became the sole owner of their YouTube channel, and from what we can see, he has rebranded it completely.

Mike made things official on the 23rd of March 2021 through a YouTube video announcing his takeover of their joint channel. Before dropping the news, the YouTuber took time to express his gratitude to netizens for their support and act of kindness through the most difficult time of his life.

Talking about his takeover of their YouTube channel through a video, Kat Stickler’s ex-spouse urged fans not to view it as a power move over their divorce. Instead, he described it as a well-thought-out decision the two of them made. He also narrated how he has been busy since their split, preparing quality content to be aired on the revamped channel.

Through the video that lasted for three minutes, Mike announced a change of name for the channel. According to the father of one, it will now be known as Take A Lap, and fans are to expect to see podcasts with Mike and his team discussing diverse topics, including life, mental health, business, and more.

It is all about people taking a lap in a bid to recharge physically, mentally, and emotionally. The major focus will be on life and all the stuff we experience and prefer to keep mute about them; this includes stuff that people don’t get to hear enough of. He uploaded the channel’s debut podcast on the 31st of May, 2021. Mike also shared the same video via his Insta Stories

What Is Kat Stickler’s Net Worth?

Several online sources have pegged Kat Stickler’s bottom line at $500k. The social media star earned the lion’s share of her income via her channel on YouTube and TikTok account. In addition to her views which come in millions, Kat also promotes and endorses many brands through Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. All these enable the single mother to rake up a tidy salary.

She is believed to be currently earning a yearly remuneration of 60k, and her net worth has been showing progressive growth right from 2018. Her bank balance showed $100k in 2018, $200k in 2019, and $350k in 2020. It was $450k in 2021 and $500k in 2022.

Where is Kat Stickler Now?

Kat Stickler has remained a Florida native post-divorce as the mother of one strives to pick the pieces of her life together. Though moving on was a bit difficult for the single mother, she later gathered up the courage to rebuild her life. She is currently going steady with another social media influencer who goes by the name Cam Winter.

In addition to the TikTok account she received after their divorce, the single mother decided to launch her presence on the YouTube channel, and she is doing admirably well.
Mike has equally moved on and has hooked up with another lady called Tia Alanna Borso. He has shared several videos with the lady on Instagram.


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