Does Ryan Upchurch Have a Wife or Girlfriend?

Ryan Upchurch does not have a wife, as he has never been married. He also does not seem to have a girlfriend presently, as he broke up with his last known girlfriend, Bethani Culp, in late 2022. There are, however, unconfirmed reports that his current girlfriend is Brianna Harness, a fellow musician.

Ryan Upchurch is a popular American comedian, rapper, and social media personality born on the 24th of May 1991. He has made the news as much for his career exploits as his personal life. Upchurch has been romantically involved with quite a few ladies over the years and throws around the word “marriage” at any little chance. However, he has yet to walk down the aisle with anyone. Care to know more about his chaotic love life? Then read on.

Is Ryan Upchurch Married?

Ryan Upchurch is not married at the moment and does not have a wife. He has also never been married in the past, so the issue of an ex-spouse does not arise. The questions surrounding Ryan Upchurch’s marital status may have to do with the fact that he has been engaged on at least two occasions.

Those engagements failed to lead to marriage, but the fact that he had announced it publicly will have made many think that he has tied the knot. However, this is not so. Ryan Upchurch is not married, has no wife, and has no kids yet, despite expressing his desire to have multiple brown babies with fake tattoos in one of his past tweets.

Who is Ryan Upchurch’s Girlfriend?

Ryan Upchurch’s current girlfriend is reportedly Brianna Harness. Brianna Harness is a fast-rising American musician with multiple albums to her name, including Angels & Outlaws, Cowgirls Don’t Cry, and Welcome to My Nightmare. Brianna Harness is considered music royalty. Her father, Struggle Jennings, is a famous country rapper. Her paternal great-grandparents, Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter, were famous musicians, while her paternal grandfather is Hall of Fame guitarist Duane Eddy.

Ryan Upchurch and Brianna Harness are rumored to have started dating in June 2023 following a Twitter exchange in which Upchurch asked Brianna if she had a boyfriend, and she replied in the affirmative. The duo has yet to come out and confirm that they are dating, though, and one has to keep this fact in mind while speculating about them.

Ryan Upchurch and Brianna Vanvleet’s Relationship

Ryan Upchurch and Brianna Vanvleet’s relationship became public knowledge in 2015 and spanned a few years. During their time together, Upchurch lavished many sweet words on Brianna. He thanked her for always sticking by his side and changing his life for the better. He also dubbed her the “cutest little baked bean ever.” The couple got engaged in 2016 and were reportedly planning to tie the knot. Upchurch even tweeted that he couldn’t wait to marry Brianna and have little brown Upchurch babies with her with fake tattoos all over their bodies.

It was a romantic wish, but it never came to pass, as Ryan Upchurch and Brianna Vanvleet broke up around 2017. The reason for their split is not public knowledge, and Brianna has since moved on with her life. The Idaho State University track athlete debuted the new man in her life in 2020, but it is not known if they are still together.

Ryan Upchurch and Taylor Eileen Smith’s Relationship

Ryan Upchurch and Taylor Eileen Smith’s relationship also promised marriage but failed to materialize. Upchurch and Taylor began dating in the years after he split from Brianna Vanvleet, but it was in 2020 that their romance reached its crescendo. Upchurch regularly posted photos of him and Taylor together on Instagram. He also lavished a lot of loving words on her life.

Ryan Upchurch
Ryan Upchurch and Taylor Eileen SmithImage Source

The rapper cum comedian was also super nice to Taylor’s daughter from an earlier relationship and included the little girl in the picture. Upchurch also referred to Taylor as his fiancée in one of his clips, and she was spotted donning a ring.

All these led fans to increasingly question Taylor Eileen Smith about her wedding plans with Upchurch, and she became exasperated with the inquiries. By October, there were signs of trouble in her and Ryan’s paradise, and they later broke up. By March 2021, she had moved on with another man named Clayton Pettry.

Ryan Upchurch also Dated Katie Noel

Ryan Upchurch also briefly dated Katie Noel in 2020. Katie Noel is also a musician like him and is focused on the same genre as him: hip hop and country. The two reportedly became close after working on a song together in 2019 and started dating the following year. At that time, many people believed that Katie was lesbian, and she herself confessed that Upchurch was the first man she dated.

Things later got serious between the couple, and Katie wanted to apply the brakes. Upchurch didn’t get this memo, and she later insinuated that he had touched her without her express permission. This caused a lot of drama, and they naturally split up and went their separate ways. Noel is now reportedly back to dating women exclusively, and many have criticized her, pointing out that she may have dated Ryan Upchurch for clout.

Ryan Upchurch and Bethani Culp’s Relationship

Ryan Upchurch and Bethani Culp’s relationship lasted from 2021 to 2022. Culp is a longtime pal of Ryan’s, and amidst the whole uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, the two found love and comfort in each other’s arms. They did not hide their love from the public. Ryan posted about Bethani on his social media accounts, and she also reciprocated the gesture, declaring her love for him and affectionately calling him my grubby

Such lovely posts elicited positive responses from netizens, with some commenting that Ryan and Bethani had dated during their school days. Whether this little nugget is true or not is not known, but the couple ended up splitting in 2021.

They have yet to come out to reveal what caused them to go their separate ways, but it seems that their breakup might not have been so amicable. Ryan Upchurch has alluded to getting stabbed in the back following his split from Bethani. He has, however, not gone into details. Thankfully, Bethani has chosen not to create any drama, and as such, members of the public can only keep on guessing what drove them apart.

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