Does Perdita Weeks Have A Disability and What Are Her Height and Measurements?

Although several reports have insinuated otherwise, British actress, Perdita Weeks does not have a disability.

The actress is a brilliant actress by many standards and is definitely not a stranger to playing the “strong female lead”, thus, it was shocking to fans when rumors of the actress’s disability began gathering wind. The As Above So Below actress, who also plays the role of badass secret agent, Juliet Higgins, in the CBS classic drama remake of Magnum P.I., is only 5 feet 4 inches tall.

Perdita also has petite body measurements of 34 inches (87cm), 25 inches (63.5cm), and 35 inches (89cm), for her bust, waist, and hips respectively. So what exactly is this disability she is said to have? In a  moment, we’ll tell you all about that, as we go on a ride to find out whether the actress has a disability or not.

Does Perdita Weeks Have A Birth Defect?

According to verifiable research, Perdita Weeks has no known birth defect. She was born on Christmas Day in 1985 to a couple named Robin and Susan Weeks. The Courtauld Institute graduate has two thespian siblings: Honeysuckle Weeks and Rollo Weeks.

With a pretty well-known childhood background like hers, there is no opportunity for secrecy regarding a birth defect, especially considering that Perdita is a popular actress in Britain.

Furthermore, she has said in interviews that she began acting at the age of six. She appeared in the children’s drama series titled ‘Goggle Eyes’ as Judith Killian when she was just 8 years old and has remained in the public eye since then.

As her career has grown, so has Perdita. And still, news of a birth defect—that possibly renders her disabled in some form or the other—continues to be disproved by the sheer fact that Perdita Weeks appears perfectly healthy.

However, away from what viewers themselves can see, Perdita Weeks has never referenced any birth defect in any of her interviews. The 38-year-old actress is not exactly a shy person when it comes to her private life, and so the fact that she doesn’t speak of a possible birth defect suggests that none exists.

The Truth About Perdita Weeks Disability

Although we can honestly say that Perdita Weeks is not disabled in any way or form, the stories about her disability did not begin in a vacuum. According to our research, the rumors only began because of her Juliet Higgins character in the CBS/NBC crime drama Magnum, P.I.

In the thirteenth episode of the series’ second season titled Mondays are for Murder, Higgins decided to fake an injury to avoid being partnered on an ongoing murder investigation with a spy named Thomas.

In the end, Magnum (played by Jay Hernandez), had to take up the job. Also, this particular murder case required the agents to go undercover as efficiency experts to be able to solve an office murder. While the exact injury Juliet faked wasn’t stated, it appeared to hinder her locomotive movements greatly.

As a trained agent required to be agile in the field, it’s not difficult to see why Juliet’s deception worked. However, what the actress could never have predicted was the effect that singular episode would have on her life outside the show.

The nature of Juliet’s injury wasn’t supposed to initiate disability rumors about Perdita in real life. But it would seem that the actress was so good at faking her injury that people began to believe she was truly disabled.

The Mondays are for Murder episode was aired on January 10, 2020, which is exactly when the disability rumors began. The story was written by Peter M. Lenkov and Eric Guggenheim, and directed by the brilliant Alexandra LaRoche.

Why Does Perdita Weeks Walk With A Limp?

In real life, Perdita Weeks walks perfectly fine and does not limp. She did, however, imitate a perfect limping gait as Juliet Higgins in Magnum, P.I. in the Mondays are for Murder episode.

Secondly, because her character was always getting into serious fights, which leave her injured, it’s very clear that the public mistook her fake limping gait to be real. Meanwhile, in reality, Perdita has a wonderful walking gait and a perfect posture too.

What is Perdita Weeks Height?

Various trustworthy sources have pegged Perdita Weeks’s height at 5 feet 4 inches, which is about 163 cm. Normally, a woman standing at 5’4″ is considered short and while she might be quite easily cast in feminine, conventional roles, she might find it rather difficult to land the tougher, more energetic roles.

Perdita is also generally petite; she weighs only about 54 kg, with a bust/waist/hip ratio of 87cm, 63.5cm, and 89cm. This means that the actress isn’t your average curvy actress. She tends to lean more towards the slender, yet muscular, and still feminine-looking physique.

But by now you should know that the word “impossible” doesn’t exist where Perdita is concerned. Not only does she land all the female superhero-type roles that should ordinarily go to someone much taller, but she also does all she can to look the part.

Perdita works out very frequently and is a well-known gym rat. She has incredible core strength and her general physical stamina counts above the average person’s. She also plays basketball and is a professional yoga artist, as well as a climber—a skill she has used countless times while playing Juliet Higgins.

Perdita’s filmography is not all about fighting and kicking ass though. With her enviably slender waistline, classic fair and curly hair, and dark eyes, she is often a great pick for a romantic heroine as well.

Her diverse acting range was proven in movies like The Prince and the Pauper (2000), where she played the tragic character, Lady Jane Grey, and in the late-2000s British drama series, The Tudors as Mary Boleyn.

Has Perdita Weeks Had Back Surgery?

As far as we know, Perdita Weeks has not made any revelations concerning undergoing surgery of any kind. After the disability rumors were disproved, more gossip arose, this time claiming she had done something to her appearance.

However, the actress has not made any noticeable physical changes that the public knows of yet. It seems that the rumors of her getting back surgery are all untrue as well.

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