Does Eminem Have a Sister? Uncovering the Truth About Sarah Mathers

Eminem has a sister named Sarah Mathers, who was born in 1981 and is now 42 years old. 

Sarah has maintained a very private life, and her claim to fame is her relationship with one of the greatest American music stars of all time, Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III. Even though she continues to share in his fame, the two have never met, and their relationship is nonexistent.

Does Eminem Have a Sister?

Yes, Eminem has a sister who, as stated, is named Sarah Mathers. Although he did not know he had a sister because of his estranged relationship with his father, who abandoned him and his mother when he was only a little child, Sarah knew she had a brother but didn’t know it was Eminem until 2015 when her father, who also didn’t know until around that time, told her.

Detailing how she got to know that Eminem was her brother, Sarah revealed that she was always aware that she had an older brother, but it never crossed her mind that it could be the rapper. When her father told her, she initially found it difficult to believe. However, there was a strong resemblance between Eminem and her brother, Michael, which made it easy for her to believe her father.

More so, the certainty that the famous rapper was Sarah’s blood came after her father saw the unquestionable resemblance between Eminem and his half-brother Michael. Afterward, he contacted great-aunt Edna, who took care of the rapper at some point while he was growing up. She confirmed that the child was, in fact, Eminem.

Sarah and Eminem’s father made an attempt to establish contact with the rapper, who clearly did not want anything to do with his father or even his half-siblings. In 2005, Sarah and the older Marshall Bruce Mathers attended one of the rapper’s concerts and tried to meet him backstage, but they were not allowed.

It is unclear if Eminem’s father and half-sister tried contacting him through his great aunt Edna Swartz, whom he always saw as his mother and honored in his songs.

Is Sarah Mathers Eminem’s Sister?

Yes, Sarah Mathers is Eminem’s sister. Although she is the only sister he has ever had, Eminem and Sarah never met each other in person. The reason behind this is the fact that Em’s father abandoned the rapper when he was a little child of only six months.

Eminem made it known that because he was raised by some individuals from his father’s side of the family, there were times when his father called, but he was always skipped. He stated that his father was never ready to talk to him. Debbie, the mother of the rapper, also revealed that he wrote letters to his father in the hopes of establishing contact and, if possible, a relationship, but the letters always returned unopened.

This failure to establish any contact and relationship between the 8 Miles actor and his father did not allow him and his sister to get to know each other when they were younger.

Needless to say, Eminem is only 11 years older than his half-sister; while he was born on October 17, 1972, Sarah was born in 1981.

Who is Sarah Mathers?

Sarah Mathers is an American woman who is better known as the younger sister of Eminem, the famous American rapper. She was born in 1981, which means she is now 42 years old as of 2023. She is of American nationality and has a mixed ethnicity of Scottish, Welsh, English, Cherokee, and German, among others on her father’s side of the family.

Sarah’s father is Bruce Mather’s Marshall Bruce Mathers, Jr. She was born in Dallas, Texas, which was also where she was raised alongside a biological brother whose name is Michael. Although there is no secret as regards who her father is, there is hardly any information shared about who her mother might be. Neither Sarah, who has often spoken to the media nor her father, has made any revelation about her mother. But then, it is unclear if she was still with Mathers Jr. when he died, as there is no mention of her.

Sarah’s father has always been in love with music, and before he met and married Eminem’s mother, who was 17 years old at the time when he was 22, Bruce was previously in a band known as Daddy Warbucks with his former wife. However, he did not continue pursuing music professionally.

Does Eminem Have a Sister Called Lily 

No, Eminem does not have a sister by the name of Lilly in real life. The reason why people have always wondered whether or not the rapper has a sister by the name of Lilly is because of the portrayal of the character in the 1995 drama film 8 Mile, which is largely based on the life of the rapper.

Sarah Mathers
Eminem and Lilly in 8 Mile (Image Source)

In the film, Eminem, who played the main character of Jimmy Smith Jr. “B-Rabbit”, has a little sister, Lily, who is portrayed by Chloe Greenfield. The film indicates that B Rabbit lives with his mom, little half-sister, and his mother’s abusive boyfriend. He was later thrown out of the house but took his music very seriously because he wanted to take his little sister from the toxic environment and give her a better life.

While a great part of the film tells about the early life and experiences of Eminem, it changes some parts, especially as it relates to the supposed sister of Eminem, Lilly. In real life, what the rapper had and was always protective of was a brother, Nate. He has never had a sister, and it is not clear why she was used instead of a male child to represent the rapper’s brother.

It is not only the idea of Eminem having a sister whose name is Lilly that was injected into the film, contrary to real life. Other things that were also fictionalized include the character of Cheddar Bob shooting himself, which did not happen in real life. This is because Eminem’s childhood friend, Robert Claus, who represented the character, did not shoot himself.

Does Eminem Know His Sister?

It is believed that Eminem knows he has a sister from his father’s side, but he has never acknowledged her existence. The celebrated rapper has also never deemed it fit to meet her or even contact her, even though she has put in much effort towards a meeting with him.

Unlike his father, mother, and many other of his family members whom he has referenced in his songs, Eminem has never mentioned his sister. He has also never referenced her existence or his half-brother’s in any of his interviews.

Some media speculations claim that even though Sarah got to know she had a half-brother whose identity she did not know for many years, she never made any attempt to contact him. She only made an effort after realizing he was not just famous but one of the biggest in the world at what he does. This is speculated to be one of the main reasons why the rapper does not want to have anything to do with her.

What Did Eminem Do For His Sister?

Eminem has never done anything for his sister because of the nature of their relationship. By all records, the two have never met because, as stated, while Sarah was eager to meet him, he has never shown enthusiasm to meet her. This is why all her efforts to meet him have not resulted in anything positive.

From his songs such as Headlights and Cleanin’ Out My Closet, the rapper showed he wanted nothing to do with his father, which might have also extended to anything linked to the older Mathers, including Sarah.

In Headlights, Eminem described his father as a deadbeat dad whom he never asked about before making a sarcastic comment about his father having trouble keeping up with every address of the rapper. In Cleanin’ Out My Closet, his angst was more pronounced as he described his father as a faggot before adding that he wondered if his father even kissed him goodbye. He also said he wished the man died.

With strong feelings against his father, Eminem, known to show strong love for his family members except for his mother, cut all ties with him, joining his second family and half-siblings, including Sarah.

What Does Sarah Mathers Do?

With hardly anything of substance about Sarah Mathers’ career path and what she is now doing for a living, there have been reports that she once worked as a waitress in Missouri, where she was born.

Reports also suggest that she now lives in California, but nothing has been made known about what she might be doing.

Sarah Mathers Is Not The Only Half-Sibling of Eminem

Eminem is the only child between his parents, but he also has other half-siblings from both his parents apart from Sarah. His other half-siblings are Nathan Kane, Samara Mathers, better known as Nate, and then Michael Mathers.

Nate is the rapper’s half-brother from his mother’s side, while Michael is the brother biological brother of Sarah Mathers and Eminem’s half-sibling from his father’s side.

Nathan was born on February 3, 1986, which means he is now 37 years old. He is a product of a relationship between Eminem’s mom, Debbie Mathers, and Fred Samara Jr. In the same manner as Em’s father, Fred was also not in the life of his son after the kid was born. Hence, the two brothers were raised together and have always remained close.

Because of the life of Debbie, which was dominated by drugs, she lost custody of Nate when he was little, and he was given up for adoption by the state. As soon as Eminem was able to get things moving for himself, he adopted his half-brother and took good care of him. 

Eminem has always been protective of Nate, and he has supported him in every way possible. He has also referenced him in his songs.

The case is slightly different regarding Eminem and his half-sibling from his father’s side, Michael. His date of birth, age, and other personal details are not known, as he has always tried to keep all about himself away from the public.

Unlike his sister, he has never mentioned his older half-brother, but it has been made known that he joined his father and Sarah to try contacting Eminem after a show, but they were unsuccessful. Needless to say, Eminem and Michael do not enjoy any form of relationship.

Sarah Mathers Lost her Father In 2019

Sarah Mathers’ father died in 2009 when he was 67 years old. According to reports, Marshall Bruce Mathers, Jr. suffered a heart attack, which took his life at his home near Fort Wayne, Indiana. It was never revealed if he had other health issues that contributed to his death.

The relationship between Sarah and her dad was still good at the time of his death, but the same cannot be said about the older and younger Mathers. In fact, Eminem had still not met his dad when the man died.

Having failed to meet his son after revealing that he desperately wanted to meet the rapper because he wanted to talk to him and have him back in his life, Marshall Bruce Mathers, Jr. retired to a private life until the end of his life. He was laid to rest at Saint Joseph Memorial Park in Saint Joseph, Buchanan County, Missouri, USA. 


Who is Eminem’s Little Sister Lily?

Eminem does not have a real-life sister by the name of Lilly, although a character with the name was created in his biopic film, 8 Mile.

How Many Siblings Does Eminem Have?

Eminem has three half-siblings, and he is the oldest of them. His siblings are Nathan Kane Mathers, Sarah Mathers, and Michael Mathers.

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