Does 50 Cent Have a Wife? All About His Relationships and Girlfriends

50 Cent does not have a wife as he has never been married. However, the prominent rapper and actor has a long dating sheet and acquired two baby mamas along the way. He is currently dating Jamira Haines, aka Cuban Link, and the pair have been together since 2019.

50 Cent has had a very active love life, almost as colorful as his music career. From the onset, the rapper has not been known for discretion regarding his personal life. He has been linked to many high-profile women, including Vivica A. Fox, Ciara, and Chelsea Handler.

He has also had several long-term relationships, including one with Shaniqua Tompkins, with whom he has a son named Marquise. He has two children and a few bitter exes from his different past relationships. Let’s look at who he is dating now and who he has dated in the past.

Does 50 Cent Have a Wife?

50 Cent does not have a wife because, as previously stated, the rapper is not married. However, he has been romantically engaged with several women, most of whom work in the American entertainment industry. He may not be married, but 50 Cent has allegedly come close a few times.

While there has never been an official engagement or announcement of such, he is alleged to have been briefly engaged to actress Vivica A. Fox in 2004, but they called off the engagement shortly after. He has also been linked to other women rumored to be engaged to him, but there is no confirmation.

50 Cent has never publicly commented on whether or not he has ever been engaged, so it is possible that he has been engaged in the past and has kept it private. However, it is also possible that he has never been engaged at all. By how open he is about his love life, he would not have hidden it from the media.

Who is 50 Cent’s Girlfriend Now?

50 Cent is dating Jamira Haines, an American model, Instagram influencer, fitness trainer, and businesswoman. She founded Cuban Fit, a women’s apparel and beauty brand. According to her Instagram bio, Haines is also an aspiring corporate lawyer and a social media star with close to 2 million followers.

50 Cent's girlfriend

According to information gathered, the lovebirds met at the premiere of 50 Cent’s popular show “Power” in 2019. The pair got acquainted and began dating in secret after a short while. Eventually, in 2019, they both took to their social media pages to officially make it known to the public.

The pair have been together ever since, and even though they have had their fair share of quarrels, they are still together. In 2022, Jamira became entangled in the long-running feud between 50 Cent and American rapper The Game. The rap stars have been feuding since 2005 and often trade insults on social media. The Game alleged that Jamira had been sending him DM, but nothing came of the allegations.

The lovebirds have been together for four years now. They are yet to get married, but on April 16th, 2023, Jamira was spotted with a ring on her finger which led to reports that they are engaged, but neither 50 Cent nor Cuban Link have confirmed this.

List Of 50 Cent’s Ex-girlfriends and Past Relationships

According to estimates, the rapper is one of the top American celebrities with the most ex-girlfriends. He has been candid about his romances and could easily be described as a ladies’ man. Here are all the people 50 Cent has dated in the past.

50 Cent and Shaniqua Tompkins (1994 – 1998)  

50 Cent's girlfriend

Shaniqua Tompkins was 50 Cent’s first known girlfriend. The couple was in a four-year relationship from 1994 -1998. While they were together, Shaniqua gave birth to 50 Cent’s first son, Marquise Jackson. They were both young and had different ideas about life. 50 Cent was focused on his music career, while Tompkins wanted to settle down and have a family.

Things turned sour between the two after Shaniqua accused 50 Cent of physically assaulting and cheating on her. This brought their issues to a head, and they broke up. However, the breakup was only the beginning of the problems between the couple. 50 Cent’s career was on the rise. Hence, there was a lot of turbulence because Tompkins wanted a piece of the pie.

She sued him for $50 million in 2009, alleging he had promised to care for her for life. However, a judge dismissed the complaint, calling it “an unfortunate tale of a love relationship gone sour.” Shaniqua and 50 Cent have frequently thrown shade at each other on social media and exchanged hateful words since then. Their issues eventually created bad blood between 50 Cent and his first son, Marquise Jackson.

In a 2014 interview, 50 Cent said that he regretted the way his relationship with Tompkins ended. He said he should have handled things differently and been more mature. It is unclear if 50 Cent and Tompkins will ever be able to reconcile, but it is clear that their relationship has had a lasting impact on both of them.

50 Cent and Meagan Good (2002 – 2003)

50 Cent's girlfriend

Meagan Good was 50 Cent’s girlfriend briefly in 2002. They met on the music video set for his song “21 Questions”. Good said they kept their relationship under wraps because she didn’t want their relationship to define her success as she was making a name for herself. The relationship ended after a few months, and there is no apparent reason.

Some sources said that 50 Cent was too controlling, while others said Good was not ready to settle down. In a 2016 interview, Good said she still had fond memories of her relationship with 50 Cent. She said that he was a great guy and that he treated her well.

50 Cent has not spoken publicly about his relationship with Ms. Good since they broke up. However, he has posted several cryptic tweets about her over the years. In one tweet, he said he made a mistake by dating her. It is unclear what happened between 50 Cent and Meagan Good. However, they both have fond memories of their relationship, even though it ended badly.

50 Cent and Vivica A. Fox (2003 – 2004)

50 Cent's girlfriend

Vivica A. Fox was 50 Cent’s girlfriend, but only for a very short while. The two had a highly publicized and tumultuous relationship that began in 2003 and ended in 2004. They were briefly engaged in 2004. The relationship was reportedly very passionate, but it was also very volatile. There were rumors of infidelity on both sides, and the couple often argued in public.

In 2004, Fox filed a restraining order against 50 Cent, alleging that he had threatened her and her family. The restraining order was granted, and the couple broke up shortly thereafter. In a 2015 interview, Fox said she still had feelings for 50 Cent but was not interested in getting back together. She said that he was “too immature” and that she “didn’t need the drama.”

50 Cent has not spoken publicly about his relationship with Fox since they broke up. However, he has posted several cryptic tweets about her over the years. In one tweet, he said he “regretted” how he treated her. They both had strong feelings for each other, even though the relationship was ultimately unsuccessful.

50 Cent and Joy Bryant (2005 – 2006)

50 Cent's girlfriend

50 Cent and Joy Bryant dated briefly in 2005. They met on the set of the movie Get Rich or Die Tryin, in which they played love interests. The relationship was reportedly very public, and they were often seen together at events. However, the relationship did not last long, and they broke up in 2006. There is no clear reason why they broke up, but some sources have said that 50 Cent was too controlling, while others have noted that Bryant was not ready to settle down.

Bryant once said in an interview that she was surprised by their chemistry on-screen and off-screen. She said that she had never experienced anything like it before. However, she also said that they were both very busy with their careers and that it was difficult to make the relationship work. The ex-lovers, despite parting ways, had maintained a good relationship.

50 Cent and Ciara (2007 – 2010)

50 Cent's girlfriend

50 Cent’s relationship with Ciara was reportedly one of his most famous and publicized. The relationship ran from 2007 to 2010. They were one of the most talked-about couples in the hip-hop and R&B world, and their relationship was subject to media scrutiny.

The couple met in 2005 while working on the movie Get Rich or Die Tryin. They started dating in 2007 and were often seen together at events and in public. In 2009, 50 Cent and Ciara collaborated on the song “Can’t Leave ‘Em Alone.” The song was a hit and helped solidify their status as a power couple.

However, the relationship began to deteriorate in 2010. There were rumors of infidelity on both sides, and the couple eventually broke up in 2010. After the breakup, 50 Cent and Ciara continued to feud in the media. 50 Cent has made several derogatory remarks about Ciara, and she has also responded with her own barbs.

The relationship between 50 Cent and Ciara was complex, and there is no easy answer to why it ended so badly. However, several factors contributed to the breakdown of the relationship, including infidelity, media scrutiny, and personal differences. In a 2017 interview, Ciara said she was hurt by how 50 Cent had treated her after their breakup. She said that he disrespected her and tried to tear her down.

50 Cent and Paris Hilton (2008) 

50 Cent's girlfriend

50 Cent and Paris Hilton reportedly started dating in 2008. The rumor about their relationship began after they were seen together at a party in Las Vegas, and they were also spotted kissing at a club in New York City and at Hard Rock Hotel during 50 Cent’s launch party.

Paris is a prominent American model, designer, DJ, singer, and entrepreneur, an American media personality. Their relationship went on smoothly but packed up faster than many expected. The main reason for their break up is not known.

50 Cent and Chelsea Handler (2010)

50 Cent's girlfriend

The American rapper and Chelsea Handler was probably one of the most shocking and shortest 50 Cent’s past relationships. The two were romantically involved for a brief period of two months. There are little or no details about their affair, like how they met and the cause of their break up.

After their breakup, the ex-lovers remained friends until 2020, when the rapper declared his support for Donald Trump. However, in an interview, Chelsea revealed that 50 Cent remains her favorite ex-lover, and they still talk on the phone often.

50 Cent and Daphne Joy (2011 – 2012)

50 Cent's girlfriend

Daphne Joy Cervantes Narvaez went beyond being 50 Cent’s girlfriend to being his second baby mama. She is a Filipino actress and model who caught media attention for her relationship with the rapper, even though she is a successful actress.

They began dating in 2011 and shared an intimate relationship that lasted only briefly. Even though the relationship lasted just within a year, it produced a son who they named Sire Jackson in 2012. Sadly, they broke up after the birth of their child, with Daphne accusing the American rapper of domestic violence.

He pleaded guilty to a count of vandalism and faced three years of probation. 50 Cent, on his part, has been very vocal about his dislike for Joy, and he has often criticized her parenting skills in the media. Their differences notwithstanding, the rapper surely has a better relationship with Sire than with his first son, Marquise Jackson. Daphne Joy has since moved on with her life and is reportedly dating Puff Daddy.

50 Cent and Tatted up Holly (2013 – 2015)

50 Cent's girlfriend

Tatted-up was 50 Cent’s girlfriend from 2013 through 2015. Tatted-up Holly, whose real name is Stephanie Marrero, is an Instagram model who, besides modeling, is also known for her numerous tattoos. There is no information on how the pair met and when they started dating, but a lot transpired between them in the few years they were a couple.

She accused 50 Cent of physical and emotional abuse during their relationship, which he denied. The relationship between 50 Cent and Tatted Up Holly was reportedly very volatile. There were rumors of infidelity on both sides, and the couple often argued in public.

In 2015, Tatted Up Holly filed a restraining order against 50 Cent, alleging that he had threatened her and her family. The restraining order was granted, and the couple broke up shortly thereafter. The Instagram model revealed in one of her responses about their relationship that she had loved the rapper and treated him like a king, but all he could give her in return was ass whippings and would usually take back gifts he bought for her anytime they had a misunderstanding.

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