Conrad Hughes Hilton – Biography and Facts About Paris Hilton’s Brother

Conrad Hughes Hilton is the younger brother of Paris Hilton, a socialite and businesswoman. Born on March 3, 1994, the 29-year-old has carved his own path in the world of business as an entrepreneur and heir to the Hilton hotel empire.

Despite relatively being in the shadow of his famous sister, Conrad has managed to make a name for himself through his ventures and accomplishments. This biography aims to shed light on Conrad Hughes Hilton’s life, exploring his upbringing, career, and notable achievements. From his early days in the spotlight to his entrepreneurial endeavors, Conrad’s journey is an intriguing one worth discovering.

Summary of Conrad Hughes Hilton’s Bio

  • Full name: Conrad Hughes Hilton III
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: March 3, 1994
  • Place of birth: Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Conrad Hughes Hilton’s Age: 29 years old
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Conrad Hughes Hilton’s Parents: Richard Howard Hilton (father), Kathleen “Kathy” Elizabeth Hilton née Avanzino (mother)
  • Siblings: 3 – Paris Whitney Hilton Reum (sister), Nicholai Olivia “Nicky” Rothschild née Hilton (sister), Baron Nicholas Hilton II (brother)
  • Conrad Hughes Hilton’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 9 inches
  • Conrad Hughes Hilton’s Height in Centimeters: 175 cm
  • Conrad Hughes Hilton’s Weight: 71 kg (157 lbs)
  • Hair color: Dark Brown
  • Eye color: Hazel
  • Occupation: Entrepreneur
  • Conrad Hughes Hilton’s Net Worth: Est. Over $1 million (as of 2024)
  • Famous for: Being Paris Hilton’s brother
  • Conrad Hughes Hilton’s Instagram: @conradhilton

Conrad Hughes Hilton Was Born In 1994

Paris Hilton’s brother is 29 years old as of 2024. He was born Conrad Hughes Hilton III on March 3, 1994, in Los Angeles, California, United States. He is an American citizen who has a diverse ancestral background, with Norwegian, German, Italian, English, Irish, and Scottish ancestry.

Conrad is just over 13 years younger than his sister Paris who was born in February 1981. He has two other older siblings including sister Nicky Rothschild née Hilton (b. October 1983), and brother Baron Hilton II (b. November 1989)

In terms of education, Conrad attended prestigious schools in Los Angeles, similar to his sister Paris. However, specific details about his formal educational background remain limited to the fact that he dropped out of the University of Southern California (USC) to focus on business.

Nonetheless, Conrad’s privileged upbringing and access to renowned educational institutions certainly provided him with a solid foundation for his future endeavors.

Who Are Conrad Hughes Hilton’s Parents?

Conrad Hughes Hilton’s parents are Richard Howard Hilton and Kathleen “Kathy” Elizabeth Hilton née Avanzino.

Conrad Hughes Hilton’s Father Is A Businessman And Real Estate Investor

Richard Hilton, Conrad’s father, is a businessman and real estate investor, known for his involvement in the Hilton Hotel chain. He was born on August 17, 1955, making him 68 as of 2024. He is the son of Barron Hilton and Marilyn Hawley Hilton, making him a member of the famous Hilton family.

He has held various executive positions within the Hilton organization, including serving as the Vice Chairman of Hilton & Hyland, a prestigious real estate brokerage firm in Beverly Hills. Richard Hilton has also been involved in the entertainment industry, working as an executive producer on projects such as the reality TV series Paris Hilton’s My New BFF.

In terms of wealth, Richard Hilton has accumulated a significant fortune throughout his career. While it is challenging to ascertain his exact net worth, it is believed that he shares a combined net worth of over $350 million with his wife. His wealth comes from various sources, including his investments in real estate, as well as his inheritance from the Hilton Hotel empire.

Conrad Hughes Hilton’s Mother Is A Former Child Actress, Socialite, Fashion Designer, And Philanthropist

Kathy Hilton, Conrad’s mother, is a former child actress, socialite, fashion designer, and philanthropist. She was born Kathleen Elizabeth Avanzino on March 13, 1959, in New York City, and is currently 64 years old as of 2024.

Kathy Hilton has made a name for herself in the fashion industry, launching her own clothing line called Kathy Hilton Collection. She has also been involved in various charitable endeavors, supporting organizations such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Similar to her husband, Kathy Hilton comes from a wealthy background. Her father, Laurence K. Avanzino, was a successful businessman and the chairman of the board of the Crestview Cadillac company. While her net worth is not publicly disclosed, she shares a combined net worth of $350 million with her husband.

The Hilton Family Is One The Wealthiest Families In The United States

As for the Hilton family’s overall wealth, they are undeniably one of the wealthiest families in the United States. The Hilton family’s fortune stems from the success of the Hilton Hotel empire, which was founded by Conrad Hilton, Conrad III’s great-grandfather.

The Hilton Hotel chain is a global hospitality company with numerous iconic properties worldwide. The family’s wealth is primarily tied to the ownership and management of these hotels.

While it is challenging to pinpoint an exact figure for the Hilton family’s net worth, it is estimated to be in the billions of dollars. The family’s wealth is spread across various assets, including hotels, real estate investments, and other business ventures.

The Hilton family’s financial success has allowed them to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle and make significant contributions to philanthropic causes.

What Does Conrad Hughes Hilton Do For A Living?

Conrad Hughes Hilton is a businessman and entrepreneur. Paris Hilton’s youngest male sibling is involved in both corporate and nonprofit endeavors.

While he has dedicated several years of his professional life to serving the interests of the Hilton family, Conrad has also made a name for himself outside of his family’s legacy. He is an entrepreneur who has ventured into various business endeavors, including investing in tech startups.

However, being one of Richard and Kathy Hilton’s sons, the celebrity businessman is undoubtedly set to inherit a substantial portion of the family’s wealth and business, which primarily revolve around the real estate industry and the Hilton hotel chain, and where he likely plays a significant role in its management and expansion.

Conrad’s contributions to the family’s corporate interests and his potential involvement in philanthropic activities underline his commitment to both business and charitable endeavors.

Despite facing some personal struggles during his teenage years, Conrad has emerged as a prominent figure in his family’s business empire. As a member of the Hilton family, he is part of a dynasty that is well-acquainted with the spotlight.

Conrad Hughes Hilton’s Net Worth

Conrad Hughes Hilton has an individual net worth currently estimated to be just over $1 million as of 2024. It remains to be seen whether there is any truth to those speculations given that the businessman has never disclosed his net worth to the media or the general public.

However, it is important to note that it is a figure that pales in comparison to those of some members of his birth family including his parents who have a combined net worth of over $350 million, and his sister Paris who is worth over $300 million.

The Hilton family’s hotel empire, worth billions of US dollars today, was founded by Conrad Hilton, his great-grandfather, who purchased a 40-room hotel in Texas in 1919 with a $5,000 investment. It is likely that Conrad has inherited a substantial portion of his family’s wealth.

However, due to his troubled past and legal issues, Conrad’s personal net worth may have been affected. It is important to note that Conrad’s exact net worth is not publicly disclosed.

What Happened To Conrad Hughes Hilton?

Conrad Hughes Hilton has faced a series of legal troubles over the years. From DUI charges to assault and trespassing incidents, Hilton has had his fair share of run-ins with the law.

One of the most notable incidents involving Hilton occurred in 2014 when he was arrested for a DUI in California. Police officers pulled him over for speeding and suspected that he was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Hilton failed a field sobriety test and was subsequently arrested. This was not his first DUI charge, as he had been previously arrested in 2008 for driving under the influence.

In addition to his DUI charges, Hilton has also been involved in several assault cases. In 2015, he was accused of assaulting several flight attendants during a British Airways flight from London to Los Angeles. According to reports, Hilton became disruptive and verbally abusive towards the flight attendants. The incident resulted in his arrest upon landing in Los Angeles.

Another incident involving Hilton’s legal troubles occurred in 2017 when he allegedly violated a restraining order taken out by his ex-girlfriend. The restraining order was issued after Hilton reportedly broke into her home and stole her father’s Bentley. Hilton was charged with grand theft auto and violating a restraining order. He later pleaded no contest to the charges and was sentenced to probation.

Hilton’s legal troubles continued in 2018 when he was arrested for breaking into the home of his ex-girlfriend’s father. He was charged with felony burglary and was later released on bail. The incident raised concerns about Hilton’s mental health, and he was subsequently placed under psychiatric hold for evaluation.

Throughout these legal troubles, Hilton has faced criticism and scrutiny from the media and the public. Many have questioned his behavior and speculated about the influence of his family’s wealth and fame. Some argue that his repeated brushes with the law are a result of entitlement and a lack of accountability.

However, it is important to note that Conrad Hilton III has also sought help for his issues. In 2016, he entered a rehabilitation program for substance abuse and mental health treatment. He acknowledged his struggles and expressed a desire to turn his life around.

While Hilton’s legal troubles have undoubtedly had a negative impact on his public image and personal life, it is essential to recognize that individuals facing such challenges often require support and understanding. Substance abuse and mental health issues can be complex and difficult to overcome, and it is important to offer compassion and resources to those in need.

A List Of Other Prominent Members Of The Hilton Family

Below is a table listing some of the prominent living members of Conrad Hughes Hilton’s family, along with their names, dates of birth, and ages:

Richard Howard Hilton (dad) August 17, 1955 68 years old
Kathleen “Kathy” Elizabeth Hilton née Avanzino (mom) March 13, 1959 64 years old
Paris Reum Hilton (older sister) February 17, 1981 43 years old
Nicholai Olivia “Nicky” Rothschild née Hilton (older sister) October 5, 1983 40 years old
Baron Nicholas Hilton II (older brother) November 7, 1989 34 years old
Kim Erica Richards (maternal aunt) September 19, 1964 59 years old
Kyle Egan Richards Umansky née Richards (maternal aunt) January 11, 1969 55 years old

*Please note that this table includes only a select few living members of Conrad Hughes Hilton’s nuclear and extended family and their respective information.


Who is Conrad Hughes Hilton?

Conrad Hughes Hilton III is an American entrepreneur and businessman best known as the younger brother of well-known businesswoman and socialite Paris Hilton and the great-grandson of Conrad N. Hilton, the founder of the Hilton hotel chain.

How Old is Conrad Hughes Hilton?

As of 2024, Conrad Hughes Hilton is 29 years old. He was born on March 3, 1994, in Los Angeles, California

Are Conrad Hughes Hilton and Paris Hilton Siblings?

Yes, Conrad Hughes Hilton and Paris Hilton are siblings. Both of them are two of the four children born to Richard and Kathy Hilton. Conrad is younger than Paris by more than thirteen years.

What is Conrad Hughes Hilton’s Net Worth?

Conrad Hughes Hilton’s personal net worth is speculated to be around $1 million, a figure that pales in comparison to the Hilton family’s combined net worth of several billion US dollars.

Who are Conrad Hughes Hilton’s Prominent Family Members?

Conrad Hughes’ prominent family members include his parents Richard (business) and Kathy Hilton (actress, socialite, and TV personality), his sisters Paris (business, actress, and socialite) and Nicky (business, actress, and socialite), his brother Baron (actor and model), and his maternal aunts Kim and Kyle Richards (both actresses, socialites, and TV personalities).

Is Conrad Hughes Hilton Married?

No, Conrad Hughes Hilton III is not married, and it is unknown if he is currently in a relationship as he now tends to keep his relationship status private.

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